FOUR YEARS!!! (+ a giveaway bundle) [CLOSED]


Well, well, well. If you traverse all the way back to the beginning of this little online notebook/sketchbook of mine, you will see that I started to record my thoughts and projects on July 16, 2012. Which means that tomorrow, this blog turns 4 years old. FOUR. I powered through the clumsiness of the newborn stage filled to bursting with love, uncertainty and awkwardness. Then I dug my heels in for the toddler phase and touch-and-go twos. Finally, I observed with somewhat flagging energy and a misguided sense of been-there-done-that weariness as the third and fourth years undulated up and down. In fact, this last year, I took more breaks than ever (though some of it was against my will – darn hackers) and wondered if I would ever get back into a regular thrice-a-week schedule on a consistent basis again.

It would be easy to blame Instagram, that enabler of quick and easy updates. I could also offer up my deadlines and book stuff as excuses. But really, I believe that we make time for what matters to us regardless of extenuating circumstances, and for whatever reason, year 4 of blogging felt less compelling to me.

As I contemplated my 48-month trajectory from blogging novice to…I don’t know, blogging slacker, I went way back to browse through my initial posts. Oh, I had so many ideas! The sewing hadn’t even begun. Publishing books was a mere bucket list item that seemed as unlikely as sprouting wings and a narwhal tooth/horn. I was sparkly-eyed and twitchy with giddy nerves every time I clicked “publish”. Now it’s as though my blog and I have been married for a good while and the consuming passion has given way to wondering if my next 50 years are going to be the same old, same old. Comforting, yes. Still steeped in bone marrow level love, absolutely. But suspicious that maybe, just maybe, there could be more? Is it a matter of spicing things up? Am I being too complacent? Maybe we need to go on an adventurous road trip or sew up some lingerie? Perhaps it’s disconcerting that I’m mixing metaphors and comparing the blog to both child and spouse, but I guess it’s about falling in and out of love, which is inevitable for every relationship, no?

I’m entering my 5th year with caution. If nothing else, I’ve learned that I’m hopeless at keeping my word once I declare something here. I tested as Upholder for Gretchen Rubin’s 4 Tendencies Quiz, but my inability to deliver on public pronouncements doesn’t seem very upholder-esque of me.

How to fall back in love with blogging, that’s what I’m pondering — this time with less fervor and more serene contentment. While I continue to gnaw on what year 5 may look like for this online space, a celebration of the anniversary is in order! And what better way to do that than through a giveaway? Because the blog has been such a key part of making my dream of creating books come true, it seems appropriate to give away a signed copy of Little Kunoichi as well as Sewing Happiness (if you already have copies, might I suggest passing them on as gifts if you win?). PLUS a $45 gift certificate to Miss Matatabi (I’ve linked to her new online shop, but you should be able to select from her etsy shop as well; I’ll confirm). Frances is a delightful friend with whom I plan to hang out next summer when I go to Tokyo, and I want to support her whenever I can. The pile of fabrics in the photo above are from her shop. They’re there just as props and are not part of the giveaway. Thought I should clarify.

To enter the giveaway, comment away! Anything will do, as you know, but I’m curious: are you still reading blogs? Which ones continue to be your favorites? You don’t have to list mine — in fact, let’s take it off the table. Or have you shifted over to IG these days? Do tell! I’ll leave the giveaway open until next Friday, July 22nd. Can’t wait to read your comments — good luck!

Thank you, everyone
For reading my little blog
You have changed my life*

*The very, very best part of starting this whole venture is the community that I’ve become a part of. I now have online friends that are real-life friends and when I’m here, I feel surrounded by a bevy of kindred spirits. It makes me gawk with wonder.

P.S. So here’s an interesting blog tidbit: for all the sewing, illustrating and yammering on about feeeeeeelings that I’ve done over the past four years, guess which post has been the most popular by far? This one. It’s also been pinned thousands and thousands of times. Crazy, right?


