Giveaway: Cute Fall Fabrics! [CLOSED]


Good morning! So. The first order of business now that the book is 99% done (at least in my mind) is absolutely critical: cleaning. I am, by nature, a neat and tidy person, but for the last few months I’ve really let the house go to pot. It’s ugly, folks.

The disarray has been steadily driving me crazy and probably had some impact on my productivity, but I tried my very best to choose taking care of my health via food and exercise and spending time with people over laundry or vacuuming when I wasn’t working. I made dinner most nights, dishes got done daily and bills got paid on time, so I felt like a champion despite the ever-increasing dust giants.

It’s a huge relief to finally tackle the mess. I’m planning yet another massive purge, and I’m getting my feet wet with a little bit of fabric elimination. I have about a yard of the adorable animal print flannel above and according to the selvage, it’s “Urban Flannel by Valori Wells for Free Spirit.” The scale of the print is quite large, and I think this would make a lovely baby blanket.


I also have about a yard of this darling floral corduroy that I purchased at JoAnn’s several years ago. I meant to sew up a back-to-school, first grade dress for K, but I had opted to go with polka dots instead and forgot all about this corduroy until yesterday. I figure that if I haven’t felt compelled to sew with it for 3 years, it’s unlikely to ever happen.

Anyone interested? To enter the giveaway, I’d love to hear about something you’re proud to have accomplished. It could be something seemingly small (unloading the dishwasher this morning, say) or something admittedly massive (climbing Mount Everest, perhaps?). All accomplishments should be celebrated, don’t you think? I obviously feel extremely proud and elated to have reached this point today, and I can’t tell you how appreciative I am of all the wonderfully encouraging comments, emails, pattern testing help, care packages, and so much more that I’ve received over the last year as I plodded away at the book. But making a dent in the gargantuan laundry pile in the last week has felt just as significant. Maybe that’s weird, I have no idea.

The giveaway will stay open until this Friday, October 23rd, and I’ll announce the winner on Monday. Internationals entries are always welcome! Good luck!




20 thoughts on “Giveaway: Cute Fall Fabrics! [CLOSED]

  1. I am just proud of how my husband, my exhusband and me all together take care of our kids. How we have to make everything around us better for our kids to have the best

  2. I am proud of the purse I made yesterday. I have been planning it for weeks, deciding where pockets should go and which type. I finally just bit the bullet yesterday and made it. It isn’t perfect and there were lots of seam ripping moments, but I think it will suit all my needs perfectly! 🙂

  3. I’m proud that I almost finished writing my first book! It’s a book about crochet and I am almost done. I need to identify the photo’s and put them in the right places and then it is off to the editor. I’m so excited!

  4. I am proud that I cut out the pattern for my little one’s Halloween costume yesterday. Let the sewing begin!

  5. Two weeks ago I went back to work (secondary teaching) after 16 months of maternity leave. It’s been very challenging, difficult work, compounded by my own children missing their mummy. I’m proud that I’ve been able to prioritise, and am not berating myself for not being able to do everything. I’m super proud of also making my first Nani Iro double gauze dress!

  6. I understand! Hurrah for celebrating the big and not-so-little achievements!
    My most recent accomplishment was this weekend. I went on a road trip by myself and drove to new places through cities and I found all my friends and made it there and back again safely.
    As I begin to purge and sort through things thanks for the reminder its the little stuff that needs celebrating!

  7. I finished nursing school this June and am just finishing my orientation at my first job. I’m feeling super proud (and really nervous)!

  8. I finished all my obligations for the market so that I am eligible to be in the market next year. I am also thrilled that my donations are done!

  9. I am just proud of my little family, my husband, our four kids, and I. Being a parent is hard, whether you have 1 kid, or more than 1 kid. Being a wife is hard. But we all stick together and its been so rewarding. 🙂 Thanks for the fun giveaway.

  10. I finished Halloween costumes for both of my kids. I just need to work on the little accessories to make their costumes complete. Now I just need to take pictures of them in their complete outfit.

  11. I love this fabric! Would be really cute as jeans on my daughter. My recent accomplishment was 4 hours Saturday night in my kitchen prepping meals! I made 2 pizza bases, pizza sauce, 3 salads, hard boiled eggs, apple sauce, tomato soup, and divided up some marinated meat for the freezer!

  12. I overslept this morning, didn’t have time for my shower and didn’t really get any work done this morning either (been reading blogs) , so far I don’t feel I have much to be proud about for today… This weekend I did finish a huge pile of laundry and I figured out a way how to sew an exposed lace zip on a bag… (made a welt pocket)…

    I do love this fabric though, both are really cute! 🙂 Thanks for the generous giveaway.

  13. Perhaps my greatest achievement would be homeschooling my three children all the way k through high school and now one has finished college and the other two are in their last year of college.

  14. I’m proud that we’re instilling a love of reading in our two little ones. The older one hasn’t started reading on his own yet, but is happily listening his way through book three of the Narnia Chronicles. And he was hooked on an illustrated, young adult version of The Odyssey this summer. Not too shabby for a first grader. The younger one loves Pete the Cat and Clifford the Big Red Dog. It’s cute hearing him “read along” considering he’s only recently formed his own multi-word sentences.

  15. I hardly participate in competitions or even in extra-curricular activities but in 4th grade I won a silver medal in my school’s taekwondo competition. And its been one of my greatest achievement so far.

  16. I have a hard-earned easygoing relationship with my husband’s parents, who have been visiting us this week. I am proud of that, and have appreciated watching my daughter love them up.

  17. You ask such good, challenging questions. I love reading what everyone is proud of. I am proud that I have started doing date night in and am making yummy food for my man just because on a regular basis.

  18. I am proud that I have made three beautiful, kind, caring, smart, and loving daughters who I get to sew for!

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