Happy Friday + Stylish Dress Book Giveaway! [CLOSED]

Happy Friday! We are in full-on countdown mode since we are boarding Delta airlines to head out to Tokyo tomorrow. I did, however, promise Tuttle Publishing that I would do a little review of their books before I left. Given my current state of being caught up in travel preparations, I’m cheating a little because I discovered that I had, in fact, already mentioned this Stylish Dress Book by Yoshiko Tsukiori. At any rate, I now have an extra copy to give away.

The top I made from this book a couple of years ago is so well-loved and worn, I’m definitely planning on making another. I’m actually taking it with me to Japan, despite its current slightly raggedy state. That’s how much I adore it.

Interested in owning your own Stylish Dress Book? To enter the giveaway, please leave any comment though I’m always curious to know people’s dream destinations. I’m so so so so so so excited to go to Japan — it’s been over 20 years since I was there and I’m chomping at the bits to see how it’s changed/stayed the same!

While I’m away, I won’t be making any blog   updates or checking online much (though I might pop up on Instagram from time to time) so this giveaway will be open for a few weeks until July 10th, when I return. International entries are always welcome, and good luck! See you in a while, crocodile!!

Off to grand Japan!
Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka
and so many more*… 

*We’re hitting up quite a few places within Tokyo while we’re in Japan with K’s school and then we will be squeezing in visits to relatives and sightseeing in other prefectures after the school program portion is done. FUN!

P.S. Furoku members: the next edition is being scheduled to reach you on July 1st, but do let me know if any technical issues arise or you don’t receive anything.

71 thoughts on “Happy Friday + Stylish Dress Book Giveaway! [CLOSED]

  1. Your shirt still looks great, I hope you enjoy wearing it on your holiday ☀️

  2. I am never sure about Japanese sewing books because the sizes seem so small but I am happily working through a Japanese children’s sewing pattern book! I love the choice of fabric for the tunic you made. Happy travelling!

  3. I lived in Japan for a while and I miss it so much!

    I’d love to go pretty much anywhere in Europe. I’ve been to Ireland but never the continent.

  4. I absolutely adore this book <3 It was my gateway drug to Japanese sewing books haha! (So I don't want to be entered in the giveaway, but everyone else absolutely should!!!)

  5. We took our oldest to Japan 4 years ago – we spent time in Tokyo and then headed north to Hokkaido. We were there in Feb/Mar and it was a winter wonderland!

    I missed an opportunity to go to croatia almost 20 years ago and it is still on my list. Actually there are a lot of places on my list but I’m going to stick with that one.

    Have a great trip!

  6. I’d love to go back to Japan. I went with my choir when I was in high school but would love love love to go back, in a large part because I love Japanese food so much 🙂

  7. Right now I would love to go to Maine and visit my Aunt in Portland and go to the beach. I love the New England coast and haven’t been there in ages. I love your book Sewing Happiness and have made the marketbag (?) And the two tone zippered pouch. Have fun in Japan.

  8. My brother has been living in Japan for 3 years as a teacher- I’d love to visit before his contract ends so he can play tourist guide for me. Enjoy your trip!

  9. There are so many dream destinations for me. New York,Sydney, New Zealand and Japan. Maybe I ought to start saving and do something about it!

  10. My dream trip is to Israel, beside I want to see the land of the Bible and birthplace of Jesus! My second trip is to Okinawa to see my new grandson and daughter! I love sewing and have been wanting to try some Japanese patterns!

  11. My husband travels to Tokyo and Nagoya several times a year for business, and one of these days, I really hope to go with him! The top is great!

  12. Have a good trip! I have many destinations in mind, including Malaysia, st. Lucía, Comoros, and Madagascar 🙂

  13. i’d love to go to Kyoto. We traveled to Tokyo with our children last summer and we’d like to branch out and see Kyoto next time!

  14. I miss Japan! Haven’t been back in 11 years. I grew up partly in the US and Japan. Maybe this book will inspire me to make travel plans!

  15. If everything goes as planned I’m going to Japan this summer! I’m so excited, it wil be my first time. So maybe I’ll see you there!

  16. Happy travels!
    I dream of Iceland, Scotland and Greece. And more visits to Spain because: food!

  17. Dream destinations, oh so many! Lately my heart pounds when I imagine Japan or India. But newborn baby will postpone travel plans for a while. Enjoy your trip!!