87 thoughts on “FOUR YEARS!!! (+ a giveaway bundle) [CLOSED]

  1. I have never seen this fruit snack post!! I still read several blogs, I find them more interesting than IG, but I go to IG if the blog hasn’t posted in awhile. I go to Madeby Rae, Dana Made It, Oliver & S and I used to love you & mie (who I do read on instagram).

  2. congratulations on your anniversary! don’t stop blogging! I skim through instagram but when I have time I love to sit down and have a good read thru the blogs I follow and yours is one of the ones I look forward to reading 🙂

  3. Congratulations on your anniversary!
    I love reading blogs. I used to read quite a few blogs about running and exercise, but over the years my interests have changed. Now it is all about sewing. I do like IG, but I learn more from blogs. 🙂

  4. Congratulations on 4 years … Here’s to many more!!!!
    I actually really like reading blogs rather than Instagram, because there are more detailed information about the makes, but unfortunatelly more and more bloggers switched to Instagram and their blogs are just abandoned or being updated less and less …
    I also like watching sewing vlog …
    Seeing people and their sewing makes, give me a push to start doing mine too insteadof being lazy lol …
    Again, congratulations and thank you for doing the giveaway!!!

  5. I love reading blogs! I follow 130-odd, not all of whom post regularly admittedly. I do IG as well, and it’s great, but I do like a good blog post. I started my blog about 18 months ago, just as everyone else seems to be forecasting the demise of blogs, but I like taking the time to reflect on what I’ve sewn. Maybe the answer is not to get hung up on a strict schedule of blogging x-times per week? Might take the pressure off and allow you to write when you feel like writing….

  6. I am still in love with blogs! I love love love yours of course. I regularly read: Free + Native, Soulemama, Heart of Light, Reading My Tea Leaves, Orangette, Smitten Kitchen, A Sweet Spoonful, The Rose Journals, Dig This Chick, Carrots for Michealmas, 6512 and Growing…so many!
    And P.S. I’m jealous of your Upholder-ness. I’m a classic obliger!

  7. I never got into IG, I love reading too much.. Currently I enjoy reading 7 pine designs and ms Mole’s wedding dress blog for the technical stuff. Also Angela Claytons costumes are inspiring. Clover Lane is still a fave for family stories, a Dutch cooking blog and several Dutch/Belgian sewers for inspiration, easy reading and pretty pics. 🙂 I have 100 in my reader, so also several I skim through and read if I love it.

  8. Happy birthday!
    I never stopped to read my favorite blogs (presented nicely by feedly and devoured with a coffee). Although IG is a great source for inspiration, it can not deliver all information I am looking for. These consist mainly in sewing tips and tutorials.
    I follow 99 blogs and 250 IG accounts.
    I am careful about IG though, it’s owned by Facebook and you never know if they’ll ruin it :p
    Who knows, maybe we’ll see the end of IG long before the last blog goes offline? ^^

  9. Happy anniversary! I love reading blogs…its like visiting friends at their cozy homes or their cool workshops. I love reading about their processes and opinions.

  10. Congratulations on the blogaversary!
    My daughter and I love Little Konichi! I I stumbled upon your blog for sewing through another path – small world.

  11. Happy anniversary!
    I still enjoy your blog, personally I don’t actually like it when people post too frequently! I feel like it leads to diminished quality of the actual content. I still read loads of blogs alongside instagram as i like reading and the format of reading blogs.

  12. Congratulations on your blogaversery! I find myself checking Instagram more often now then in the past, but I still love reading blog posts. As an avid reader I love reading but I have no problem waiting for posts from my favorite bloggers.

  13. I’m still reading blogs – all sorts, through Blogluvin mostly – though I’ve stopped writing my own ages ago… I just didn’t enjoy it – felt too much like work! I do love Instagram, but things can get lost there sometimes. Definitely easier though…

  14. Congratulations on four years of beautifully written, inspiring and heartfelt posts.

    I still love reading blogs – Instagram is fun but it’s no substitute, especially when it comes to sewing. When I see something interesting that someone’s made, I always want to read more about it than just a few words and a heap of hashtags. That said, you did have a pretty intense blogging schedule when you were doing three a week – I’m sure there’s a happy medium to be found; a way to blog that is less demanding and more appealing for you, the writer. Here’s to many more years of your blog!

