Monday Outfit: Superhero K


Good morning! It was a weekend of highs and lows — shall we start with the lows? I had been looking forward to large chunks of sewing time, but it was not to be. Much to my dismay, I discovered that our basement was flooded and spent my allotted sewing time moving a large number of plastic bins and wiping down the the floor. Not fun.


On the bright side, however, our basement is now sparkling clean and I managed to finish K’s costume in time for the school event. We even got our photo shoot squared away in record time.


Remember her instructions? My one rule was that I wouldn’t buy any fabric for the costume because I simply cannot add any more to my already excessive pile, and I’m happy to report that I abided by my own rule with flying colors. The top, shorts and cape are all from my fabric stash, and I drafted them all myself.


K is in love. We hauled ourselves to Fred Meyer (sort of like Target here in Seattle) and found the mask, belt, boots and fingerless gloves. I had actually been planning to make the gloves, but at $1.49 a pair, handmade gloves seemed pointless.


M conceded to model for the photo shoot as well. They’re so funny.


I had to redo the tie to the cape twice because the sparkly ribbon I used initially was too itchy, and then I found the perfect strip of faux leather and it was a done deal. This is a virtually no-sew cape made out of some shiny black knit and I watched this youtube video to construct it (the sound quality of the video isn’t great, but his instructions were very clear and I had a cape in 15 minutes).

In fact, I didn’t finish any seams, nor did I hem the shorts, so this costume came together ridiculously fast. The part that took the longest was the “K” stencil, only because we had to wait for it to dry.

At Fred Meyer, we got one more thing:


And yes, K did wear the whole get-up including the wig to the school event. Her friends squealed with delight when they recognized her after the initial confusion.


To me, she looks like one of those troll dolls, though I think these photos are super fun:

superherok10 superherok11

She’s all set for Halloween 2015! On the actual day, she’s going trick-or-treating with one of her best buddies outside of our neighborhood, followed by a special Hallow’s Eve sleepover. M and I may actually have a date night!

My sweet girl – she absolutely adores her costume and it’s these sorts of moments that make me so happy that I sew.


P.S. The winner of the giveaway is Ksenia, congrats!

13 thoughts on “Monday Outfit: Superhero K

  1. I am also happy that you sew!!! This is pushing the superhero into originality. We do not know who she is or what her powers are!! The true mystery of Halloween. I love it so much. And K is her usual fabulous model self.

    1. Haha! In my exhaustion from cleaning up the gross basement floor, I’d forgotten to include her superpowers, though come to think of it, in the excitement of the wig, we all totally forgot about the utility belt which was supposed to have her secret weapons :-). Thanks, Greta!

    1. What an awesome site, I love it! Thanks for the link, Anneke! Love the juxtaposition of the drawn heroes with the actual costumes on the girls. It makes me want to draw Super K! 🙂

    1. Isn’t it wild? Of course, I knew that she would pick the boldest, most colorful wig available – I myself was rooting for a more demure pink, but nooooo. It definitely took the costume to the next level! 🙂

  2. Super awesome!! Love the wig, maybe we should get to Freddy’s to see if they have one on sale. And Em just got a pair of fuscia fingerless gloves there too! Yes! Gotta love it.

    I love that about sewing too – kids can make up the weirdest, craziest costumes, and we can make their dreams come true.

    1. I didn’t know you guys had Freddy’s too! K would have loved fuscia fingerless gloves but we didn’t see any. Hope you had a wonderful Halloween, Kristin!

  3. Hallo, I am from Holland, a small country in Europe. I love to look at your website. I enjoy the sewing ideas you show and love your materials. It has always made me extremely happy to look at ,and feel material, and experience the colours. I have sewn all my life and ,at this time in my life enjoy sewing and knitting for my 7 grandchildren. Thank you for your enspiring mails. Mrs. Jacqueline de Bonth

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