  18. My dream is to go visit Prince Edward Island, the U.K., and Iceland. Have a safe trip!

  19. Newfoundland with time to try some hot springs and time on the sea. Oh, and wool to bring home!

  20. Thanks so much for the give away! I was n Japan for just a few days, an amazing place, and I’m fascinated by the pattern books, which I usually check out from the library. Dream destination? Too many! Italy, turkey, Spain, Portugal, Argentina…

  21. Hello lovely! So excited for you! My son Seth is leaving for Japan in September. He is beyond excited. His first trip there .

  22. Currently planning our first trip to Tokyo and the Philippines for the holidays! So excited for it and the possibility of this book 😆

  23. Such a great giveaway, thanks! As a indigo dye enthusiast and former wood fired potter, Japan is on my dream destination list. Thanks for the chance and have a wonderful, adventurous journey!

  24. Love her books, but don’t have this one yet!

    Japan would be my dream…Osaka to the Nani Iro atelier! Enjoy your trip!

  25. I hope you have an amazing trip to Japan! I’ve been dying to go but seeing as I’m only 19 and working and in college it’s not too feasible just yet lol. Hoping to plan one in the next 2-3 years, or maybe land a study abroad program. Current dream is honestly traveling to Cambodia with my grandmother!

  26. I have a couple of dream destinations. Ireland is one and Sweden is the other!

  27. Have an amazing trip!!! Japan is one of my dream destinations, along with Greece, Portugal, and Chile. I have admired this book for a long time and would love a chance to try out some of these patterns. xo Katia

  28. My bucket list is growing. Japan definitely on the list. Zambia & Malawi for a great Safari.
    I know I would go bankrupt in Japan! They have so beautiful handycrafts. Definitely go for the giveaway. Thanks Gabriella

  29. My dream destination is Mexico – I have fantasies of going to huge markets full of fabulously colourful things. Have a wonderful trip to Japan Sanae!

  30. My dream destination is definitely Japan! I’ve even started learning a bit of Japanese just in case I get a chance to go one day. 🙂
    Have a great trip!!!

  31. Hello I Am Maria Jose from Spain. I would love to go to Australia and do the same journey as in the booj a town like Alice. And I also would like to go to Japan and just breathe in the culture and peace of many os the places there.
    Thank you for your give away! Generosity always opens up my heart and stretches it a little more… 😉

  32. I’d really love to visit Iceland. It seems so different from the West coast of the US, where I’ve mostly lived, and I’m so curious about it, even though it’s very far north and I don’t like being cold. But I am curious about places that are extreme. I’d appreciate love to visit Tierra del Fuego, just to be at the top of the continent. Have a great time in Japan!

  33. I’ve just found your blog and am so excited, I’ve been reading your old posts! Thanks for the opportunity to enter the competition. I’ve always wanted to visit Canada – our son migrated there 2 years ago, so in 4 weeks we are finally going to visit him in Toronto. We have seen so many interesting documentaries about Canada over the years and he has told us of many of his favourite places that we will now see. I also dream of seeing France and Italy, but I would like to learn their languages first, at least enough to converse with the people we meet on a basic level. Life is fascinating once you retire!

  34. I’ll throw my name in for this one – your top looks like it would be a great one to adapt after my Bebe is born…. I’d love to travel to Scandinavia, and Amsterdam, Japan of course, and see the northern lights…. so many places, so little time!

  35. I hope you have so much fun!!! Kyoto is my favorite place in the world; I miss it. Have a grand time, and thank you for running this giveaway!

  36. Right now my dream destination is a relaxing getaway to Orcas Island. Have a wonderful trip!

  37. My dream vacation these days is Santorini. The gorgeousness of the blues and whites and sunsets is so alluring! A girl can dream… I would love a copy of this book; love the simple lines of the clothes that are featured! Again, a girl can dream! Thanks for the chance! Have a great trip!

  38. My dream destination is Ibiza! Although I’d love to visit so many places, and I’d love to revisit others, like Costa Rica or Italy. I love travelling!
    Enjoy your trip!

  39. Ive always dreamed of visiting teahouses and walk the forests of Japon. I would love to go to the kimono flea market too. Im so in love with these beautiful works of art. Have a lovely time in Tokyo… Lucky you! Cat

  40. Hope your trip is FABULOUS! I haven’t been to Japan in 20 years, saying that out loud kinda’ takes my breath away!!!!! My dream destination is Greece…………….. oh how I’d love to go! Can’t wait to see your photos of Japan, and……….. thanks for the opportunity!

