Merchant & Mills Rapid Repair Kit Giveaway! [CLOSED]


One of my favorite things to do during the book process was prop shopping. I love me some good props. Being the way that I am, however, let’s just say that I didn’t hold back and now I have a mountain of charming, photogenic items taking up a whole lotta space in my basement. Luckily, most of them are very small.


Like this tiny Merchant & Mills Rapid Repair Kit. “FIRST AID FOR CLOTHES”, it promises, and this approximately 3.25″ wide x 2.75″ high metal box contains teeny scissors, thread (black + white), needles, pins, a couple of buttons, safety pins and a tape measure.

I mean, really. How can you not love this? Since I have an extra kit, I thought it might be fun to offer it up as a giveaway. Perhaps you too have a soft spot for all things miniature and industrial chic?

To enter the giveaway, any comment would do, but I’ve been thinking about how I schlumped and dragged and resisted making the jeans when in reality, it was completely doable and enjoyable. Now I want to make 10 pairs. There are so many things that I do that with, big and small. Do you have a project or projects like that? Something that feels beyond your capabilities or too much work or just plain hard, but you know that if you took that very first step and saw it through to completion, you’ll be so excited and will find yourself proudly telling the mailman that you just completed your first pair of jeans? Okay, I didn’t tell the mailman, but I came close. Now that I’m feeling more comfortable with jeans-making, I’m noticing that I still feel that way about grown-up sized coats and in the non-sewing realm, entertaining — I’m quite intimidated by the idea of hosting dinner parties, though I have no problems having friends over for tea/coffee with snacks or even casual impromptu dinners (our neighbors come over for dinner all the time). There’s something about the “dinner party” that raises the bar and stresses me out. There’s a list about 15 miles long with additional stuff, but those are the two that came to mind first. And you?

I’ll keep the giveaway open until this Friday, January 22nd and will announce the winner on Monday. International entries are, of course, lovely. Good luck!

27 thoughts on “Merchant & Mills Rapid Repair Kit Giveaway! [CLOSED]

  1. I’m stil nervy about making jeans – largely because I’m wary about fabric choice, and picking something unsuitable. Outside of sewing I’m learning to spin & have so much to learn that it feels really hard currently – but hopefully not for long!

  2. So, twenty years went by before I finally took in my old sewing machine for a tune-up. I was sure I no longer knew how to sew, but I gathered the things I needed for Sonia Phillips’ Dress No. 1. I loved every minute of putting it together. That was in November, but I’ve made three more projects since then. This has made me unspeakable happy.

  3. I still have the Cone Mills Denim Kit I ordered last year to make Ginger jeans. It is sitting in my closet, in a box, along with the pattern, all printed but not taped. I even bought the ‘Sewing your own Jeans’ ebook over the holidays thinking finally I can start on my jeans. And yet I cannot will myself to start with this project. Perhaps Sanae’s success with her jeans will motivate me to work on mine. 🙂

  4. “Industrial chic” – great name to describe a style I never knew how to articulate. I seem to keep coming up against things that seem so hard to figure out, and then I force myself to learn it and later it seems so easy. Sewing with knits, using a double needle, figuring out what tracing a pattern involves. Currently, my challenge is to tackle sewing a bra. Never thought I’d do it, in part because figuring out how to source the notions was intimidating, then Blackbird fabrics had a sale of bra kits last week, and I ordered three!

  5. I’m always up for tackling any sort of craft, but knitting has been a real challenge for some reason. I’ve recently started to knit small wash cloths. Super simple knit/purl seed stitch. I just started one that has a border so I need to pay attention to what I’m doing a bit more. I’ve already torn my current wash cloth out once and starred over. I want to be comfortable with the whole process so I can move on to something larger and feel confident.

  6. Jeans was mine as well. And even though my first pair turned out a size too big I know that I can make jeans that look good and the fitting will come with practice. I also have the Grainline Archer pattern staring me down. I’ve made a button down for my son before and I’ve made a shirt dress so I know I can do it but again I think the fitting and all the tiny pieces are holding me back.

  7. This little sewing kit is so cute! I have the same fears concerning sewing: although I’ve sewn some children’s pants and jackets, and although I’ve bought (more than enough) fabrics for versions for myself, I keep choosing other projects first, just because I’m a little scared of trousers and coats for myself. But I’ve promised myself to make myself a coat in 2016!

  8. I’m afraid of sewing a coat with lining! I began three months ago to sew a coat from Burdastyle and is still in my dress form waiting for the dreaded lining…..The kit is so cute!

  9. I have been putting off making clothes for myself forever. I have made few thing long time ago and ever sine I have been scared. I am so worried I will be disappointed yet again. I am however convinced that noe I now more and it should turn out better 🙂 . My solution is always to have two projects and the I tend to at least work on the less daunting one. Maybe I should start two thing for myself and make sure one is scarier than the other.

