Summer Mementos

Summer Mementos

Tomorrow, K and I will head out to the land of Disneyland and smog. Our last hurrah for the summer before backpacks and homework and shorter days…

It’s been a summer full of popsicles, of juicy fruit, of explosive lushness in the community garden (though through no help from me – my neighbors are the expert gardeners. Maybe next year I’ll try to actually plant something in our little section). There has been so much swimming and playing with friends and catching up with long-distance family and really fun camps. We’ve lounged and basked in the sun and complained vociferously about 90-degree weather like true Seattle folk. I don’t know if there is anywhere as beautiful as the Pacific Northwest in the summertime.

Summer is ending. But between you and me, part of me is a little thrilled that it’s almost autumn. It always feels like a fresh start, a brisk reminder to shake things up a bit.

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