  15. Congratulations! I used to be a huge blog reader, but only follow a few now – the ones that feel like I’m catching up with friends. I especially love The Craft Sessions, Flossie Teacakes and Joy the Baker. I’m trying to spend less time online and more time being creative. Love IG , but think that’s ok because it can be so inspiring and it’s quick! I’m listening to more and more podcasts, because I can listen while I make things. Xx

  16. Happy 4 years!
    I love reading blogs, I have about 120ish in my feedly lineup. I expect if I went through, I could probably delete a quarter who no longer post. Every so often I delete some that have moved to doing just sponsored posts or faded away. But just as often I find someone new, my current new favorite is Worn Values who has blogged for just a few months. There are new fresh blogs coming all the time and they are just as lovely as some that I’ve read for 10 years or longer. I feel that weekly or maybe twice blogs are the most sustainable, too frequent posts often lead to burnout or low quality posts that are clearly thrown together just to fill a slot. There are blogs I follow just for imagery, others got excellent book reviews, for fabulous writing, a couple for recipes. A nice frequent poster exception is the Fringe Association blog. I think blogging is very alive, just because some well-known craft and sewing bloggers have stopped doesn’t mean everyone else has too.
    I hope you will continue, you are one of my favorites, my top five 🙂
    Also, I love Sewing Happiness! It has been my comforting nighttime pretty to reread a few pages, next to my bed for weeks 🙂

  17. I do still read blogs though I love Instagram too. My fave blog has always been Alicia Paulson’s.

  18. I still read blogs using The Old Reader. Mostly I read sewing and crafting blogs with some design, artist and cooking ones thrown in. They are a happy part of my day and they help me feel connected to all the other creators out there. Especially those of use who are still managing to make things while juggling the demands of family, work and everything else that conspires to steal away time from ourselves.

  19. I really appreciate how you show both projects that work and projects that don’t. It has helped me to be less fearful with my own sewing

  20. Wow, congratulations on 4 years blogging! I do still read blogs and prefer them to instagram, I feel you get more information from blogs and just a little peek on instagram. Mostly I read sewing and costume blogs and a few book blogs and cooking blogs.

  21. Congratulations! I gave birth to my blog a year and a half ago and it was one of the best things I ever did. It’s so much fun, I feel more connected to the sewing community overall, and I love having an online diary of all of my projects. My other favorite blogs are Mimi G and Erica B.

  22. Congratulations! I do still love blogs… I particularly love local bloggers. Since I’m in WA I keep you and Falafel and the Bee on the top of my favorites bar and then switch out other blogs as I feel like it in the moment. When I have a sleepy Saturday I love to check up on Delia Creates, Made, Made by Rae, Sew a straight line and more. I would love to have a Seattle sewing friends meet up.

  23. I still love blogs, but I read them less often. It’s so fast and easy to just look at Instagram photos. But it’s like a movie vs. a book. The movie is flashy and easy but there’s more to the book. When I have time.
    I always appreciate your thoughts here. Thank you.

  24. That fruit snack post is beautiful, so I can believe. Also I want to try it with my son! I do still read blogs. I like it when people talk about their sewing/knitting process. I tend to stick with those that have beautiful pictures and something interesting to say, so you are one that I’ve kept in my reader! Congrats on 4 years!

  25. Yay for 4 years! Mazel Tov. I really enjoyed being a pattern tester for Sewing Happiness. I’m entering the contest because I’d love to see the finished product. Here’d hoping you have another 4 years on the blog, better than the last 4.

  26. happy 4 years! i still read blogs from time to time, but so much of the sewing blog world has changed in the last 7 (7?!) years that i’ve been blogging

  27. How fabulous – congratulations! I do occasionally read my tried and true blogs, but I have moved to Instagram primarily – it’s such a rad platform. xx

  28. I just love your writing style. And yes, I d still read blogs although pretty pictures aren’t enough to keep me anymore. I like diary style blogs; the kind where you sort of feel like the author is your sewing pal. Lol! Happy anniversary!

