Monday Outfit: Ahoy Audrey!

Hello, hello, I hope you had a relaxing weekend! We are a little sleepy here and are enjoying a lazy day off. Happy MLK Day to those of you here in the States! I went to K’s school for a special assembly on Friday and let me tell you…I was a blubbering mess when the first graders started singing “We Shall Overcome” (accompanied by a parent playing a trumpet, no less). I tried to hide it but felt emboldened when I saw a rugged looking Dad swiping at his eyes.

Anyway, it’s Monday outfit time! I have such a weakness for stripes. Always have. I’ve lost count of the number of striped t-shirts and sweaters and dresses that I own – most of them are in classic blacks/greys/navys with white, but I have pretty much every color combination. One of the neighbor girls actually said to me one time, “My mom looks like you today”, and her mom was wearing a striped knit top, of course (red and white).

So when I saw this knit turtleneck pattern with buttons from this book, I simply had to make it in bold stripes. With grey buttons, naturally. It may possibly be my favorite thing I’ve made to date. Very french, very nautical, very Audrey Hepburn and Tautou (Amélie is my favorite movie – I bet you’re not surprised). LOVE.

And those pants…(happy sigh). I hear that emerald is the it color for 2013, but I’m a mint green kind of gal. This is a significantly modified Oliver + S Sailor Pants pattern. I made it according to the instructions in blue, and it’s fantastic but it wasn’t the silhouette I had envisioned.  I wanted cigarette pants a la Hepburn so chopped up the pattern all over the place and eliminated button holes because they didn’t seem very functional for K. It now looks exactly the way I’d hoped it would from the front, though the back is a bit bunched up like MC Hammer – I can live with that.

And here’s the blue version with amazing vintage yellow buttons. So sassy!

I think these are great too, but K’s in agreement with me and gave a thumb’s up for the stripe top + mint green pants combo. I really like those side vents and like all Oliver + S designs, the pants are very nicely constructed but is it me, or were there a couple of errors in the instructions?

And look how stylin’ that turtleneck looks unbuttoned. Have I mentioned how much I love it? That’s a glow-in-the-dark wand that K has in her mouth.

I’m sure you’re all wondering about those fab shoes. They are Campers for kids and another Ba-chan gift (we got them at a 50% off sale). I really really need a pair in my size.

Here are some close-up shots of the top and mint green pants. By the way, we are transferring my blog to another server since there was a little spike in my traffic it seems and things keep going haywire. As we’re moving things around, it might get wonky around here for a few days…



9 thoughts on “Monday Outfit: Ahoy Audrey!

  1. Yay! I love it when you use a pattern from a book I have:) I made this same pattern, but in the dress form ( and loved seeing it on my littlest one. Super comfy b/c it’s knit fabric, and the buttons along the neck are such a great detail. Great choice with the stripes! And love the grey button contrast.
    I don’t have the Sailor pants pattern, but have seen so many cute outfits sewn from it. I think your mint skinny version is my favorite yet! Great job with the pattern re-fashion! You should post it on the O & S flickr board 🙂
    Thanks for making my Monday with another great outfit post – always something to look forward to!

    1. I love your version, Lucinda! Such a pretty blue…and thanks for the info on the O&S Flickr board – I didn’t know there was one!

  2. I want that shirt for me! It’s awesome. You’re becoming quite the Japanese pattern book pusher… now I need to have that book too. 🙂 Great job on the pants transformation, they are very cute!

  3. Another great job!!!! Love everything, the minty green pants are to die for, I want a pair for me!!! I love japanese pattern books, most of the things i make for me and my kids are from those lovely japanese designers, I just love them!!! I’m a big fan of Campers too, I own quite a collection, I first bought a pair in Mallorca where the company is from and they have an outlet store there that you would go crazy…then I bought more in a few different countries in the EU. I have seen the shoes for little ones but I will put myself on hold for another year, my daughter is growing so fast and I want her to wear them at least a whole year!!! Very nicely done…I have made a few pretty things as well for my lil ones and myself and soon will blog about them. I’m so tired lately and I haven’t sleep well in over a year!
    Thanks for sharing once again your amazing work!!! I check your blog all the time…big fan!!!


    1. Thank you, Patty! Aren’t Japanese patterns the best? And oooh, a Campers outlet store sounds like a dream! Yikes, sleep deprivation for such a long time…I do hope you get some luxurious and well-deserved rest soon!

  4. i love this top – for me, for her
    yes, we have a thing for stripes here too
    and we have the same shoes, her in a light pink that she’s just outgrown
    and me in black (my second pair) and in nude.
    the grey looks just like what our wardrobe needs!

    1. Oh, I would love a pair in nude (that doesn’t sound quite the way I meant it to…). Those shoes just look so comfy!

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