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Happy Friday! I’m working on (what I hope will be) a fun sneak peek post for Little Kunoichi next week, and as I was planning it, I thought of my favorite illustrator in the world: Carson Ellis. My own drawings feel like feeble chicken scratches next to her masterful art, but I don’t hold that against her. She just released a new book, Home, and oh…it’s classic Carson Ellis with the luscious details and hidden gems and muted tones that feels so very Pacific Northwest. Like this:


This is her debut as auther/illustrator though she’s a veteran illustrator; in the past, she’s teamed up with her musician and writer husband to write a runaway bestselling children’s series (I hear the movie rights are in the works) and has illustrated some of my all-time beloved books like this one. It’s one of K’s faves too.

I have every intention of becoming friends with Carson even though she has no earthly idea of who I am. I feel the same way about Molly of Orangette (who is also unaware of my existence). As a trio, I’m certain we can combine cooking, illustrating and sewing into a grand force of good — with some writing thrown in. My hope is that I’ll think back on this post in the near future and chuckle slightly red-cheeked about my creepy stalker-ness as I sip coffee with Carson and Molly at one of the fabulous cafes in the PNW. We need to dream big, people.


K on getting older:

“Mama, my life as a tween is hard.” 

I sympathized and told her it sounded like a good title for a book. That made her smile. What do you think?


Off to get my weekend started! Hope you all have a lovely one!

SVE gift’s here
I knew it would be gorgeous
above and beyond*

*My SVE partner was Mirta of Modern Botanics and you can see a glimpse of her gift(s) on instagram. She crafts charming and beautifully handmade/handprinted goods out of her dreamy studio in Italy. Grazi, Mirta! I’ll feature more details later, because the gift deserves a full post!

10 thoughts on “Happy Friday + Randomness

  1. I think you and K should team up to write a book with exactly that title:) With your prodigious writing and illustration skills and her witty comments, think of what a success this would be!
    To be honest, when this post loaded and I saw the cover of “Home” I wondered if you were writing another book and this was your work I was seeing. Carson’s watercolor style is so reminiscent of your own. So while you greatly admire her work, be assured that yours (to my eye) is equally as charming! And yes – what a trifecta of talent that would be with all you PNW collaborating:)

    1. Oh I’m so flattered you thought Carson’s work was mine! Now that’s a major compliment, thank you! There are SO many people I’d love to collaborate with around the world (and the US – I’m looking at you, Lucinda)! But, most likely, starting in my own home with my daughter is probably the most realistic collaboration of them all :-).

  2. Oh, that made me smile – I have imaginary friends too! And I am actually friends with one of them now. She must never know about the stalking… Love the book title. You and K should do it!

    1. I’ve become friends with several amazingly talented people who I never would have imagined I’d cross paths with, so I’ve got big hopes! I’ll have to pitch my book idea and see what happens 🙂

  3. Oh, I absolutely love Carson Ellis (and her husband’s music)… Curious to see what Wildwood would look like as a movie, since her drawings have totally influenced how I picture the story and characters. Animation would be REALLY cool.

    1. The Decemberists are so good! And I agree that Wildwood is impossible to imagine without the illustrations. I bet they’re thinking animation — how could they not?

  4. Cannot wait until “Inside Out” comes to theaters. Supposedly a really good (animated) look at being a ‘tween. Which does not, of course, preclude a book being written 🙂

    Can’t wait to see your SVE gift. Have a great weekend!

    1. Oooh, Inside Out sounds good!! I do think K and I would make a pretty awesome literary team ;-). It’ll take me a bit to get the SVE gift round up post up, but you will love what Mirta made! Hope you had a great weekend, Alana!

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