Books! Books! Books! Pre-Order Time!

Hello, my friends! It’s a crazy thing, but I have three books launching in a few weeks. All three are available for pre-orders now, and I am beyond excited to share the covers with you today! Snag your copies early! 

First up is the one above: Sewing Love: Handmade Clothes for Any Body. My editor called it my “magnum opus,” which is high praise though I suspect she’s being too kind, as she generally is. I was delighted by the review in Publishers Weekly that called the book “uplifting” and assessed that “[t]his guide to garment sewing is a must-read for crafters of all levels.” My friends, this book of almost 300 pages has been delayed multiple times and the pandemic added all sorts of unexpected challenges. We had to postpone photoshoots repeatedly and ended up doing fittings via Zoom on many occasions. If it weren’t for the stellar team of amazing folks including Rachel, Manny, Amy, Karen, Kaija, 8 gorgeous models and 120+ testers — not to mention everyone at Sasquatch Books — who all remained upbeat and accommodating, I don’t think we could have pulled this off. I am proud of this collaborative, inclusive, personally very meaningful book. It is about sewing, yes, but it is also about celebrating our female bodies and learning how to create clothes that fit our unique selves.

There are personal essays just like Sewing Happiness, my first sewing book. Sewing Happiness came out in 2016, and I still get messages that the book resonates, that it provides inspiration, solace, a sense of calm. Such kind words! And my new book Sewing Love was, for me, a must-create type of book. I’ve not seen anything like it in the market, and I’m pleased as punch to have had this chance to make it come to life. Side note: I wasn’t expecting my full face to show up on the cover, and I am feeling trepidations about this. I had assumed that I would be a lot more incognito and even asked the publishers to consider mimicking the cover from Sewing Happiness, but no go. Obviously, I’m gonna roll with it, though let the record show that I advocated for something less…less…I don’t even know.

If you’d like a signed copy and a pre-order goody (handmade by me!), please order through Queen Anne Book Company. You can include information about personalization/inscription in the Order Comments section when you check out.

Next up: SUMO COLORS and SUMO SHAPES, two new additions to the Little Sumo board book series. These little guys were far easier to work on compared to Sewing Love. There are no photoshoots or sample sewing involved, only 30 pages per book, and just a handful of words. The most time-consuming part is the illustrations, and I love love love painting the sumos. The three books kept me fully occupied during the pandemic, and for that I’m extra grateful. If you’d like a signed copy of these cute baby books, please order through Queen Anne Book Company as well!

Okay, that’s it for today. I’ll have more interior sneak peeks and behind-the-scenes fun tidbits in the coming weeks. Thank you in advance for your pre-orders! It really, really makes a positive and huge impact on getting the book promoted across various channels. More soon!!

6 thoughts on “Books! Books! Books! Pre-Order Time!

  1. I’m over the moon with the upcoming release of Sewing Love! Congratulations on all three books, an incredible accomplishment. I’m eagerly anticipating learning about drafting patterns.

  2. Hi. I think the cover of your new book is very nice. You have a beautiful smile! Congratulations on all your new books being published. I’m hoping to make it to your Queen Anne signing!

  3. You look gorgeous in that smile, and I can’t wait for your sewing book. Yes, I am one of those people who read and r-read those “sewing happiness” essays!

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