Happy Friday + Randomness


Happy Friday! How awesome is that shot of K up there that’s on our fridge? She partook in an all-girls skateboard camp last week and loved it so much, she wants me to sign her up for another camp session. I would have never guessed that this would be the sport of choice for my girl (my heart may not be able to handle it — she can now “drop-in” from the highest ramp and I have my eyes partially covered as I watch her glide down smoothly then do a “kick-turn”). “Mama,” she tells me, “I think I can be really good at this.” I was afraid of that, but I’m all for trying things out.


We’re oozing all over the place like melted popsicles in this heat wave, and though our basement has been a lifesaver, it’s not the most pleasant place to sleep. We’ve been calling it “indoors camping”. I am thoroughly ready to get my weekend started, how about you? I’m wishing you a wonderful one filled with cool breezes and fizzy drinks!

See you on Tuesday
I will be posting just twice
Deadline time again*

*I’m currently working on a project that I’ll post next Tuesday, so I’ll be skipping Monday. I also need to hunker down for the final two weeks of July to get book #2 in tip top shape, so postings may be a little less consistent over the next few weeks.

P.S. I’ll be at Kinokuniya’s tomorrow from 2-4pm for a book signing and presentation / watercolor demonstration. Hope you can make it if you’re around!

P.P.S. I didn’t take the photo! Credit goes to Marshall, who runs the skate camps.



14 thoughts on “Happy Friday + Randomness

  1. Skateboard camp sounds so cool!!! Does she have any friends that skateboard, or is this a thing she’s doing all on her own? We got one for E for her birthday but she hasn’t really taken to it yet; she probably needs some lessons from K. 😉

    Have a great weekend! Looks like it’s going to be cooler, woohoo!

    1. It’s so much cooler, I’m loving it Krisitn! K is skateboarding pretty much on her own though she’s tried to get her friends into it. K started with casual lessons (we live close to a cool indoor skatepark) so I highly recommend doing that with E :-).

    1. I’m all nerves, Asmita! Though I have to admit that she makes it look pretty easy until she suddenly falls and then I panic. Thank you!

    1. It was such a fun (and hilarious) reading, Lynn! I’ll have to share what happened before I forget, 🙂

  2. Your daughter looks pretty adept in that photo. Is she usually the athletic type? I don’t know what I’ll do if my son chooses skateboarding when the time comes. Then he’s going to find out that his dad can’t even stand up on one.

    There’s a lot to be said for basements. In most basements, there aren’t many picturesque window views or high end electronics to distract you. They’re great little workshops. And if your basement is dank enough you can use them to escape from the in-laws, because none of them will voluntarily enter such a dark, dingy place.

    I’m *really* interested in your writing process because unlike pretty much all the writers I’ve talked to, you actually complete books. Do you write for X amount of minutes per day, at a given time? Or do you dedicate most of your book creation time to artwork? There’s hundreds of books out there that talk about ‘the process’ and they sell pretty well. At the rate you’re going, you’ll be more than qualified to write such a book soon.

    1. Haha, basements have a multitude of benefits, Paul! 🙂 K really hadn’t expressed much interest in any kind of physical activity until skateboarding (we tried soccer, gymnastics, ballet/dance). We’re all a little boggled by this.

      And how nice of you to ask me about my writing process! It makes me feel all official. The children’s book was very different from the current craft book that I’m writing so I don’t know if I have a “process” per se. I do, however, write every day whether it’s for a book or not. In that regard, blogging and book-making feel very second nature to me, though I wouldn’t say they’re effortless. I think I’d feel too presumptuous writing a book about writing! 🙂

  3. I’ve lived in a damp basement for nine months and the only thing I miss is the temperature… But not living in a damp basement anymore was well worth it.

    K looks awesome! Skateboarding is one of those things i always thought were really cool, but I was too much of a chicken to try.

    1. Luckily our basement isn’t damp but it’s very creepy since it’s on.y partially finished. I’m too chicken to try skateboarding too! I watched a documentary about the top skateboarders and without exception they’ve all broken major bones. I try not to think about that when I watch K on her board. Thank you Anneke!

  4. Did you take that photo, Sanae? Such a cool angle! And I really loved the juxtaposition of the feminine white top with the toughness of the skateboard: the two sides of your awesome K! I have no doubt that she will succeed at this, and many other ventures in life. Her parentage has something to do with this:)

    1. I didn’t actually take the photo — I should properly credit Marshall, one of the proprietors of the skatepark. If nothing else, skateboarding is giving her huge street cred and I love to see the reactions of the tough skater dudes when they see K on her board. 🙂 thanks, Lucinda!

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