Happy Friday + Randomness


It’s that time of year when I go through all of my photos to assemble a calendar for my extended family (I’m using Artifact Uprising again since I loved their wooden clipboard calendars last year – they delivered within three days even though I chose the 7-10 day option, which was a nice surprise). Wading through my picture archive is no small feat since I take thousands and thousands of photos a year, and because I’m so sentimental, I get caught up in nostalgia. I may have even shed a tear or two from particularly intense memories. I came across the image above from Pike Place Market that I took last December and remember thinking, “I’m so glad I looked up — I never knew there were pigs up there!” I tend to get focused on whatever’s in front of me, so it’s refreshing to notice other perspectives.

It’s getting down to the wire…how are you all doing with holiday preparations? K is out of school for the next couple of weeks, so postings may get spotty as we plan on fully immersing ourselves in the holiday spirit.

Have a wonderful weekend, my friends — I’m off to gather baking supplies for some serious cookie concoctions!

Only a week left
for gift wrapping, sweets-making
‘Tis a good season

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