Happy Friday + Sewing Happiness Winter Tour (Giveaways!)


Happy Friday, friends! I’m thrilled to announce a little blog/IG tour of sorts happening over the next couple of weeks. A few of my wonderful international sewing friends have agreed to do a feature of Sewing Happiness, and we’re doing a giveaway that includes a signed book + 45 euro gift certificate from the charming 1000 Stoff shop. I thought it might be a fun way to start off the year!

We’re keeping it loose and casual and I’m in the dark as much as you are in terms of what these amazing ladies will create and/or post. I’m so curious!!

Here’s the awesome line-up:
January 23Ute + Lara

January 24 – An of StraightGrain // Instagram

January 25 – Trine of Groovy Baby and Mama Trine of // Instagram

January 26 – Shelley of Bartacks and Singletrack // Instagram

January 30 – Annika of Näh Connection // Instagram

January 31 – Olu of Needle and Ted // Instagram

February 1 – Emi of Just Add Fabric // Instagram

February 2 – Eva of With Love – by Eva // Instagram

Until next week, have a fabulous weekend everyone!!

Sewing Happiness
brings crafty friends together

Now that’s happiness

12 thoughts on “Happy Friday + Sewing Happiness Winter Tour (Giveaways!)

    1. Yay, so glad the projects appeal to you, Jill :-)! I’m getting a slow start on sewing myself, so I think this li’l tour will boost my mojo too!

  1. Yeehaaa! You know it is the middle of summer over here, so I think you need to get a little bit chest thumpy and claim that World Tour Title right back again! Looking forward to seeing everyone’s posts.

    1. Yeehaaaa!!!! Well….world tour still sounds a bit too over-the-top to me, but it’s definitely clomping about in different parts of the globe :-). So excited to see your post, Shelley!! xoxo

  2. A fabulous idea Sanae! Thank goodness for wonderful creative friends! Looking forward to seeing how you’ve inspired them:)

    1. Yes, thank goodness for ways to jostle us out of the winter blahs and hey, you’re one of those creative friends too Lucinda! I hope you’re doing well!

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