    BTW I find hosting dinner parties is scary as well 🙂

  10. Button down shirt … And jeans too, but mostly button down shirt because I have so many fabrics set aside for this, and I wear button down shirt constantly but somehow I’m “afraid” to start …
    But I have promised myself that I WILL do it …
    Why waste time worrying and delaying when I can just do it and move on to the next thing … Sometimes, my “fear” does not make sense at all, I’m trying to be better at this …

    Thank you for the chance at the giveaway … 🙂

    1. Shirts really aren’t all that scary. I mean, fitting one might be some work, depending on your body type and the look you’re going for, but that’s true for just about any garment. Sewing a shirt really isn’t so bad. Yes, there are lots of pieces, and yes, you have to be somewhat precise for it to look good, but that’s all. Take it one step at a time, don’t rush the process—and you’ll have a shirt! (:

  11. Anything fitted. I find it so much easier to knit shawls rather than sweaters for that very reason. Ditto with any sewing project. Kids and babies ditto- no shape to worry about.
    I also feel the same way you do about dinner parties- major stress. Drop-ins welcome/planning=stress.

  12. That kit is so cute! I love the tiny scissors! (:
    My #1 “gah, too much work, don’t feel like it” project is the winter coat that I really, really need. I was going to make it last year, but no. And then I was going to make it this year, but … no, I guess? I’m just wearing wool sweaters and a leather jacket and hoping I’ll get by again. Totally not weather-appropriate clothing over here, but I’ll probably live—if shivering. (;

  13. Your giveaways are the BEST! I remember being afraid of sewing clothes. Now, it’s FINISHING the clothes (hemming, cutting threads). I could have an entire craft session by myself, with a bunch of almost-finished garments that I’ve made 😛

  14. My dragging the feet project is a well-fitting woven top. I have tried a couple of patterns and made one wearable one (and a couple that didn’t fit well. My problem is that I have wide shoulders. Almost all patterns go based on bust measurement and but that doesn’t work for me. I’ve tried sizing up and various sketchy fixes. I need to work out a proper fix. I can’t even get a proper sleeveless fit (though I have tried scout tees) but I long for a button up shirt that allows me ro raise my arms, lol (something that doesn’t seem to exist in rtw world). Though I’d be happy getting a perfect tank top as well 🙂
    Interestingly I have made successful pants (woven woollen fabric) for myself. Pants are so much easier to fudge!

  15. Procrastination … Hmmm… the winter coat with lining that I need to finish and learning how to use our industrial machine. It’s a beast and scares me. I’m exhilarated at the idea of making backpacks and purses but putting off using this machine. My husband sews and likes using it.

  16. I just want to try sewing something that fits, but get scared and go back to bags or something. Very cute tin!

  17. I think two things really: one sewing for me. I see all kinds of lovely patterns, things which tell in detail how to do what to do, but somehow it just intimidates me and I can’t bring myself to it. The second thing is (very different from first!) doing playdates for my 1.6 month old baby. I know I should do it once in a while at least to socialise him more, and possibly to meet parents with other younger babies. But somehow this idea of having babies and usually his/her parents over scares me a bit.

    Thank you for this lovely giveaway. I love all merchants and mills things! And *thank you* for this thought proving question. It’s a really good one.

  18. Bought a sewing machine a year ago with the intention to start making clothes for myself and my daughter. We even picked out fabric and patterns for a few projects and I attempted to muslin a bodice block. At this point it all came to a stand still and instead I made a quilt for my son’s 18th birthday, which took me nine months! The quilt somehow seemed less intimidating. Really need to get back to attempting to make an item of clothing!

  19. I’m still hesitant to sew any type of bottoms with a waistband or a zipper – skirt, shorts, pants, jeans. Got the patterns, the material, the notions so I’m all set to go. I just have a few more shirts and dresses to make….. :). I just started reading your blog and I’m so glad I found it! Thanks for the hosting the giveaway!

  20. There are so many things I am too afraid to sew – pants, jackets, knits, anything fitted, stuff for someone else (yes secret valentines day gift, I am stemmied by you)!

    Last week, I started tackling pants using a very simple pattern – no trouser placket, pockets or anything crazy, just an invisible zip. The muslin needs tweeking but is coming along better than expected. However, its set aside for the time being while I pack and move (never take up challenges singly!). Can’t wait to move and unpack and start the machine whirling again…. but gotta finish packing first!

  21. Definitely a winter coat when it comes to sewing…actually going through a funk where it’s hard to start or finish projects. And I am the same way with dinner party! Even if it’s just another couple..I do not know how to host officially. I am more of a “come over for coffee and I’ll make scones”..strange. Some people have a gift for hosting…i tend to only “host” people I am totally comfortable with.
    I love merchant and mills esthetic!

  22. Oh, being honest I am in awe of anyone who has made jeans! I have Closet Case File’s Gingers in my pattern arsenal but I am far too chicken to start. It’s not the construction that scares me so much as the fitting of them. Give me a quick win pencil skirt anytime! Cooking dinner for a load of people is fine by me, I don’t do anything posh enough for it to be a ‘dinner party’ but I can do good food for numbers! Ask me to speak in front of an audience though and I need to really talk myself into doing it – I guess I’m just happier in smaller groups!

  23. I’ve always dreaded sewing with knits, but this year I’ll take the plunge and just. do. it!

  24. I’m trying to finish minion bathrobes for my co-worker and my own son. I have all the material ready to go but haven’t had the time to start the 3rd one and finish the first two. They’re only missing the smile/smirk on their face! Thanks for hosting the giveaway.

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