Linen, Wool, Cotton Kids Giveaway [CLOSED]


Good morning! I thoroughly enjoyed a low-key weekend and I hope you had a great one too.

I didn’t do much other than eat, it seems. I grazed from one meal to the next, and the best part was that I didn’t cook at all and felt very pampered indeed. Although I squeezed in a tiny little bit of sewing, the weekend was all about hanging out.

My UFO pile seems to be shrinking a tad and my plan is to show you a finished item or two next week, but I acquired the English version of one of my favorite Japanese Sewing books and wanted to do a little giveaway for today. This book is particularly meaningful to me because it’s the one that launched my handmade wardrobe craziness three summers ago. I made this dress, and the sweat-inducing difficulty and the simultaneous exhilaration are still visceral.

Ooh La La Dress

And I kept making things from this book.

Same pattern, different fabric:

pinkdress_1A brown and silver combo:

A starry indigo top:

starryblouse6The Bubble Dress:


Jodhpur pants:


Sashiko Pullover:


Patch-sleeve Jacket:



Capelet 1:



Capelet 2:


Coat Dress


Fluttery Top:


Wow, I’ve never compiled all the outfits I’ve made from a single book before. I obviously had a lot more time back then. I remember how I loved the creative freedom I used to feel, and I can see that I really tried a lot out in the spirit of experimentation. Even though I’ve scaled back on the styling and propping (and the sewing), I do think my photography has improved with time, and it’s nice to see progress.

Anyway. If you’d like to enter the giveaway for this oh-so-special book, please leave a……hmmm, it’s getting harder to come up with questions. I just had a memory flash of a dinner with friends a while ago, and the topic of color therapy came up. Have you heard of it? It’s the utilization of light and colors to restore desired “balance”, be it physical, mental, emotional, etc. It sounds like it’s considered pseudo science, bordering on woo-woo. I admit that I don’t really understand it, but the conversation turned to how the diagnosis part of color therapy is as follows: you are given a multitude of colored papers to choose from (it makes me think of paint chips) and are asked to select the colors you’re drawn to the most and arrange them on a larger sheet of paper. My friends and I discussed which colors we would gravitate towards and that was fun and very enlightening. Whether color therapy works or not, I’m a big believer in the power of colors and their effect on my moods and general state of being. For my colors, I chose grey, blue, white, cream, and dusty, chalky hues you would see in French countryside homes like the bluish-greenish-greys and muted pinks. So my question is this: which colors are you most naturally drawn to?

The giveaway will stay open until this Friday, June 19th, and I’ll announce the winner the following Monday. Entries from around the world are more than welcome. Good luck!

61 thoughts on “Linen, Wool, Cotton Kids Giveaway [CLOSED]

  1. What a lovely collection of clothes! My little girl would love each and every one.
    I’m drawn to soft blues, creams and greens. The colours of the Loire Valley and it’s chateaux. I once purchased carpet by telling the salesperson I wanted the colour of French cornfields in June. It took the digging out of lots of samples, but we found it in the end. That carpet made me happy each and every day…it transported me on even the wettest, dullest days.

  2. Nice to see all the projects from one book!
    I’m drawn to muted colors; blue, grey, aubergine purple, petrol, bottle green. Also a lot of dusty, grayish colors. I try my best to make clothes for my kids with more happy colors though!

  3. you really have sewn up a lot from that book! My oldest daughter would love the capelets!

    I have a hard time picking out what colors I like. I get drawn towards one, then change my mind & go to something else, then usually in the end I don’t like what I picked out . Very indecisive. I drive myself nuts!

  4. Neutrals for the home….although I never realized this before! When I’m out shopping (more like browsing), I like color, and I like when other people use color, but I could live in a sea of neutrals. So soothing.

  5. Whow! What a bunch of creations out of one single book!
    I can hardly imagine I’d do better but I’ll participate anyway 😉

    Colors for me are attached with stages in my life.
    Nowadays I go for white, powder pink, mint green and fluo orange!

