I was gaining momentum…


…and then my custom illustration output had to be put on hold as I re-examined my to-do list. Which is a shame because I really, really enjoy working on them.

Like this foxy guy.


They’re actually not entirely on hold, since I’m painting what I can here and there, but progress is slooooooooooooow. But mark my words, they will get done!

I’m loving all the various requests so much, I’ve scanned them all with a vague notion of showcasing them together at some point. So many plans, so many hopes. When will human cloning become a viable option?


14 thoughts on “I was gaining momentum…

  1. That fox is wonderful. Just take your time. We are all just patiently waiting. They’ll be done when they’re done and they will be wonderful!

  2. It’s a huge undertaking and whenever mine arrives I assure you it will feel like a birthday/christmas combo! I’d rather wait and wait and know you enjoyed the process than receive it promptly and feel like you created a burden for yourself (and i know I got a bit elaborate with my request, sorry 🙂 )

    1. Thanks for your patience Shelley! I’ve started on yours and want to add more details…and no, your request wasn’t elaborate at all! 🙂

  3. Oh, the foxy guy! He’s so handsome!

    Fabulous idea to scan them all – then we can see the album of gorgeousness in its entirety, and know that a little bit of it is scattered across the globe!

    I don’t mind how long it takes – agree with Lightning, it shouldn’t be a burden. Let them unfurl

  4. Ooh those are so pretty! I wonder if I could learn to be careful and precise with a brush if I tried really hard and stopped drinking coffee and learned to paint… 🙂

    1. You could absolutely learn how to be precise with a brush, Ali! I firmly believe painting has less to do with talent and has everything to do with practice 🙂

  5. I received a very special parcel in the post today, and unusually, I was home when the postman put it on my doorstep!
    Thank you Sanae, very much! I love it! It’s WONDERFUL!
    I have of course taken pictures – of the parcel before I unwrapped it, and now, its new home (at least until I find the right frame.
    Again, thank you for your generosity – it’s really lovely of you, and I will treasure it.


    1. So happy it got to you, Jenny! I’m actually surprised how quickly it reached your doorstep – I’ve had packages take far longer to your neck of the woods before. It was my pleasure to paint the illustrations for you, Jenny!

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