  41. Japan is first on my wish list of places I’d love to visit, followed by the west coast of America then Budapest! One day!

  42. My dream destination at the moment is India – my father was born and raised in Calcutta, and when I was 18 I went there for a couple of months. It’s been 25 years since that visit, and this time I’m working on a plan to take my husband and three daughters with me next summer. Daunting but so very exciting – and think of all the fabrics ….!

  43. I would absolutely love to go to Japan. We had international students live at our house when I was growing up, many from Japan, and I’ve always treasured everything they brought with them – especially stories of their culture and the FABRIC.

  44. So many wonderful places to travel, the world over. At the moment, anywhere warm sounds good as we are mid-winter in Australia. We would love to go to New Zealand (Hobbit fans), Denmark (children with big Lego obsessions), Morocco, Turkey, Greece, Italy, anywhere with amazing textiles and hearty food. But we are very fortunate to live just near the Great Ocean Road and so many other wonderful natural wonders that we are mostly happy to stick close to home.

  45. A visit to Japan has also been a lifelong dream – my mother’s college roommate moved to Tokyo and visited us her trips to the states throughout my childhood, sharing the most amazing stories and fashions. I also would love to visit Burkina Faso – I have met so many lovely people who have lived there and am also intrigued. Wishing you a wonderful visit to Japan!

  46. Enjoy your travels to Japan! I’m sure it’s amazing. I’ve never been there, although i have been to asia a couple of times. Current dream destinations include Australia (my sister lives there, would love to visit her but it’s sooooo expensive to go there with two little kids), Brazil (would love to see the rainforest), Marocco (seems like a beautifull country to me), Alaska, Russia/Mongolia (Transmongolia express, by train).
    I’m sure that i could come up with plenty more great destinations. Instead this summer we will go to Rügen, a peninsula in northern Germany, where we will go camping (i’m thinking lots of bonfires, beachcombing, playing in the sea, hiking and icecreams).
    I’m excited already!!

  47. I hope you are enjoying your holiday! Mmm, at the moment, my dream is galpagos islands and manchu pichu while I’m at it, but a close second is south africa down cape town way down and crossing into and up through botswana (we did south africa johannesberg up to through zim a few years back so down towards the coast this time would be the go). Then, I’m keen to go back to Japan but not sure if to return to tokyo – so many art supplies to buy and museums left to see – or foodie in hokkaido, or sightsee in kyoto… maybe an entire month or two touring… again a dream due to the expense!

  48. Love your top! I never tried any japanese pattern but I’m a beginner so I do not have a lot of experience. I will be traveling to Tuscany this summer and enjoy the sweet Italian life with my friends!

  49. Thank you for the great giveaway! I love japanese sewing books and at the moment I’m interested in boro technique. I visited Tokyo and Kyoto years ago and it was beautiful. I have so many wonderful memories of that trip! I would love to visit Norway and Sweden.

  50. Before I met my Greek husband, I was planning a solo trip to Greece. He said he’d show me around when we take a trip together. Well, 18 years and three kids later, we still haven’t made it there !

  51. My dream destination would be the Ice hotel in north Sweden, I’d love to see the northern lights. Enjoy your trip, it will be so interesting to see how much has changed.

  52. I love your top! It looks like a comfy travel item, I’d take it too. Would also love to visit Japan, especially if I spoke any Japanese.

  53. Thank you for hosting a giveaway, the prize is beautiful! I would love to visit Vietnam and Cambodia. I know nothing about the culture or the history of these countries and it would be great to be there and maybe find out more about their crafting traditions.

  54. Have a wonderful trip! As an avid knitter, the British isles are top of the list for now.

  55. Japan is a place I would like to visit. Hokkaido in particular. But my next place if I ever get the money would be Iceland. And Norway. As you may have gathered, I dislike hot weather.

  56. Hi, I’d love to enter the give away. My dream destination is to do a long trip across south America. Not happening any time soon, but I can keep hoping…

  57. So many places I’d love to go. Right now my almost 8-year old really wants to go to New York; it will be fun to experience it with him soon. I’d also love to go to Shetland some day – so beautiful. The book looks lovely. Hope your travels are going well!

  58. Definitely Iceland. I was there year ago and I still dream about it. I love the vast and empty landscapes, the colours of rock, grass and sea. I miss the peace of these places. I adore the creativity and simplicity of Icelandic design. Yes, this is it!

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