  6. What a beautiful collection of clothes, it’s amazing that they’re all from one book …
    Thank you for doing the giveaway …
    Colors I’m drawn to … Let’s see, I look better in white but I’m always gravitated towards off-white/ivory color. Which is kind of odd, because I’d never think my favorite color is white, but for some reasons I don’t understand white always drawn me in …

  7. i love greys and blues and bluey greys. with white and a splash of red… a good, pure, fire engine red. waiting for my girl to come out of her pink phase!

  8. Your projects from the book are stunning…what a stylish and effortless bunch! I’m drawn to kelly green and various pinks…fuschia etc, not so much the pastels. And royal blue too sometimes. That said, it’s funny how my closet (raw and sewn) doesn’t reflect that much! ;). Thanks so much the the chance!

  9. what a great collection you have made and i do like the posing in the jodhpurs! i love all colours but i am particularly drawn to sea/teal greens and blues but i also love a flash of red.

  10. I love the colors of citrus because they really lift my mood. Maybe nature had that in mind since a lot of citrus is in season in the winter when other colors aren’t always as visible?

  11. I never outgrew my love for all things pink. I do not wear it, do not decorate my house with it, do not force other people to wear it, but I love it. I knit with it any chance I get and these are always the projects that get finished first! The clothes from this book look so professional and beautifully finished–I love the muted striped two piece one so much.

  12. I love seeing all the clothes from one book in the same blog post 🙂
    I am always drawn to white and black. And blues, especially indigo, but no perwinkle or turquoise or chambray (the last one seems too gray to me). I also love some greens, mossy woodsy ones but I find that green as fabric is often hard to match, garment fabrics are rarely in good greens.
    At home I have greens and blues in my bedroom as they are calming colors. And a red sofa in the living room because it makes me happy 🙂

  13. I go for all shades of gray, black and blues. But sewing for my daughter makes me seek out pink and purple to try to increase likelihood of her interest!

  14. Hello! What a beautiful compilation! I enjoyed seeing all those makes again. And oh how I would love to own the brown and sliver combo! I think my favorite colors are very obvious – so I will tell you that I am suddenly and inexplicably drawn to yellow. Maybe it means I need more sunshine in my life 😉 I am fantasizing about a yellow backpack and yellow sandals! I would love to win the book, it has always been one of my favorites.

  15. What an amazing looking book! I am always drawn to shades of blue and green in clothing, but also in our house greys and whites as I think they are very calming.

  16. Although orange is my favorite color, I’m always drawn to much more calmer, neutral colors. All shades of gray, navy blue, and brown are my favorites right now.

  17. I kid you not: just a few weeks ago I checked this book out of the library and said to self, “I wish Sanae had a blog entry where she showcased all the outfits made from this book”. Lo and behold – you heard my yearning from afar! I’ve only used the wonderful skirt pattern thus far and the book is back at the library = so how fun it would be to have my own copy! So as for colors that I’m attracted to: grey, white, teal and indigo. Cool colors and neutrals. Once in awhile I like to throw a pop of color in (orange lately), but the afore-mentioned four are tried and true:)

  18. Beautiful garments and is increadible that they are from the same book! I think I sewed one or two garments from each of my books. I had never heard about the color therapy but I think that colors influence and reflect our state of spirit. my favorite colors are dark, black, navy, gray.

  19. Oh you are truly inspiring with all those clothes! I am drawn to grey, blue, ivory, dusty rose and brown!

  20. I can’t believe that all those flipping awesome patterns came from one book! Unreal! If I don’t win I’ll have to buy it anyway, I’m in love! L

  21. Funny you should ask, I just noticed through my Me-Made-May experience that most of the clothes I have made are blue! I also love grey in all its’ varieties, dusty rose, teal and coral.

    Thanks for sharing

  22. Oh dear, black! Always sophisticated though, And my ginger daughter looks rawther stunning in it!

  23. Sea green, dusky purple, and teal. Almost all of my clothes are the first two:) Also, peach, coral, and tangerine. Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  24. I’m always drawn to blues and turquoise – maybe something to do with the sea? x

  25. You’ve made so many sweet clothes from that book!

    I gravitate towards bright greens and blues. I don’t know much about color therapy but in a nursing class I took ages ago we talked about chakras/ energy fields and the colors associated with each.

