Shibori Book Giveaway! {CLOSED}

{The giveaway is now closed and the winner is Christina Derwee! Congrats!!}

Is it just me, or is the year passing at an alarmingly swift rate? I’m deep in deadline mode behind-the-scenes and when I looked at the calendar today, I refused to believe that it was already the end of May.

Anyway, last week I received a mysterious extra copy of this book, Easy Shibori Tye Dye Techniques by Studio TAC Creative, which I translated. I always get one advance copy for my translation work (the book will officially release in August though it’s available for preorder now), so it’s unusual for me to be in possession of two copies. Would you like one?

It’s a super fun collection of Shibori methods, and I’m especially in love with this “stole” (“shawl”, might have been a better translation, but that’s what the author called it):


{UPDATE: The giveaway is now closed and the winner is Christina Derwee!}

There are many ingenious methods using various folding techniques and household materials, and I really enjoyed learning more about Shibori dyeing (I also translated this book).

If you would like to enter the giveaway, please leave a comment below. As always, I’m not too picky about what kind of comment you leave, but if you’d like something to focus on, how about your summer plans? Or if you’re on the other side of the globe, autumn/winter plans? Are you traveling? Taking on a new hobby? Just enjoying the changing season and taking it one day at a time? If all goes well, my little family and I will visit the Midwest and Japan this summer. The last time I saw my parents (they live in Shizuoka, Japan now) was in 2019!!! Fingers crossed that the stars will align for a reunion.

I’ll keep the giveaway open until Friday, June 9th. International entries are, of course, welcome! Good luck! xo


39 thoughts on “Shibori Book Giveaway! {CLOSED}

  1. The projects in this book are beautiful! Would love to try one or two . . . .

  2. How beautiful! Oh, so many summer plans, building a big indigo vat, practicing my stitching in anticipation of a trip
    to Japan to a stitching workshop later in the year. And then there’s sewing (love your books), and playing with the new rescue pup.
    The book looks quite interesting!

  3. I’m hoping to spend a little time sitting in a meadow, painting wildflowers x

  4. Hello Sanae,
    I would love to receive a copy of your new book. I enjoyed and used your Sewing Happiness book and loved reading how little tasks such as chopping vegetables and sewing got you better. After 3 stressful years studying for yoga therapy, I needed to heal and use besides yoga, sewing and gardening. How powerful these pleasurable tasks can be for our mental health. Thanks to your book I am interested in Japanese patterns and I would love to learn about Shibori.
    Thank you. Annemarieke
    (Plus my daughter’s name is Sanne and it’s her birthday today).

  5. My plan for June is to organize and declutter my basement. That area is weighing me down. After that enormous project is completed, I can focus on planning a fall vacation.

  6. I love your posts and books! I had to miss your stop at Queen Anne books but they nicely delivered my signed copy of your last one?thanks again for all your work! I am a painter so hopefully most of summer will doing that. I am heading to Japan this summer – our pre pandemic plans are finally being realized…

  7. It’s so sweet of you to offer this book up as a giveaway! It looks beautiful! I am just learning some new skills and have taken up metalsmithing. I LOVE it. Making jewelry, learning about textiles, sewing, hand stitching, I have an interest in ALL OF IT. And I love to apply different skills to different mediums. I have only been to Japan once but it was amazing. I hope you are able to visit your family! <3

  8. Diane Langley I made a small vat of indigo and would be excited to do Shiborii with it

  9. A friend and I are spending 16 days traveling by cruise ship along the Norwegian coast from Bergen to Svalbard and back. It is a knitting cruise with Arne and Carlos and promises to be truly a trip of a lifetime. I am truly excited and, as you are for your reunion with your parents, an hoping the stars align

  10. This Summer my children and I are learning to dye with plants. We have even saving onion skins all winter! This looks like a great next step 🙂

  11. Hi Sanae,
    Yes, the year is flying by! I just was finally able to visit my sister on Bainbridge Island 2 weeks ago! I am happy for you to be able to travel to visit family again. Have a wonderful time!

  12. I don’t have any summer plans. I am grieving the loss of my best friend who lived with me for 12 years, so it is day-to-day living for me right now.
    On a happier note, I have been on the fence about doing any shibori for a long time because I was afraid it would be too hard and too messy for my small apartment, but that hasn’t stopped me from wishing that I do even a small project.

  13. We have odds and ends happening this summer, but my favorite thing is that my first born daughter is home from her first year away at college so we get to spend a few months with her.

  14. Hi Sanae,
    I noticed you are the translator of various Japanese craft books I have checked out from the library. I think you do a wonderful job. Your own written books are read by me as well. Your latest, Sewing Love, will serve me well as I am petite in size and US patterns need quite an adjustment. I definitely need a sloper to suit my size.
    I have been repurposing Japanese kimono/yukata fabrics from last year, making them into happi for the summer obon season here in Portland, Oregon. Creating a modern version of the happi has been challenging but rewarding. We sold out of our limited editions last summer! Also, piecing together the fabric result in interesting casual tops and bags.
    We are making plans for a Japan trip in October. I haven’t been back since June 2019 after living there for many years. I struggle with reading craft/sewing books in Japanese and rely on your translated books!
    I have been trying to attempt Shibori and your translated book will be a great start. I have researched other books and the work is beautiful but overwhelming for a beginner like me. Would be great to try out the projects in this book.

