Valentine’s Round-Up


The other day, I was talking to a friend who needed a last minute Valentine’s card for her kids’ classes and I suggested my printables. I tried to search on this here blog and realized how terribly disorganized my categories are. Must do something to rectify that.

In the meantime, what with V-day coming up, I figured I could at least round-up the printables I’ve created. I’d completely forgotten about the word search one! Bookmarks seem to be my go-to; at least there’s a variety…If you too are looking for some down-to-the-wire options to spread some Valentine’s cheer, feel free to download away. I’ve included links to the original post, just because, but you can simply click on the images below to get the printables (it seems to work best to download the image onto your desktop by right-clicking and selecting the “Save images as…” option and print from there vs. trying to print directly from the browser).

Sweet Valentine Bookmarks:











Dinosaur Bookmarks:









Animal Bookmarks:









Word Search:


5 thoughts on “Valentine’s Round-Up

  1. These are so lovely, Sanae!! My daughters really love the dinosaurs – they’ve already said they want to keep some for themselves. Thank you for your generosity, and Happy Valentine’s!! <3

    1. I LOVE that your daughter is into dinosaurs. You obviously have very, very cool kids, Emi! Thank you and Happy Valentine’s Day!! xo

  2. Such adorable sharing goodness! The beauty of craft is in the making, as well as the sharing……you do both so beautifully!❤️

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