Happy Friday + Randomness


Happy Friday! The flowers. They’re just everywhere, eye candy galore. The winds and general elements are starting to pluck away at the magnolia and the cherry blossom petals, but tulips are overtaking the landscape. Seattle is at its height of floral beauty around this time of year. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.

A quick watercolor sketch today (hmmmm, as I’m looking at it, they blooms resemble campfire, do they not?), as I have some preparations ahead of me. My mom is coming next Tuesday, a new baby is joining our little townhouse complex (my neighbor is at the hospital delivering her baby as I type this) and I just feel the urge to freshen everything up.

It’s amazing what a few consecutive days of sunshine will do to boost the mood. I’m wishing you a beauteous weekend, my friends.

No April Fool’s here
Didn’t get the prankster gene
The other two did*

*M and K are both tricksters, so I better be on the lookout today!

P.S. Furoku members, #13 is heading your way tomorrow!!

4 thoughts on “Happy Friday + Randomness

    1. Happy Spring, Karen! So I ended up pulling a prank anyway because K begged and begged for one. I put cinnamon on her retainer (mmmmm, she said) and an ice pack in her pillow, which surprised her and we got a good laugh out of that one!

    1. So much going on these days! The baby is adorable (how is it possible that we were all that tiny at one point?) and I’m building up my mojo for cleaning — ugh. Not my favorite thing to do.

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