  29. I’ll admit that my
    Bloglovin unread list is pretty long these days and I am also an Instagram addict but I do still love taking time to sit down with a bunch of good blog posts to read . And I do mean read, I don’t have time to watch vlogs, they just don’t fit in!

  30. Blog reading is an ingrained part of my day, my chance to savour other people’s words and lives (and fabrics *ahem*) as I sip my tea and wait for the chaos of the morning to start. I love yours most of all (just the right balance of sewing and personal chitchat for me), but I read a wide (increasingly wide, in fact) variety of different types of sewing blogs, and, if my blog roll is anything to go by, I’m getting ready to dip my toes into lingerie sewing myself. I love Oonaballoona for her mad skillz, and vibrant writing, and Cloth Habit for making underwear seem totally sewable… Congrats on the anniversary!!!!

  31. Reading blogs are an essential part of my morning routine – they put my mind in its happy place, ready to start the day. IG is great, but I love the stories. Keep writing Sanae, I love your aesthetic. Congrats of four years xxx

  32. Hi well I still like reading blogs and do follow quite a few on bloglovin. I do enjoy having a coffee and catching up. As it says above blogs are happy and often thoughtful to read and often do make my day. I must admit I don’t leave many comments although as I must admit I do not get a lot of time and grab reading when I can. I do find a lot of blogs and posts via IG which is where I found you today. Congratulations on your 4 years. Some of my most read blogs are. Very Kerry berry, closet case files, house of pinhero, and most recently flying parrot quilts. Best wishes xx

  33. I still find that I like blogs better than Instagram! I’m always checking things out on IG but in the evening I really like the longer attention span of a blog. The full story is always way more interesting me, the person behind a photo rather than a quick glimpse or snapshot.

  34. I mostly check Instagram these days, but when there’s something I want to know/read more about, I go to the actual blog! Would love to gift your book to my pregnant sister & keep the sewing book for myself 🙂

  35. I skim Instagram and when something perks my interest I head to the blog. Most blogs I love are either sewing or art and yours is an interesting mix of both. I love being inspired to use what I have on hand or something recycled, inexpensive etc. To come up with something “new”.

  36. Congratulations! I had the lovely fortune of stumbling upon you and others through IG which reignited my interest in blogs. I’m also a big fan of Noodlehead by Anna Graham. It is amazing to see you and her published. I wish you every kind and happy thing as you journey into your 5th year!

  37. Congratulations, wow four years! I used to read blogs daily but life has got busier and I don’t so spend so much time reading them now. Instead of scrolling through my feed I tend to search for my favourites to see if they’ve posted and catch up now and again. I have fairly recently become addicted to Instagram but still love a good read ?

  38. Don’t stop blogging! I rely on Instagram to keep up with everything day-to-day, but I always click through when someone mentions a blog post I don’t want to miss.
    Congratulations on reaching the four year milestone!

  39. Happy 4th Sanae! Congratulations! Let’s see what the next year brings.! I do use instagram, but I am. ot sure that I prefer it. A blog is more carefully prepared. We can read all about whatever you want to share. Or not. Insta is a bit more of an advertizing forum. I can see feeling obliged to follow people you know who follow you too. Problem is that as people switch to insta from blogs, there arenot any more new blogs started to catch my attention. I have more connection with the bloggers I have been reading for years than to people on instagram . I read kate davies designs and regularly. Those are the blogs I still read from way back that are still posting regularly. I have mainly switched to Youtube for my online social time.

  40. I definitely still read blogs but also follow a lot of the bloggers on IG. It’s nice having the quick updates but I love reading more in depth and thorough blog posts about the topics that interest me, be it sewing, food, diy, decor, knitting or more?

  41. Congrats on 4 years! (Wow, that long? I found your blog back on the first KCWC that you did). I do not IG and love to read blogs. Yarn Harlot, Soulemamma, Smitten Kitchen, and Posie Gets Cozy are a few faves. Thanks for blogging!