  15. What a treasure!
    I have just signed up for a class at BARN (Bainbridge Artisan Resource Network) in the Fiber Arts Dye Lab!

  16. That book looks amazing! This summer is a lot of sewing and backyard lounging with family and friends for me. And hopefully a getaway in early September.

  17. Sanae, as always your blog is so inspiring!! I found you when I was searching for a pattern for a linen blouse, and you showed me one from an old linen duvet cover. Then I had the great pleasure to participate testing a pattern for your book. So when I need to overcome my fear of cutting good fabric or sewing I just go and search your blog. This time I made a pair of Crisp pants, free pattern from the Fabric Store, from an old stained bedsheet. Maybe is a good idea to apply to it, mainly to cover the stains, some creative embroidery, the way I learned from a class with Ofelia and Anthelmo from Mexico.
    So this is going to be my summer project.
    Sending you much love

  18. The highlight of my summer will be hosting my two grandsons (ages 13 and 11) while they attend camp at the local community college. Maybe we can all learn about fabric dying!

  19. My oldest son will marry this summer and so we will have a big wedding at the end of summer. Until then I will sew a lot of little hearts filled with lavendula, one for everybody there. I use old linen scraps and lavendula from Provence, it smells wonderful.

  20. Never done any dying myself (except 1 indigo dying class in Laos), but this could become a new hobby;-)

  21. The last “tie dyeing” I did was with permanent markers (Bic or Sharpie) and isopropyl alcohol: you draw on the fabric with the markers and then drip, dab or brush alcohol onto it, which makes the ink run/spread in interesting ways. Doing it with a group of children a few years back, I found that alcohol-based gel-type hand sanitizer works well and is just slightly less messy than liquid alcohol. (Still a sticky mess, but being alcohol it doesn’t take long to dry.) I cut old cotton T-shirts across the body into seamless 1″ wide strips, let the kids write and draw on the strips, then hung them up to dry and when they were dry we stretched them out to make either hair ties or seamless circular cords for playing Cat’s Cradle, which the class then learned how to do.

    This summer my friend and I will be selling at our local farmers’ market and several craft festivals. We both do pottery, she does an assortment of other things with wood and fabric, and I demonstrate and sell handkerchief mice…I used to make the handkerchiefs before I found that I could buy colorful bandanas cheaper than yardage, which were bigger, softer and better for the purpose. This is another item that could be used for practicing with tie-dyeing, as it is small and inexpensive. It could be done with white or light colors.

    I’m trying to bring this simple toy, the handkerchief mouse, back into popularity, as it seems to be virtually unknown in my part of the world even among older people. When we lived in Japan for a couple of years, I shared how to make it with a group of children, thinking they might find it interesting and similar in a way to origami. Sure enough, they caught on very quickly. Instructions are available on YouTube, where it is sometimes called the “magic mouse.”

  22. This was to be my summer of Sewing Love, but I may do a pivot and make it a summer of mother care taking. Please soak up all the parent time you can. It’s precious and goes quickly.

  23. I’m thinking of doing a few tie-dye projects this summer, so this book looks very appealing. Hope you get to visit Japan this year. I’m not sure when I will visit next…but meanwhile am growing some things like wasabi to help keep my taste memories of Japan alive. 🙂

  24. What a beautiful book! I’d love to try some shibori (it’s on my list to host a dyeing day every summer!!). This southern hemisphere winter my plans are to escape to warmer climes! Approx 6 weeks of sun and warmth in Indonesia and Vietnam. Fingers crossed for your trip to Japan!

  25. I’ve always wanted to try shibori! The projects in this book look amazing!

    We’re going to Virginia this summer to visit my father-in-law, who hasn’t gotten to see his grandkids since before covid. It’s well past time! Yay for grandparents!

  26. What a lovely book!!med school exams next week then two weeks off! (Cannot wait) having a winter beach trip and planning to sew and sleep and that’s about all 😀

  27. I have never tried Shibori dying but would love to try it! I just recently got back into sewing and am currently working on two projects – a dress with 60 tucks and a hexie pillow. Both projects are way more involved than I expected but am enjoying the challenge.

  28. What a beautiful book! I won’t enter the giveaway for it, but I will request it at my local library so I can learn more about this technique. I do appreciate it when you’re able to share the interesting projects that you’ve been working on. Safe travels this summer.

  29. I would love to try a few projects from this book with my ten year old daughter in the summer. It would be therapeutic and will allow us to spend equality time. Thank you!

  30. Hello, I came to your website because I just bought our book Sewing Love and I’m loving the look of it. It just came in three mail today, so I haven’t tried anything yet. So since I’m in a new book mode, please included me in the draw for the Shibori Book.
    Thanks for your generosity!

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