A whole new world (no more PDF taping!)

Hello, my friends! How are you? I’m getting ready to travel to Indiana to visit relatives this weekend, and despite my best efforts, I was unable to fully execute my glorious vacation wardrobe sewing plan I had in mind. However, in the process of attempting said sewing plan, I’ve discovered a life-changing thing: PDF Plotting.

I found out about PDF Plotting through a very thorough and super helpful blog post on Sew Liberated. I bet most of you sewing mavens are already familiar with this alternative to the daunting task of printing/cutting out/taping PDF patterns, and though I’d vaguely noticed the online community mentioning copy shop printing of patterns, my hard-wired brain was slow to pick up on this amazing time saving and relatively economical option.

It’s so easy! The one thing I would advise is to double-check the dimensions of the file size in Acrobat (you hover over the lower left corner to get the file size dimensions once it’s opened in the Acrobat Reader). I made a mistake when I entered the sizing info, but the folks at PDF Plotting were very kind about pointing out my errors, and I had beautifully printed patterns on large format paper in a matter of two days from the moment I submitted the order. Magic!

I plan to order more from PDF Plotting when I get back from my midwestern vacation, and in the meantime, I’m going to see if I can crank out at least an Ogden Cami or Kate Bias Top by Sunday. The Persephone Pants will have to wait, though I really want a pair NOW.

Have you tried getting PDF patterns printed? How has your experience been?

Alright, it’s time for me to get going on some sewing! Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

10 thoughts on “A whole new world (no more PDF taping!)

  1. I’ve done it a couple of times and it saves so much time! I still print at home small childern patterns but women’s big patterns I prefer to plot at my local shop. It takes about five minutes to get them on paper and I think I even save some money.

    1. Hi Marta! I love the idea of using a local copy shop that’s affordable! It’s a game changer to not have to cut and tape dozens of paper pieces together!! Though like you, I still tape kids’ patterns. 🙂

  2. My local shop charges $15 a page plus taxes, so along with the indie pattern it’s been too expensive. Thankfully, a new independent company opened in our country which will mail you the patterns for $9 a page. I’ve heard that the service is excellent!

    1. That’s great, Tammy! I bet there will be even more economical services available in the future :).

  3. Speaking of printing at home…I ‘m pretty sure I just broke my printer. Huge Paper Jam! The last PDF pattern I printed was from an AU company (won’t mention names) let’s just say it was not pretty. It did not print in sequential order. It took me all day to figure that one out. I am gonna try this copy shop version.

    Have you ever tried to cut a pattern with a Brother Scan n cut. They use SVG files?

    1. I haven’t tried the Brother Scan n cut, but I’m intrigued to find out more, Taylor! Such a bummer that your printer petered out — it’s astonishing how much paper is required for some of the PDF patterns!

  4. Those patterns look so breezy and comfortable! I would love to see the pants if you make them, I have been debating making something similar 🙂

    1. I ended up sewing another wide-legged pant pattern and shortened a dress due to time constraints, but sadly, they were both fails…i’ll Update when I sew the Ogden and Persephone for sure! xo

  5. That post on Sew Liberated was SO helpful and I printed a pattern for me and for a friend! I had no idea and am so thankful to not have to use so much tape! I also just got two new Making magazines at Fancy Tiger and love seeing your illustrations and projects in them!!

    1. Yay for PDF printing, and how fun that you got copies of Making Mag, Beccy! I love that magazine so much!

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