  26. Love that bubble dress! I find that I am drawn to wildly different colours, depending on my mood (and probably an over-load in my poor introverted brain). I’ve identified most strongly with very saturated, moderately dark blues, purples and teals for the vast majority of my life, but am suddenly kind of obsessed with a very specific bright, rich raspberry pink (somewhat to my own horror; I’ve been a passionate pink-hater for … well, since I was about 4). When quizzed lately (as I so often am, with a three year old in tow), I (somewhat bemusedly) say that my favourite colour is grey. It’s such a departure from my long-held love of saturated jewel tones that I find myself wondering if it’s a need for tranquity (in short supply-see above three year old), or if years of devoted reading of your (much loved) blog has shifted my own aesthetic without my realizing it.

  27. Color theorists such as Faber Birren have studied color theory and psychology for decades. Companies such as Pantone, the military and even fast food restaurants use their research. And it may not cure cancer but your hospital room painted in a “restful color” might help your anxiety a bit. A hundred years ago or so (just ask my grandkids how old I am) when I was in college I had a part time job as an art teacher’s aid. We did a test with paint chips and it was amazing. The boy who had 7 siblings chose grey as his favorite color. The class “rock star” liked red. The girl who smiled all the time picked yellow. There are exceptions to every rule I am sure but after that I was a believer. My favorite is blue, like a clear blue sky. And your give away is very generous as always but I have that book, so please don’t include my name.

  28. Not an original thought but I loved seeing all of the projects from the same book together!
    I’m going through a massive grey phase right now, but my favorite colour is actually pink! I went through a phase of avoiding it because it can be a very young colour but it just made me too happy to give up 🙂

  29. What a fun post! Wonderful to see those outfits on your fabulous model all together!:)

    My colors, the ones I’m drawn to, keep changing as I get older. But some remain, and the most constant is a dusty slate blue, ocean-like, and like Kathryn above as well, pink and shades thereof. I love the Farrow and Ball books, can’t afford the paints but those colors make me sing, especially the beautiful neutrals which in my forties, I would have hated. but 65 yo brings different kinds of moods and tastes. My favorite…Brinjal.

  30. I’ve not heard of it, but I am mostly drawn to greens. My eyes are green, so I tend to find green looks best on me.

  31. I’m definitely drawn to a mix of candy bright colors with neutrals like cream, gold, or grey. I think that they play together well.

    As for your makes from the book — so amazing. I hope my own daughter sports a wardrobe like that in the future!

  32. Lovely projects and book. I love oranges, pinks, maybe even yellows and reds. Sunshine and happy flowers!

  33. Yellow. Bright, sunshiny yellow. Can’t wear it, though. Looks terrible with my skin. But I am always drawn to it. I always include it in artwork and push kids to use it for backgrounds and things. And as an aside, most kids don’t want to use yellow for things. Whenever we pick colors for things- like construction paper for a collage or even which pair of scissors to use- yellow is always the last color left. Maybe that’s why I like it so much. I always root for the underdog :)-

  34. Like you I am also drawn towards grey, blue and chalky pinks – especially in clothing and fabrics. But I do love a pop of bright yellow or red!

  35. All those props! Funny how our blog photography changes over time. The photos are all gorgeous and it’s nice to see you knick knacks as well as K and the lovely sewing! This is a book I’ve always thought to buy but never got around to having. It’s nice to see a few garments from the one book all at once like this.
    Colours? Well I’m a very rational, sceptical person so I say phooey to the “science” of home style colour diagnosis, but that doesn’t mean we’re not influenced by colours in our day to day life.
    Favourite colours? Nature’s neutrals. The browns, greys, blues and greens of the countryside. That particular blue-grey-green of the Australian hills from a distance can’t be beat!

