Happy Friday + OCS

Happy Friday! What’s this? My fourth Ginger Skinny Jeans on my cutting table? The crazy thing is that I just finished Gingers #3 last week:

I’ve got a serious case of OCS, my friends. That would be Obsessive Compulsive Sewing. If you’ve been following along on Instagram, you probably saw a level of prolific output that hasn’t happened in years in terms of sewing. I completed that indigo chambray Grainline Archer shirt last week as well. And the white linen Archer shirt below flew out of my sewing machine just a few days before the indigo one. The sleeves are a tad long for me, but since I roll up all my long-sleeved button down shirts anyway, I’m not too concerned. Like this:

Oh, it’s been an incredible joyride now that I’m sewing again. Of course, part of me is well aware that this is just another one of my “productive” procrastination tactics since I’m in hardcore deadline mode and need to have the next book done by the end of the month.

Sorry for the photo quality — the light’s been dimming as autumn settles in and I’m trying to find spots in my house that I can use for blog photos now that a humongous credenza occupies the white wall that was formerly my default background. The search hasn’t been too promising yet, but I’m ever hopeful!

Details, details, details:

I made the white Archer shirt in linen (so luscious) and the indigo version is made of the same lightweight chambray that became the Charlie Caftan, another excellent Closet Case Pattern. I cut the size 10 and didn’t make any alterations. What a fun, fun pattern to sew!

But even more fun is stitching up jeans. In fact, my OCS might just turn into OCJ (Obsessive Compulsive Jeans-making). I shared my first successful pair of non-muslin Ginger jeans here. The muslin version I’d made before that one was definitely wearable, but the zipper busted on me and the denim wasn’t quite as stretchy so they weren’t as comfy as the black pair. I ended up cutting a size 6 and made a bunch of alterations to make the black pair fit the way I like.

Taking the altered patterns sheets (see all the notes I have scrawled on there?), I sewed up my third pair and this newest addition to my Ginger collection is pretty much perfect in terms of fit. So much so, that I immediately cut out another pair. I’m not sure what the denim content is, but it has a good amount of stretch. Probably 2-3% lycra?

Look at my oh-so-Pacific-Northwest pocket linings! The fabric happened to be within arm’s reach, and the plaid cotton is a nice nod to my rugged, outdoorsy region.

Regardless of having sewn the jeans multiple times, I always consult the Sewing Your Own Jeans E-book that Heather put together. It’s so comprehensive and helpful! I know she has video courses now as well, which is pure genius. That Heather, she’s going places. I love her and I’m sort of in awe of her. She’s brilliant and warm and hilarious and truly loves to help people create beautiful clothes that feel wonderful to wear. She’s exactly the kind of person I want guiding me to make body-hugging jeans which can be such an emotional thing, you know?

Anyway enough sewing talk! More watercolors! Books! Yes, that’s my focus right now! Wait, our staircase is looking really dingy. A quick lick of white paint would do wonders…right after I finish Gingers #4, naturally.

Have a delightful weekend, all!

22 thoughts on “Happy Friday + OCS

  1. Love, love, love the jeans! They look great and they look great on you. I have Ben wondering about that pattern myself for a while, so thank you for this post. Once again I am so happy for you about being a published author!! Sorry deadlines are annoying but you can do it πŸ™‚

  2. I can’t even imagine getting to the point of sewing jeans. That is rock star sewing in my book. I’m off to sew little girl Christmas dresses today, and dream of a time when I can sew for myself. You are a great inspiration for my future. Happy fall , Jessica

  3. Very nice indeed. Especially like the white shirt with the jeans. Hope you’ve enjoyed your sewing sojourn. Perfect autumn activity in my book.

  4. I love the jeans, love the OCS comment, love your fearless-ness, and most of all, I love knowing there is another procrastinator!
    (just checking your blog before I have to finish several hours of work I don’t like or clean the house…..)

    1. Thanks, Elizabeth. It’s a squirrely world out there for us procrastinators, but we somehow make it all happen, right ;-)?

    1. Thanks for making me feel better about my procrastination, Tammy! πŸ™‚ Fingers crossed that I’ll get all my illustrations done in time…at least I have great jeans now!

  5. I loved your book Sanae and keep it right on my nightstand d when I need to de-stress and plan my next project. Thank you for the inspiration

    1. Thank YOU, Sheila! How lovely to read your comment :-). I can’t believe it’s been almost two years since that book came out. I’m still sleeping, walking and chopping!

  6. Oh, these look great! I ‘ve made the skinny gingers and just printed out the flares to make in corduroy for fall. so excited. Hopeing to get them done this week. It is an excellent pattern πŸ™‚

    1. Fun! I’m still in the middle of finishing up illustrations but I’m so looking forward to finishing up my Gingers! Thanks, Kristi!

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