Happy Friday + Randomness

Happy Friday! I’m having one of those weeks when nothing I do seems to turn out well. Case in point: the above photo is a muslin I was working on for K’s graduation dress, but I messed up the invisible zipper insertion and then accidentally tore the very thin rayon fabric in a very bad way when I attempted to unpick the seams. Unsalvageable.

At least it was the muslin, though I was secretly hoping that she’d like it so much that I wouldn’t need to make the final version in an even more finicky, sheer fabric. Ah well, serves me right for trying to shimmy out of extra sewing.

There have been a slew of other less-than-successful sewing and illustration projects, but I’ll spare you the details.

On the bright side, the garden that K and my mom planted a couple of months ago is thriving. So exciting! I’d never even attempted planting anything in our backyard because until recently I believed that I had the blackest of thumbs, but it turns out that K is a diligent gardener and I’m not too shabby either.

We’ve been enjoying salads with fresh lettuce and spinach plucked from the backyard, and oh, they’re delicious. They planted peas, carrots, lettuce, spinach and basil, along with a bunch of wildflower and sunflower. The basil isn’t doing too hot, and we have yet to see an actual carrot or pea pod, but the rest are growing rather nicely. However, some serious weeding needs to happen…

I’m going to take the spate of failed projects as a sign to go have a relaxing weekend. And I will probably eat some more salads. That sounds like a good idea.

Although it eluded me this week, I’m wishing you a success-filled weekend!

Canoeing, soccer,
A friend’s grad party and more
Maybe not so chill…*

*Is it just me and do I write this every year, or is the month of June completely bonkers schedule-wise? My body seems to be rebelling against the frenzied activities and I’m having the worst allergy reactions ever. Did you know? Soaking black tea bags in hot water, letting them cool a bit and putting them on the eyes helps a ton with swollen lids.



12 thoughts on “Happy Friday + Randomness

  1. What a shame, the fabric looked lovely! I don’t know how long was the zipper and where the accident happened but maybe you could turn the whole thing into a top/tunic?

    Have a great weekend!

    1. It was such a bummer, Delphine. I actually patched the tear just so I could get a sense of the fit, but K didn’t like the straps digging into her back
      (she’s very sensitive).
      Luckily, with my multiple fails I was able to work out the kinks and the final version made out of silk (!!!) turned out really well and I’ll share it soon! xo

    1. This week has already been a whole lot better, thanks Tracy! I bet the fresh garden salads I’m gobbling up is helping ;-).

    1. Oh no! I still can’t figure out what I was allergic to, but I’ve never had my eyes swell shut like that! This week is definitely better and I hope the same is true for you too, Charissa!

  2. Yay for your garden!!!! I am horrible at veggies, but do okay with hardy perrenials. I am currently xeriscaping my yard and it is taking wayyyy longer than I wanted and my allergies are going nuts so I am super excited to try your tea bag trick. Happy June and better project results this week!

    1. I’m so curious about xeriscaping! I hope it goes well Beccy! And yay, things are working out more this week so far!

  3. I have three kids and yes, June is ALWAYS nuts. In fact, last June I wrote a memo to myself to not over schedule this June! I am pleased I remembered this advice,. And it’s still been a crazy month, but certainly more manageable than the previous year.

    1. Ah, so smart Mitra! I will make a note of it for myself too, and let’s hope I’m not writing the same darn thing again next year ;-). Happy June!

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