Effortless Baby Gift


Good morning! Our weekend was jam-packed with fun, and although I don’t have a whole lot to show for it (unless you count the dark circles under my eyes from trying to shift my schedule for Daylight Savings), I did make these sweet double-gauze blankets for a friend’s baby shower, just in time for the event on Sunday.


Fabric design has come a long way since K was a tiny tot. I was amazed by the choices available here (love these birdies), but I got these gender neutral fabrics that are perfect for swaddle blankets from here, and a yard and a half made for a very generous-sized baby wrapper for each design. I probably could have gotten away with just a yard.


I’m a pro at mitered corners now (this is a good reference video), and I love how soothing it is to sew these. Not much thought is required as it’s a lot of pressing and sewing straight lines — I get to zone out in a blissed out sort of way.


I’ve decided that from here on out, swaddle blankets are my go-to baby gift. Eternally useful, simple to make, totally satisfying and always well-received (especially when they find out they’re handmade!). What’s not to love?

8 thoughts on “Effortless Baby Gift

    1. Aren’t they spring appropriate? The baby is coming on March 31st (C-section), so I wanted something cheerful. Thank you, Asmita!

  1. We have both those fabrics in the store at which I work, and have made the exact same project to inspire customers. They only get better with washing and drying! You’re right – the quintessential baby gift!:)

    1. I have to find out which store you work at Lucinda! It must be such a nice one with a great fabric selection! And yes, these are perfect for swaddle blankets :-).

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