Joie de Vivre


Just a quick “Joie de Vivre” image today. It felt like I was continually on the go this past weekend and haven’t had much time to process Mother’s Day or the launch party or the author signing event I did at K’s school on Friday. I am wiped out, but joyful.

I’ll be back with updates on Wednesday. I hope everyone had a lovely weekend!

3 thoughts on “Joie de Vivre

  1. joie de vivre is worlds better than fatigue, though perhaps there’s some of that sprinkled in there as well. A busy life, but full of good things. Lovely watercolor:)

    1. Oh, there’s definitely some fatigue going on too. 🙂 I have high hopes for a relaxing weekend for this week!! Thank you, Lucinda!

  2. Dear Sanae, Ik like your image of ‘joi de vivre’ a lot. May I use it for free as an illustration image on my website? Friendly greetings, Els

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