Seeking pattern testers for my next book!

[UPDATE #2: All testing materials have been sent out! If you don’t see an email in your inbox, please check your promotions tab or junk folder. Let me know if you have any questions and I’m so excited to see all the feedback!]

[UPDATE: I’m so astounded by the number of and grateful for all the people who signed up!! THANK YOU. I’ll be sending confirmation emails soon! Sign-ups are now closed.]

Hello, my friends!

As you may or may not know, I’ve been tucked away in my atelier (read: my bedroom that doubles as a sewing space) and have been diligently working on my next book that’s due out in 2021. It’s all about garment sewing for women and for me, the content that I’ve created for this book has been a game changer. I hope the same will be true for many, many folks!

I’m getting extremely close to having all the patterns ready for testing. So this is where YOU come in. Are you an aficionado of clothes-sewing or would like to be? Do you have an eagle eye and an uncanny ability to spot errors in instructions? Can you spare a weekend or several hours to stitch up a garment or sloper? Does the idea of drafting your own simple patterns intrigue and energize you?

If it’s a big ole yes for all of the above, please fill out the Google form below. My publisher, Sasquatch Books, has generously offered to provide a free copy of this secret squirrel book as thanks for testing help (I’ll also be adding an extra treat). This means that you will need to be based here in the U.S. since international shipping gets a little hairy.

I will keep sign-ups open until February 6th and will send out the PDFs and info by February 10th. All feedback will be due by February 26th. Questions? Leave me a comment or DM me @sanaeishida on Instagram, where I’ll also post the call for testers.


Aaaand, here’s the form (if you can’t see it in the screen, click here):


P.S. I photographed the image above during the photo shoot for my upcoming book, Animal Friends to Sew (May 2020). The awesome Amy Johnson shot a much better version of it for the book. Styling credit: Rachel Grunig.

17 thoughts on “Seeking pattern testers for my next book!

  1. Just signed up to be a pattern tester…even if I don’t make the “cut” I am excited for you and your new book!

  2. Hi Sanae,
    I am in Australia and realise the book probably wouldn’t be sent to me if I participate as a Test Sewer, but I’d still love to participate. Perhaps an E-Book version will be available at some stage. Looking forward to hearing more about your new projects and would love to be involved.

    Kind Regards,

    1. Hello Sandra! I’m so delighted that you would still be interested in participating without a hard copy of the book — there will most definitely be an e-book version and if that’s okay with you, I’d love for you to take part! Thank you!!

  3. Dear Sanae,
    I just read Sandra’s comment and I’d like to say that like her I would love to participe as a test sewer, but I live in Germany. I admire your handsewn wardrobe and would be delighted to be a test sewer for the e-book version. Would you let me know if this is possible?
    I really miss the sve though – any chance that it will be back?
    Kind regards Luise

    1. Thanks so much, Luise! I saw that you went ahead and signed up and yes, if you’re fine with an e-book, I’m so honored that you’re willing to test!

      I miss SVE too — unfortunately, given my schedule and Ute’s personal situation it wasn’t feasible this year again. However, I’m looking at bringing it back in a slightly different way next year, so stay tuned!

  4. I could never be a pattern tester as my sewing skills are not nearly good enough. However, I am I love with your fish pin cushion! Would you please post the pattern for us? It is so cute, I need a fish pin cushion. It looks like a clever use of fabric to enhance the “fishiness”.

    1. Hello Laura! The fish pattern is actually part of my book ANIMAL FRIENDS TO SEW, which will be released this May. It’s a kid’s toy, but can easily be adapted to be a pin cushion (we got really excited during the photo shoot when we realized we could re-purpose it for this image :-)).

  5. Just signed up! I live in Portugal but we have an address in USA for scientific papers. I’ve made garments before and would say I’m and adventurous beginner. Thank you Sanae for the opportunity to test for your upcoming book. Patrizia

    1. Thanks so much, Patrizia! I’m so curious about your scientific papers. Are they your own? Do you subscribe to them?

  6. Woot! I’m excited for this tantalizing hint about your next book. I, too, reside outside the US, but will eagerly await the release of it.

  7. Hi Sanae, I would LOVE the opportunity to test sew for you! I live in Vancouver, BC, Canada but have a mailing address just across the border in Washington state. I filled out the form with that address. Thanks!

  8. I am so excited!!! I love the things you sew for you and I am over the moon that there will be a book about that. Is it 2021 yet? 🙂
    P.s. I have missed SVE too and am happy to hear that it may come back in some form in the future.

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