Happy Friday + Making LINES

Photo by Carrie Hoge

Happy Friday! Have you seen the latest Making issue, LINES? What a beaut! Carrie and team continue to slam dunk with gorgeous content, and I’m so honored that I was a contributor! Many things have changed in my life these last five years, and one of the most glorious changes is that I now get to collaborate and work with the loveliest, most amazing people all the time. I’m sad to say that wasn’t usually the case for the 25+ jobs I’ve had in the past, though of course there were always a gem or two.

Today I thought I’d do a sort of behind-the-scenes of my projects in LINES, since that’s always fun for me.

Photo by Carrie Hoge

Project one was the nesting fabric buckets. I realize I’m not scoring any points for originality here, though I did add flourish on the canvas fabric with fabric paint, which turned out to not only be enjoyable, but I was also very happy with the results. Quick and easy, that’s how I roll.

Here’s another pretty outtake of the buckets that Carrie shot:

Photo by Carrie Hoge

I can’t remember exactly whether I offered or if Carrie asked me if I wanted to contribute to the kids’ section as well. At any rate, I was planning on creating an animal nesting version and made these samples:

Then I found out that there was a distinct and totally coincidental cat theme going on in the kids’ section so Carrie wondered if I would be able to make a cat version. But of course!

Photo by Carrie Hoge

So cute, right?? As I’m prone to doing, I squealed with delight when I finished the kitty basket.

Plus, it worked out well because the bear and owl buckets ended up as gifts for friends and K fell in love with the bunny.

What you may or may not have noticed if you’ve browsed through the issue is that I did a number of illustrations, which was a dream assignment. I’ve always wanted to have my illustrations in a beautiful print magazine, and I can now check that off my bucket list. Thank you, Carrie!

The middle illustration was based on the supremely adorable cat made by Erika Barratt (her instagram AND Making‘s feed are must-sees — so much inspiration!).

The entire issue is a visual feast full of thoughtful projects and stories. I hope you check it out!

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

I’m out of practice
Haven’t created haikus
in a long, long while

P.S. Furoku members! The next edition is scheduled to go out tonight…I think. I hope. Probably!

10 thoughts on “Happy Friday + Making LINES

  1. Ooo!! A cat basket! I like them all. I have not bought the Making magazine before. Although I have admired your projects in the past. The fox tooth fairy pillow, especially. My little girl Stella just lost 2 teeth last week and we made use of a whale pillow.

    1. Making Magazine is really lovely. Carrie, the editor-in-chief is an amazing knitter and includes a lot of knitting projects so I bet you’d like it, Max! Glad that the whale tooth pillow came in handy!

    1. Thank you so much Beccy! I finished all my big deadlines as of December 1st, so I’m totally decompressing right now. Aaaaaaaaah. Feels so good :-).

  2. Sanae, as a treat, I ordered the Making Magazine. Recognized your illustrations, of course—just love the cats All of the projects were charming–even just to look at. Might try to make one of the simple ones!

  3. Those animal nesting baskets! Love the unique personality of each – I can definitely see why K and friend fell in love with them:) Congrats on the zine illustrations .. . one of these days I must splurge on buying a copy. I’ve hesitated for so long as I’m not a knitter. But it looks so lovely!

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