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Good morning! True to my word, I did a lot of relaxing this weekend and tried to get most of the holiday errands out of the way. I have a little bit of wrapping left to do and I’m feeling pretty good about this season. I hope you had a lovely weekend as well!

So I sewed a bunch of little stockings as gifts last year and meant to post about it and plumb forgot, so here I am a whole twelve months later with a simple tutorial. These are quick and fun to make. At some point, I’d love to make a wool and faux fur version…the floral print, by the way, is Cloud 9 Grey Abbey in Pearl. I’m not sure about the gold polka dots, but both fabrics were from here.

Here’s a loosey-goosey overview of what I did — I even added some watercolor illos!


1. Create a template for the stocking shape out of cardboard or paper. Mine was approximately 12 inches high and about 5 inches wide. Using the template, cut 2 pieces each of the outer fabric and lining fabric (the lining fabric will be folded over and will show). Also cut one piece of ribbon. Mine was about 7 inches.


2. Determine where you want to fold the top of the stocking. Fold the ribbon in half, and sandwich the folded side of the ribbon between the outer fabrics (right sides together). Just in case it’s not obvious, the grey/grey stripes indicate the wrong side. Leaving the top open, sew along the edge of the outer stocking with a 3/8-inch seam allowance. Repeat with the lining fabric, but instead of sandwiching a piece of ribbon, leave about a 3-inch opening on one side of the lining.


3. Clip curved parts of the outer and lining stockings. Turn the outer stocking right side out, then slip the lining with the wrong side facing out on top (the two stocking pieces will be right sides together). Line up the side seams, and sew all around the top with a 3/8-inch seam allowance.


4. Turn the entire piece right side out, pulling from the opening in the lining. Slip stitch the opening closed, and tuck the lining inside of the outer stocking. Press, fold over the top, make sure to pull out the loop, and done! It’s ready to be filled with goodies.

5 thoughts on “DIY Stocking

  1. super cute! and leave it to our super talented Sanae to illustrate her tutorial with watercolors – always a notch above, my friend! I still have a mountain of wrapping ahead of me, for both sides of extended family as well as the kids. Probably should be doing that instead of reading blogs!

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