Happy Easter + Randomness


Happy Friday! Do you have big Easter plans? Every year, we get together with our neighbors and have an epic egg hunt followed by brunch in our yard (weather permitting). We’re all transplants and it’s become a much-anticipated tradition. There are usually at least 10 kids running around, and it’s a madhouse in the best possible way. I keep wondering when K will be too old for egg hunts…I’ve got my fingers crossed that we’re still good for a couple more years.


Sometimes K stumps me with her questions:

Mama, would you rather be rich with one arm or poor with three arms?

It seems like it would be useful, but I’m trying to figure out how I would use three arms…


Have a wonderful weekend everyone! I’m off to go prepare for the egg hunt/brunch!

Plastic eggs and sweets
Bacon, pancakes, food galore
Easter fun fun fun


12 thoughts on “Happy Easter + Randomness

  1. Haha. K’s question is simply hilarious. But very hard to answer…
    Hope you’ll have a great easter brunch. We will meet our families and enjoy somec great food!

    1. Love that, Meg! We did have two 11-year-olds join us this year and they seemed to be enjoying themselves, so we’ve got many years ahead of us, it seems! 🙂

  2. My 14 year old still loves egg hunts, it just gets more fun:-) This year we’re trying out a glow-in-the-dark egg hunt for her and her friends! Have a great Easter……

    1. Awesome! I must find out more about this glow-in-the-dark egg hunt – it sounds amazing! Thanks, Erica!

    1. Oooh, cratejoy looks very fascinating, thanks for the link, Em! I’ll look into it for sure! Have a delightful Easter and yes, if I had three arms, I could entertain people with some wicked juggling, I suppose…;-)

  3. Mmmnnn three arms….. I guess i would love to have a nice creamy coffee while sewing…. Yes, i would definetly try that!! Hehehe. Happy Eastern holidays!!

    1. Ha! That’s so funny – knowing me, though, I would clumsily spill my coffee while sewing and trying to drink. But how cool would it be to be able to maybe control my phone/device while I’m sewing (sometimes I like listening to audiobooks while I sew, but sometimes I like to turn my phone off when I get to a part that requires concentration – it’s a pain to have to stop sewing to turn my device on and off)?

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