  42. Congratulations with four years! The only blog I read these days, is yours! love your blog,but I also love instagram <3

  43. Congratulations! I do like to read blogs although some of my favorites post less and less. I used to love young house love but they gave up the blog a year or so ago. They just started a podcast but I haven’t gottn into those yet, largely because my reading time is while nursing and a podcast would require headphones. My top blog reads are yours, no big dill, oliver + s, while she naps, stitched together and girl like the sea. I also like the variety on sew mama sew. I hadn’t seen your fruit snack post before but plan to try it now!

  44. Happy blogiversary!!! I have been a follower of yours for a long time. I am also Japanese American and love to sew. I love how you started out with a Halloween project and now have a beautiful book!! My favorite post of yours is the one where you talk about your beginning (I felt so inspired by it) I only sew a few things, and clothing is really something that I’m intimidated about, but looking at your blog and IG inspire me to try harder. Thank you so much for keeping up with your blog. I read it!! I still keep a blog/diary of my crafts as well (but only my 10 year old niece looks at it) 😀 I’m a little new to the blog game, but I like that there’s someplace where I can look at my projects and maybe someday my children can look back on it too. Thank you for sharing your beautiful work and your beautiful life! Arigato! (^_^)

  45. Happy Blogiversary! I am mostly an instagramer, but there are a few blogs I check in on once in a while.

  46. Happy anniversary! I don’t have the time to read all the blogs I follow. I mostly use Instagram but will still click through to a blog if something grabs my attention.

  47. Congratulations! I’ll admit I spend a lot of time on Instagram but nothing beats a blog for a proper article and of course fantastic tutorials x

  48. I like blogs best still. My other fave is Soulemama. I’m jealous of her land since we live in suburbia. I like more if a story than just pictures.

  49. I use the bloglovin app and read blogs every day! It’s great to have them served tidily. My own blog has been quieter lately, but I’m posting better posts and sticking the unblogworthy on Instagram….

  50. Congrats! I do still enjoy a well written blog. Yours and Crab & Bee are always top of my list, but I’m always on the lookout for more quality ones. I certainly go for quality over quantity – so no need to force yourself to a 3x a week schedule!

  51. Congratulations!! 🙂 I’ve kind of fallen out of love with Instagram over the past year or so and no longer use it actively, mostly because I realised that I don’t like taking pictures with my iPhone. In turn I have found myself returning to blogs – old favourites as well as new ones. I think I just prefer the slower pace and longer stories. Yours is one of my more recent discoveries but has quickly become a favourite!

  52. Congratulations Sanae! Whoop whoop! I’m grateful I can visit your space, get inspired, and happy when you post:) For me you are a shining example of the best that the internet brings me. 🙂

  53. I have made these little goodies many times and it is amazing what brings us all to you. We follow the inspiration . There are precious few really good blogs left out there that aren’t tainted by numerous intrusive ads and pop ups. Thank you for all that you do…I hope to see you here for another four years, at least!

  54. Congrats on your blogiversary! I enjoy reading your blog, especially your conversational style. Pausing with a cup of tea, it is a treat to look forward to during the week! I do enjoy Instagram, also. I think you would enjoy shaking it up by making some special lingerie for yourself, as it’s a new sewing challenge, and something that you deserve to do. I’m just in the process of taking up this challenge myself. Thank you for sharing and your refreshing honesty! I wish you many more years of blog inspiration.

  55. I love the blog format. I love giveaways and tutorials and links to stuff you love. I mostly read sewing blogs …lladybird and cluck cluck sew are favorites.

  56. Congratulations! It has been so nice to read along your journey with you. I don’t read as many blogs as I used to, but still check in with you, Falafel and the Bee, Handmade Boy, SewSophieLynn, Made by Melli, CINO, and a few other ladies that I’ve done a bit of pattern testing with. Excited to see what the next year has in store for you!

  57. Happy Blog BIrthday!!! I am inspired by how much you have accomplished over the last years. I hope you are proud of your work. ? I do read a few blogs regularly, and there are a few I visit periodically. I look at instagram daily, and only have friends/family and a few inspiration people in my stream. The pink fabric in the photo reminds me of the avacado dyed fabric Ute did – I never knew avacado pits would dye pink! Thanks for the beautiful community you have created here – we all benefit from this space.

