Pinafore + Bloomers Pattern on etsy!


Due to (sort of) popular demand, I’ve listed the digital pinafore and bloomers pattern on my (sort of) new etsy shop. The backstory of the shop: a few years ago, someone was interested in purchasing a print from me, so I quickly created a shop on etsy for that single sale, and then pretty much let it languish, unloved. I get requests for these patterns via email from time to time and have been doing this labor intensive PayPal workaround, and it finally hit me that I might want to make life easier for myself. I am not, as you can tell, very business savvy. [Update: since I’ve received several comments and emails regarding the sizing, it’s listed as 6 months to 18 months, which is a pretty big range, but the top especially is generously proportioned and I’ve had friends whose petite 2-year old could still wear it.]

For the last couple of months, I’ve been researching different online commerce options like Shopify and Squarespace and Woo Commerce, but you know, I figure I (sort of) already have the whole etsy thing set up, so why not roll with it?

Thank you to all the people who have been emailing me about the pinafore and bloomers! I hope you’ll stop on by my little shop — I’ll be adding other digital downloads and prints in the coming weeks!

10 thoughts on “Pinafore + Bloomers Pattern on etsy!

    1. Gah, I keep forgetting to include that info. Thanks for the reminder, Anna! I listed the sizing as 6 months to 18 months, just because the top is generously proportioned and a friend’s petite two year old could still wear it. 🙂

  1. These are adorable, especially in those cute fabrics! I can’t wait to see the prints that you add to your shop. I’ve been loving all the prints you have been posting to your IG account. <3

    1. I’ve totally missed the boat for the holidays, but I think I’ll be able to add a bunch of prints by the new year! So glad you liked the IG illos, Emi!!

    1. I actually sold those last year and received a lovely email from the grandmother who bought them that the outfits were well loved by baby and mom. 🙂 Thanks, Lucinda!

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