Monday Outfit: Just Peachy + After-School Jeans

Good morning! Due to no school for K on Friday, I feel like I’ve just resurfaced from a marathon weekend, and I can barely remember what we did. How was yours? There were no Super Bowl shenanigans for us, that’s for sure – the only time I’ve enjoyed watching the sport was on Glee, when Kurt shimmied to “All the Single Ladies.” And I’m not certain that counts (I suppose I would like the halftime show, come to think of it). Totally off-topic, but how cute is that toothless gap? Or maybe it looks a little scary like a mini vampire – it’s hard to tell when you’re blinded by parent-of-only-child-syndrome.

Anyway, the Monday outfit. Friends, I am so excited to tell you that I branched out! I tried to create my own design! Okay, I did use the turtleneck pattern from a couple of weeks ago as a base, but tweaked quite a few things (adjusted the shoulders, made the turtleneck a little wider, lengthened the bodice a few inches). And added these puppies:

Zippered pockets. Cute, yes? That’s a maracas she’s stuffed into the other pocket. I am so happy with them. M actually said with wonder, “You made that?” At first glance, it looks professional, indeed. While taking photos, I did notice that the way I created the pocket linings generates a bulky line at the belly, but hey, for a first attempt, I think it’s pretty good.

The fabric is a cotton terry knit from here (but they no longer seem to carry it). I love this cheerful light coral/orange sherbet-y color, and delighted in the dark orange polka dot print that peeks out from the pockets. I also love that the dark orange happens to perfectly match those awesome shoes. The orange polka dot is a quilting cotton from Jo-Ann’s I believe.

For reference, I used this tutorial to make the zippered pockets, though I cut out the pockets differently so they could be angled…I have an idea to improve upon the method, and will do a tutorial when I’ve tested it out!

Moving along to the jeans, I have to say that I’m finally and totally sold on Oliver + S patterns. I’m a Japanese patterns girl through and through, and have been reluctant to shift out of my comfort zone, but these After-School pants are designed so well and are incredibly stylish. And not having to add seam allowances is icing on the cake.

I top-stitched them to death, and am glad I did because these look like designer jeans to me. I think I might like these even more than the linen/cotton blend denim pants I made a while back. K loves those and wears them all the time, which is why I wanted to make another pair of jeans.

I made the size 6, though she’s closer to a 7 lately, but with the stretchy dark denim fabric that I’ve been hoarding for at least four years (originally from here, I’m pretty sure), it fits wonderfully. All in all, I think the outfit is just peachy.


18 thoughts on “Monday Outfit: Just Peachy + After-School Jeans

  1. Fantastic job! That turtleneck is awesome. Seriously love it. And you’re right, the jeans look like designer jeans. You’re on a roll, lady! And I’m so with you on the football…

  2. I just found your blog. The clothes you sew are true perfection. I am so jealous you have such wonderful fabric stores around you. I have family up there that I need to visit(mainly so I can fabric shop:-). Keep on sewing!

  3. love her top with those great pockets!! honestly i didn’t even think you made it (that’s a compliment). i would have guessed it was from some super cute shop.
    and no it isn’t parent syndrome…that toothless gap is adorable!

  4. That peach turtleneck top is awesome! I love the pockets. Your kid must seriously be the best dressed kid ever!! That pants are amazing as well. How do you make so much clothes for your kid, so consistently and so (seemingly) quickly??

    1. Thanks Cherie! I’ve noticed that I’ve become much faster at sewing since I’ve been doing it weekly, especially since most of the patterns I use are very simple designs. I think I spend more time deciding on patterns and fabric than the actual sewing part. I also don’t create awesome tutorials like you do so that speeds things up considerably 🙂

  5. Now, why would K be so surprised that her mom could make a top like that? Does she not know YET that her mom can pretty much rock any pattern/outfit?! Great job, Sanae – love the tweaks you made to the pattern to make it your own, and very much looking forward to your zipper tutorial!

  6. I just recently found your blog, and love it. Great pictures too. Glad to know that the after school pants worked out for you. I have the pattern and want to try it too!

  7. that top is so fantastic! I think I would like one for myself even! I would love to know how you did the zipper pockets…any chance for a tutorial or even just a photo walk through?

    1. Hi Meg! Yep, I’m working on a tutorial and will post soon – I always forget to take process photos so it might have to be a hand-drawn version…

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