  58. Happy blogiversary! While a lot of sewing blogs have gone quiet, there must be many, many more being started. Why else could it be that my own blog’s “ranking” in the Sewing Blog Category is lower any time I look ? (not that blog rankings matter a toss mind you)
    I’ve found less time for blog reading lately, too busy creating, but I have a select group I follow slavishly, and still persist in documenting everything single thing I make on my own blog. I consider it a bit of a public service, as, if you search for a pattern online, and I’ve made it, perhaps you’ll find my ramblings, and just perhaps, that will be helpful!

  59. Happy blogversary Sanae Ishida! Yours is one of the few blogs I do check in on (even if sporadically) along with Sew Outnumbered and Make it Perfect. I love your photographs and the beautiful clothing you make from the fabrics that aren’t necessarily on-trend or new designer fabrics. I relate to your ebbs and flows of blogging, I’ve let mine go over the past 2 years with changes in life’s priorities but always feel like I want to reinvigorate it, reminding myself of the purpose for which I started.

  60. Congratulations on your blogaversery!!
    I actually just discovered instegram and i love it!! But blog posts are more informative.
    When I’m on instegram its usually to pass the time, and when I want to get inspired I read blogs.

  61. I don’t have an Instagram account so blogging is It for me! I think that I like blogging, because there aren’t updates every minute, so you can check in more rarely. Plus you can learn a lot more, and I like words.

  62. Congratulations! My blog is also turning 4 this year, and I’ve noticed a strong decline in my own posting rate recently. It’s partially due to my own life getting too busy for seeing and blogging regularly, but also because I have the feeling that my audience is shrinking (fewer views and comments). I’m still reading blogs, especially the Belgian blogosphere is still very vibrant.

  63. I read blogs but I DESPISE Instagram. I just hate it. It’s more trouble than I care to go through. Now it’s Snapchat and that’s even worse. UGH.

  64. Hahaha, you never know what catches the eye of people. I remember reading that fruit snack post and thinking yum.
    Yes, I still read blogs but its rare to fine one as lovely as yours. I think you have a way of speaking to people that makes reading your posts a pleasure. I have a few sewing blogs, a few card making ones, but they are mainly pretty pictures and no story. Which is why your blog is all the more special. I’m a big insta girl – way more fun than facebook.. I don’t follow many people, mainly sewers, cardmakers, and calligraphy gurus… and pumpkin the racoon and jimmy the bulldog.
    Thanks for the giveaway, its so lovely of you!

  65. Congratulations on 4 years of blogging. I do still read blogs, but noticed that a lot of the bloggers in my feedly have stopped posting or are posting less. I still love to read verypurple person, petite at petite and others…. I am about afraid of joining Instagram, I fear I might never get off the internet if I do!

  66. I just had to join the club & pin your fruit snack recipe too! As for blogs, I’ve noticed that most of the blogs I’ve started following a couple years back don’t even blog much anymore. Everything has turned to social media photos mostly. I kind of miss reading printed words. Thats one reason I like reading your blog- you keep me coming back for your stories, haiku’s, pictures & adventures.

  67. Congratulations on 4 years! I still love reading blogs and have been using Bloglovin. However I’ve just realised that bloglovin doesn’t show up in stats, and I wonder if that’s contributed in some part to the apparent decline in numbers reading blogs? I mostly read sewing blogs, a lot of sewing blogs! and I still try to comment when I can as I love the interaction on blogs, as well as Instagram. I just got my Love Sewing mag which has your origami cushion tutorial – I can’t wait to try it out!

  68. Congratulations on sticking with it for four years. That’s a determination that I haven’t managed. Instagram and blog reading are completely different for me, so I find it funny that people seem to convert from one to the other, but perhaps that because of what I’m looking for in a blog. I still read a lot of blogs, and tend to focus on one’s that teach me something, either crafty or a different point of view or book suggestions to read. Thanks for such a good question, reading through the comments now I have a whole new series of blogs to check out! Some I always check out, but haven’t been mentioned above, Mama’s Minutia (she’s maybe not what you think of when you hear Mennonite), Roobeedoo (living in the Scottish highlands), and Dove Grey Reader (wonderful book recommendations, some crafting–mostly quilting).

