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Today, we have a guest post by none other than K! Take it away, sweetie:

hey everyone! this is k here. this year has been tough because all my friends are away! my neighbor just moved. which is sad to me! 🙁 but my summer has been pretty awesome anyway! being filled with fun stuff like my bday party which could have been the most awesome thing this year! i have been going to coding camp this week and i am the only girl (except one other girl who is in a different group) i just came back from camp! i hope your summer has been as awesome as mine! bye!


Isn’t her enthusiasm for life effervescent? We obviously have a penchant for the word “awesome” in our family…at any rate, I just love how intently she’s concentrating on writing up the blog post. So awesome.

Well, that’s it folks. Even though we technically have three more weeks of summer left, it already feels like the end. We’re going to make the most of these last carefree days, mark my words. K has no other camps and we are going to laze about and enjoy each other’s company as we prepare for the new school year. I’m still restoring my sewing area which I had to dismantle for the birthday party, but there will be some sewing — I’m hoping I can finally convince K to try her hand at my beloved craft. There will be picnics. There will be lots and lots of trips to the library and hours of reading (while on picnics, I hope). Possibilities of goodness ahead.

Happy Friday, all
August is swiftly ending
Time to think of Fall

9 thoughts on “Happy Friday + Randomness

  1. Hi K, Loved your post! I am glad that you are having such a great summer. I enjoyed your Mom’s pictures of you and Bachan. And you are a wonderful model! Greta Clark

  2. Hi K! Sounds like you’re having a great summer (aside from the friends being away part – I know you’ll find new buddies when school starts though!!). Coding camp sounds super cool!

  3. How fun to read your very first blog post, K! Thanks for the fun update on your summer – sounds like it was a good one:) Your mom and you certainly came up with a creative birthday party this year – I’m sure it was the highlight for the girls who attended as well!
    Sanae, I hope these last weeks of summer vacation (a bit jealous – we’re finishing up our first week back at school already) are restful, relaxing and full of making good memories (picnics! reading!) with K. Enjoy!

  4. Love K’s post! We are finishing up our first week back at school today…so early and so fast, it totally caught me by surprise.

    Enjoy your last few weeks, days, and hours of summer vacation.

  5. K- It sounds like you got to do lots of cool stuff this summer. I told my 6 year old daughter about skateboarding camp and she thought it sounded like the coolest thing ever. Enjoy the rest of summer!

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