  36. It depends what the color is for. For clothing i like navy and grey. For walls: yellow, light beachy blue, grey. Colors that look like nature (so brights only in moderation) for everything else

  37. Deep indigo and rich purples that you’d connect with India, turquoise like the Adriatic sea where we spend our summers and hot pink of peonies. Those are of the top of my head, but I love all the colors. Well, brown I am not to fond off.

  38. I would love all of those outfits in adult sizes, please! 🙂 I am most drawn to saturated colors. I love emerald green, hot pink, teal, and mint green. Yellow is growing on me. All this said, I still wear mostly black. I don’t see that changing any time soon.

  39. Anything on the spectrum of blues and greens. From deep navy to light teals. Like the different shades of the sea!

  40. Sanae! Happy belated bday – I tried to send you an email saying Happy Bday, but it bounced back (I sent to

    I’m so impressed with all the books, etc. Will go to Amazon and purchase Little K book for my girls. Hope you’re well.

  41. I would have to say red is my colour. And blue, all variations, is another favourite. I like all those other colours you mention too, like grey and white, but those are just not proper colours in my thinking. Don’t know why I think that. Maybe I think of grey and whilte, chalk or stone as answers to decorating or clothing questions, not so much colour in an isolated kind of way, you know?

  42. I love grey and blue hues. Sometimes green and purple, depending on the time of the year.

    Love your daughter’s wardrobe!

  43. So many beautiful, clothes! I love the combination of pale blue and dark red. For some reason it’s the right balance of cool and calm and warm and energy. Thanks for all the lovely projects you share here!

  44. I love Japanese sewing pattern books and I’m amazed with how you sewed so many things from the book! They look SO pretty and I love your fabric choices! I would do anything to get my hands on more English versions of Japanese sewing books! The colors that I’m naturally drawn to are white and blue. I love the clean and simple look white and blue is just soothing and looks good with my dark hair 😉

  45. What an amazing compilation of makes! I love them all, It is nice to see evolution and change in the work one do! Also I’m drooling on the give away, thanks so much for your generosity. My colors definitely are blue and turquoise! but for house decoration I’m more drawn for neutrals 🙂

  46. Hi Sanae,
    What wonderful garments and fabrics! I wish they came in my size 🙂
    It really depends: I like to wear dark colours (mostly navy and black) – although some of my recent garments incorporate some colour, such as red, pink or green (as long as they are mixed with blue or brown); in home decor I am mostly drawn to white and the grey and yellow combo.
    Thank you so much for the giveaway!

  47. Pinks and grey (like a galah!) for clothing in summer, neutrals with red for winter clothing. Blues, purples and woody tones for home decor. Thanks for this goveaway, I’ve been eying this book for the longest time!

  48. What a great book! I’m drawn to blues, absolutely, in any shade. And I only realized it once I started sorting through my fabric bucket – I never set out intentionally looking for blues, but obviously that’s what I’m drawn to:-) Must be my inner mermaid shining through now that I’m living so far away from the ocean………

  49. All these makes are amazing. It’s good to look back and realise what you’ve achieved, isn’t it? My favourite colours are yellow, purple and green. I’m normally drawn to all deeply saturated colors. Thanks for the giveaway.

  50. I am drawn to blues, greys, cream, coral, and dusty/muted rose. I tend to always grab blue fabric for garment sewing. Love a simple chambray in lovely blue.

  51. I love seeing all the pictures of clothes sewn from the book together! An interesting question too. When my kids ask me my favorite color I say orange, which I really do love as a color but when picking fabric or colors for our home I’m more drawn to blues and greys.

  52. For me I’m into grey, blue and other neutral clothing but for accessories or accent colors I’m drawn to red. Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  53. What a fabulous collection of outfits…. Definitely the sign of an excellent pattern book. I love blues and deep reds to bright crimson, and even hot pinks; but I also like soft pearly colours, including pale greys and blues. I would also stop and look a while for some yellow – bright buttercup yellow.

    Off to google colour therapy as this sounds interesting.


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