  69. I don’t really read any blogs regularly. Part of me thinks it’s because I do most of my browsing on a cell phone while I’m running after a toddler. That being said, I have no issue going to blogs from a link on Instagram or Facebook. Nothing makes me happier than visiting a blog that’s well made and doesn’t have a lot of pop up ads. Most of my blog visits are to sewing and cooking blogs. Happy Blog-birthday! I say if it makes you happy and it’s a creative outlet, you should never stop!❤️

  70. Congrats on 4 years! I read your blog, momastery, and Lin-Manuel Miranda’s twitter feed. Because all remind me of Khalil Gibran’s line: “Work is love mafe visible.” Thank you for sharing yours with us.

  71. I have a bunch of blogs that I read on a regular basis and am sad that some bloggers are doing less blogging and more on instagram. I have stayed away from instagram so far since I already feel too addicted to social media.

  72. Happy blog anniversary, Sanae! I feel so fortunate that somehow I stumbled upon your fledgling blog almost 4 years ago, and have since been inspired, entertained (you have the best stories!) and led to introspection on many topics. Most importantly, I now count you as friend and feel grateful to have spent time with you in “real life”:) Whichever way you decide to go with your blog, know that it has blessed many people’s lives already – and in the words of Paul Kalanithi – “that is an enormous thing.”

  73. Yes, I’m still reading blogs. I have a few that I check out in my spare time. A couple of mom blogs and a couple of craft blogs.

  74. Happy four years, Sanae! I love a good diagnostic quiz and I turned out to be a Rebel. Oh boy… explains a lot 🙂 Anyway, I still love blogs. I think IG is really good for showing off finished projects without too much detail, but nothing beats a beautiful and thought-out blog post. Nothing! And, I feel lucky to have met you through our blogs. (PS I am fortunate to have both of your books and my stash is at exactly the right size now, so you can leave me out of the giveaway!)

  75. Happy four years, Sanae! That’s commitment. I do still read blogs when I have the time, but I admit IG is where I go for a quick fix. If I find something interesting there, and it’s part of a blog post, I’ll click through to the post. I mean, IG can only give you a tiny bit of information, so posting is still important I think.

  76. Four years! I love blogs. My favorite, hands down, is the craft sessions. It’s great for talking about making in a different way.

  77. I had never read the fruit snack post either… guess I’m not one of the cool cats. 🙂 I still read blogs for sure. Some favorites are Soulemama, Fig & Me, Noodlehead, and Ikatbag.
    Thank you for the give-away as always.

  78. I just read your book and came to check out your blog. I obviously have a new coffee morning blog to add to my list . So fun to check out your ideas and thoughts. inspiration for me. Thank you for taking time to do it.

  79. That’s sooo random… fruit snacks! Haha! I’ll admit I’m here for the sewing 😉 I check on maybe half a dozen sewing blogs and that’s it these days. Otherwise the internet would consume me 😛

  80. Happy anniversary! I’m still reading blogs, but only sewing and a few cross stitch and knitting blogs.

  81. Congrats on four years. I still read blogs, I am a little bad at keeping mine updated

  82. Sanae, I just read your book and I love it. I think what you say about habits is so true. I often struggly to find time to create, I think i need to put more limits on my screen time. I love love love IG but sometimes it is easy to compare and be self critical after too much time on it.. I can scroll for hours and lose all my time. What I love about blog posts and why I still read them is that they have so much more soul and heart behind them. Most people don’t post more than a sentence on IG which can be more of an impersonal connection. Blogs allow indepth explorations of how tos or updates on daily life or things that we are into at the moment. I don’t think we will ever stop with blogs, even though there are so many other social media outlets out there. Blogging is more work compared to IG/Twitter/Snapchat but I think it is so much more rewarding and expressive. Thank you so much for your story and your craft. Keep creating!

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