Impromptu Art Project

A while ago, I purchased this very cool papercraft book, which I promptly whipped out when we had a free afternoon last week. However, K wanted none of it. Instead, she rummaged around the house and found some cardboard packaging and got to work decorating it. Pretty soon the paints came out, and she was barking out orders (“The hospital is here! No, that’s the amusement park!”). And lo, we have a painted city:

Painted City

This is the view from top. Here is the front view with the purple castle, orange house and white hospital.

Painted City 2

We spent several happy hours painting away and I love it.  I especially love how the top view look like abstract art and I’m tempted to blow up the photograph to hang on the wall.

I tend to like organized, structured activities, but K is teaching me that all you need to do is open your eyes, find the potential in unexpected things and get messy. It’s a sure formula for fun.




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