Happy Friday + Randomness


Happy Friday! So, yesterday marked the third year of this little virtual notebook/sketchbook of mine. Three years that whisked right on by, full of surreal and life-altering changes, the whole nine yards. My thoughts are still very much aligned with what I pondered for my second “blogiversary” here (why, oh why are there so many unpalatable words associated with blogs, including the word “blog”??)

I’ve decided to do something different and will take two weeks off from here. My mom is coming on Sunday, I’ve got a huge deadline on August 3rd, two birthday parties to plan (M’s and K’s), and I want to spend some time away from here to see what ideas bubble up as I ease into the fourth year of blogging. It’s my summer vacation from all things online to reconnect with people and tactile, physical stuff.

I will, of course, miss you and will be sorely tempted to post something because I’m an incorrigible creature of habit, but this feels like a good thing to do. I have visions of a recharged, refueled, much more relaxed me.


Bon voyage, adieu
Wish you a lovely two weeks
Back on August third

P.S. I will post two months’ worth of income information the week I return…

P.P.S. Furoku #5 will go out as scheduled at the end of the month-ish, and if I get my act together, I’ll finally get the sign-up button on the sidebar!

14 thoughts on “Happy Friday + Randomness

    1. Thanks so much, Greta! It’ll be mostly heads down getting the book done, but it’s always nice to have one less thing on the to-do list :-).

    1. Thanks Jenny! I know that I’ll be itching to write/post something out of sheer ritualistic habit (and because I love it), but it’s very clear that I have to focus or this book may never get done!

  1. Have a lovely holiday! The weather here at the moment is quite perfect, not too hot yet. I hope it is/will be the same for you. Enjoy!

    ps I think of you enjoying the holidays lounging in those two new dresses of yours!

    1. The weather’s been amazing!! K and her friends have been playing outside and it feels truly like summer! 🙂 The handmade clothes are getting a lot of use and are just right for these balmy, beautiful days.

  2. Have a wonderful and restoring time my friend! This sounds like a good idea. I will have my vacation in August and I am also looking forward to some time offline! Enjoy the time with your mother and the celebrations with K and M! Xoxo

    1. I think you mentioned that Greece wasn’t happening this summer — I hope you have somewhere equally wonderful planned for your vacation, Ute! I’m up to my eyes with to-do lists and I’m going to be the most relaxed person after August 3rd! Thank you 🙂

  3. If I’m not giving away too much there may be a first lost tooth at our house in the next few weeks. All very excited, and excited for your book. Have a nice vacation in reality land!

    1. Thank you, Shelley! That first lost tooth is such a thrill, isn’t it? I found a box full of K’s and I have to say that they’re not the prettiest things to behold (especially all together), but it makes me marvel at the human body’s ingenuity!

  4. Three years you’ve been blessing your adoring readers with your creativity, wit and memorable stories. Happy anniversary!! Finding your blog counts among the best things to have occurred for me via the Internet.
    Glad you’re taking some time off and focussing your time and energy on enjoying your Mom’s visit and birthday celebrations. Oh – and of course the book! Best of luck with meeting your Aug. 3 deadline . . . with each deadline the reality of the book becomes more exciting. Can’t tell you how excited I am to see it offered for pre-sale!

    1. Aw, you’re the sweetest, Lucinda! I sometimes think I always wind up in the same workaholic mode and keep re-learning the same lessons. I question my brain functionality often…but enough of that, and THANK YOU for the support, the many exchanges, and the general awesomeness you bring to my life!

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