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So. Shall we talk about the brilliance that is the Morgan Boyfriend Jeans by Closet Case Patterns? I happen to be one lucky gal and am real life friends with both Heather (who created the pattern) and Morgan (who is the muse for the pattern). When the energy of two women that I adore converge into a singularly stylish and comfortable jeans pattern, well, I flounder for the right word to describe the magic. Maybe fizazzlepizzazzle?


I took my time with this one, friends. I lovingly traced the pattern pieces. Slooowly cut them out. I carefully ironed on the interfacings. So on and so forth. And you know what? It was AWESOME. I was enjoying myself so much while making these, a casual observer might have assumed I was on some mood-enhancing drug. Nope, just a natural high from creating the most professional-looking pair of jeans.


From start to finish, it took me seven hours to make these jeans. Yes. Definitely an investment of time. But I paced myself and worked on it over three days and it truly felt effortless. Would I do it again? No question.

morgan-jeans3 morgan-jeans4

The one rub: I think I cut one size (or possibly two sizes) too large. This is a size 8, and I knew from the instructions that the non-stretch denim would expand in size over time and based on the measurements the 8 seemed like a safe bet. I took the photos as soon as I finished them and the fit was perfect, perfect, perfect. Snug, but not tight around the waist. Casually slouchy but not ballooning around the thighs and calves.


I don’t have pictorial evidence, but by the end of the day of the third wear, the jeans looked like they belonged to a hefty bodyguard three times my size.


I’m going to toss them into the washing machine and hope they shrink up back to the amazing initial fit. If not, that’s okay. I’m not one to shy away from too loose jeans.



It just means I’ll have to size down, which means less fabric to cut and hey, that sounds like a win-win to me. On a side note, I went with the cropped version but due to my legs that have the DNA of wiener dogs, they don’t look as cropped as I’ve seen on others. I like this length a lot though!

Spurred by the success of my Morgan Boyfriend Jeans for which the instructions are excellent, I decided it was high time I made K some skinny jeans again. I’m afraid the lack of pictorial evidence is deliberate this time. I used the Blaverry KoKo pattern (the company no longer seems to be in business) and maybe I was exhausted and double-visioned from already making grown-up sized jeans, but I couldn’t make heads or tails of the zip fly insertion instructions. I completely flubbed the whole thing, but K wore it for a full day anyway just because I had spent so much time on it (a speedy 4 hours compared to the Morgan). But in the end, she had to admit that the jeans were terribly uncomfortable. If I get around to it, I’ll add the photo of the finished KoKo jeans here at a later date — it actually looks pretty good at first glance, but oh, the zip fly (suck in breath through teeth here)…it ain’t pretty.

Upon reflection I’m certain that I messed up K’s jeans because I felt rushed and through no fault of her own, K’s eager expectation added some pressure to the experience. With the Morgan jeans, I thoroughly and leisurely enjoyed the process of it and didn’t really focus on the end result. With the KoKo jeans, it was all about the end result. Hm. Thoughts to chew on. Have you made the Morgan? Was it as fizazzlepizazzle for you too? What about the KoKo? I’m sure it’s a great pattern and that all errors were just from my misreading the instructions.

Anyway. I have another deadline next week so I better focus on that. Have a delightful weekend, everyone!

Jeans are fun to make
Even if they don’t fit well
Just gotta make more

P.S. I almost forgot! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!

P.P.S. I’m wearing the Linden sweatshirt in the lovely french terry I mentioned a few posts ago.

17 thoughts on “Happy Friday + Morgan Jeans

  1. Those jeans look great!! My first and last attempt at making jeans was 7 years ago, but the Morgan are on top of my list if I ever decide to try again (I haven’t yet…).

    Have a great weekend!

    1. When I see you in my mind’s eye, I definitely imagine you more as a tailored pants/skirt and dress person, Delphine! Though with motherhood, maybe you’re feeling more casual these days ;-)? I really love the Morgan!

  2. They look great! I think that was seven hours very well spent, and that doesn’t even seem like that much time to me, especially if you are as thrilled with the result as you are. You look adorable in them!

    1. Thank you Angela!! VERY well worth the time and I’ve got the size six on my cutting table as I type this :-).

  3. Oh, thanks for sharing these. I have made jeans, but not the morgan pattern. but i just won it and now I am so excited to make them! 🙂 i have made the KoKo’s. I did like how they turned out although I think I slimmed the legs on them. I did have to read the zipper directions very slowly because they were different than ones I’ve done before. I reviewed them here… http://sewcoolforthetweenscene.blogspot.com/2016/04/pattern-review-blaverry-koko-skinny.html
    For some reason I love the process of jean making. I wish I could figure out how to really make them look worn in though. that’s how I prefer my jeans, but after I spend 7 hours sewing them I am afraid to try some of the distressing tips for fear of ruining all that work!

    1. Congrats for winning the pattern, Kristi! It’s a good one! And thank you for the link to the KoKo pants review. Maybe doing the fly so differently with the Morgan threw me off. K has asked me to make leggings instead! 🙂

  4. These jeans look so professional! I sure hope they settle into a good size for you. I ordered some of that beautiful french terry–it seems so nice but I haven’t ever seen it or bought it before! So, I spend time thinking about it. Your linden is so pretty.

    1. I love the French Terry! It’s very cozy and comfortable. If I were to do it again, I would add a couple more inches to the Linden, but I love it anyway! Thank you, Greta :-).

  5. You look marvellous. The colour of your sweatshirt and your perfect (until they stretched) Morgan jeans look just fantastic. We are our own worst critics. You should be proud!!

    1. Aw, thanks Tammy! The jeans are getting washed now, so we shall see…I know I’m not supposed to put them in the dryer but oh, I’m very tempted. :-).

  6. You have my utmost respect for even just beginning to make jeans. I get paralysed by the thought of trying to fit them (I need a much higher waist and bigger hip flare than this pattern looks to have). Anyway, congratulations and I find all jeans seem to fit best straight out of the wash.
    Pity about K’s jeans, I absolutely get what you mean about sewing to a finished product rather than enjoying the journey.

    1. Making jeans is totally fun, and I think you’d love it Shelley! Heather provides so many great tips and tricks to make alterations way less intimidating!!

  7. Hi Sanae, I love these jeans on you! And I love the pattern as well! I bought it too and am planning to make it 😉 I am also planning to make a blogpost about some interesting patterns for pants, including this pattern. I would like to ask if you would be ok with me using a picture of you, of course with a link back to this post!! If not, no problem! I’m sorry I ask this here, I didn’t immediately find another way to contact you… Thanks and enjoy the day!

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