Monday Outfit: Reversible Coat + Knit Dress with Bow

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We are in full vacation mode around here. Wake up time: 10:30am. Hair: unbrushed. Moods: swinging all over the place. This was one of our more challenging photo shoots and I’m afraid K’s rat’s nest hair is the main focal point. We started out on a good note (see the smile? there’s another one coming up below). Then things devolved quickly and you would think I was putting her through Chinese torture the way she whinged. My ambitions to finish up the 2012 handmade wardrobe with a bang-up series of photos was crushed. The pattern is loosely based on a dress from this book.

That wand she’s holding is from a science experiment kit Santa brought her. So much wizardry – she loves it.

Ah, but the dress is pretty cute, right? It’s made out of this cool knit fabric that is the palest grey on one side, and black on the other. I added a chevron patterned grosgrain ribbon as an accent at her waist. I was going for an entire reversible ensemble, but the black side doesn’t look as good.

The reversible coat is SO cute, but these photos don’t do it justice. I was distracted by the pouty lips and lost focus while shooting.

Rat’s nest. I can’t even call it charming bedhead. That is just wrong.


The plaid is a brushed cotton, I think? I really need to get better about keeping track of fabric types and manufacturers. I have an embarrassingly large stash and quickly forget from where/how much/what the fabrics were.

This is the first fully reversible garment I’ve made, and I’m pretty excited about it. The deep purple side is some kind of stretch poplin, I believe. I basically made two versions of the hooded coat from this book and stitched them together.


And I’m wondering…three days ago, K lost one of her front teeth and her wisdom teeth are growing in. This could possibly account for the mood swings. Or maybe too much sugar. Or too much attention from Grandma. Who knows.

Anyway, that’s a wrap! I clocked in with 39 handmade clothes for K (40 if you count the to0-tight-skinny-pants).  Stay tuned for 2013 creations – there will be tons of kiddie clothes to be sure, but I am going to venture into adult clothes…for me! I am notoriously camera shy, so this is WAY out of my comfort zone, but you’ll be seeing my mug pop up here and there. Grown-up clothes take me much, much longer to make so they won’t show up quite as often or regularly, I think.

Thank you, you lovely lovely readers for stopping by my little blog and leaving such heartening comments. You’ve made 2012 extra special for me and I hope to return the favor with fun and creative posts in 2013! Things might be a little spotty as I gear up for the art show in the next couple weeks (and the husband said something about changing servers and slices and I stopped listening after he started talking about some doodad called a database transfer), but by the end of January, I will be going full-force, I promise!

P.S. I updated the 2012 recap post to include these items :-)

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