Stay Curious


A little behind the scenes of one of the projects I worked on over the weekend. A dear friend of mine commissioned me for an illustration to give to her colleague, and I loved trying out different lettering styles. The colleague’s catchphrase is “stay curious,” which is a brilliant one.

I have two more illustrations, another quick translation assignment (this time I’m learning all about the art of sushi plating and presentation — so, so cool), and a craft tutorial all due pronto so I am trying my best to stay focused.

It’s funny how the moment I had a stretch of free time, a slew of requests came in. They all sounded so up my alley and so enjoyable that I had to say yes.

I may or may not be back this week. Focus. That’s my catchphrase for the interim. Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

4 thoughts on “Stay Curious

  1. I like “stay curious”! I also love “nourish obsession” when it comes to the interests of children. We always want our kids to be balanced, good at everything. But it’s not how our minds work.

    1. Ooh, “nourish obsession” is a good one too! I totally agree that our minds thrive when working on “obsessions” that feed us in positive ways. Thanks, Annelieke!

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