Happy Friday + Randomness


Happy Friday! I’ve had an eventful couple of weeks, what with my car overheating and billowing smoke all over the highway and then losing my ipad — which is like an appendage of mine — so I was rather discombobulated. We’ve ended on a high note, however, because the car’s been repaired, the ipad returned (I left it in a cafe bathroom and someone was kind enough to turn it into the staff) and holy wow, the Secret Valentine Exchange!!!! We clocked in with over 180 participants!!! We think there may be a couple of dupes, so we’re cleaning up the list and are going to start matching folks up. It’s all very exciting.

I was also very happy to have completed a belated gift for a friend who had a little baby girl a few months ago. I painted a mini portrait and how cute is this panda fabric?

panda-blanket1It’s a lusciously soft cotton gauze from Japan, though it’s not Nani Iro or Kokka. The selvage didn’t give me much in the way of information other than COSMO TEXTILE CO. I checked out their website and was highly amused by their tagline of “Turning freshness into affluence…” At any rate, I got the fabric from here and all that really matters is that it’s darling. I got a yard and half and made it into a swaddling blanket.


I even busted out with some mitered corners (a bit wonky, yes, but still proud). I hope Baby E likes it!


Off to get my weekend started — there’s a basement in need of some purging. I’m all sorts of wild and fun. I hope you have a lovely weekend that has nothing to do with basements!

Secret Valentines
Ready and get set, we will
send you your partners*

*Expect to receive emails on Monday, January 18th. Due to some time differences, a few may carry over into the 19th.

4 thoughts on “Happy Friday + Randomness

  1. ooh, panda fabric in double gauze! I made my girl a tunic in peachy panda Cosmo Textile oxford cloth a few years ago. Will have to keep my eyes open for this, she’s about to outgrow it and the pandas are a favorite!

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