What I Made for 2015 SVE


Well, the postal system is still holding hostage my SVE gift, so I thought I might as well show you what I sewed up for my partner Jana. Jana is a multi-talented “Bohemian girl living in Switzerland”, and includes in her CV of eclectic accomplishments: nurse, interior designer, stylist, all-around taste-maker. I love love love her aesthetic and when I saw that her favorites were the color white, linen and leather, I immediately knew what to make.


Jana and I both seem to lean toward simple, clean designs, and I thought a floaty linen cami would fit the bill. I used one of my prized blue and white linen fabrics (so soft!) and adjusted the cami pattern from this book so that the straps would be adjustable. From the image in the book, I actually thought the straps were designed to be adjustable, but in fact, they’re set in and the ties are sewn in separately:


I simply created a casing out of the front yoke (which, by the way, could also be worn on the back) and threaded the straps through the openings.

natural-clothes-tunic natural-clothes-apron

I’ve been plotting to sew quite a few things from this book, but alas, there just isn’t enough time in the day for the interim, so I’m adding the tunic, apron and my very own cami to my ever-growing to-do list.


I also wanted to include a small leather element for Jana, so I created this color-block drawstring bag on the fly — also made out of linen — and I’m super pleased with the way it came out. And bonus: the Secret Valentine Exchange tag fit in the upcycled leather pocket perfectly! Do you recognize the leather cord? It’s the same one I used for K’s jacket that I shared on Monday.

I loved sewing these up so much and briefly debated keeping them for myself — I hope Jana liked the combo as much as I did!

It sounds like there are a few of you still waiting for gifts. I apologize that I haven’t been following up as frequently as I would have liked, though we did anticipate some lag given the large number of international participants. We ended up with 100+ participants in over 20 countries! Ute and I have been talking about trying to sort participants more by region next time….from what I’ve seen on the flickr group and instagram hashtag feed for #2015sve, there have been some very happy exchanges though! Ultimately, I think it’s the spirit of giving that matters and the generosity and thoughtfulness have had my head bobbing in amazement. More updates soon!

12 thoughts on “What I Made for 2015 SVE

  1. I just think all these things, your gifts, the book, your photos are terrific and amazing! I love the way you edit out the fussiness in clothing patterns.

    1. Oh, you’re so sweet Greta – thank you for all the regular, thoroughly supportive comments! They brighten my day every time 🙂

  2. Lovely, lovely! That striped linen – oooh, wish I could find some here. I think your friend will love what you made for her.

    I love that striped tunic in the book! I hope you get to make it.

    In general I love Japanese sewing books but unfortunately for me, most of them only go up to Large which is a 36″ bust. I found out the hard way when I bought the books online. I do have two of the Stylish Dress books that go beyond 36 bust so at least I have those! I still adore looking at the photos.

    Happy Wednesday!

    1. If I find any similar blue and white striped linen, I’m happy to ship you some Melissa! And yes, isn’t that tunic so pretty? I’m glad the the Stylish Dress books have sizing that works for you – it’s the tricky part with Japanese patterns. I’m often too big for even the largest size too! But like you, I also use the books for inspiration so I don’t feel too bad ;-).

  3. Isn´t it the best coincidence that after you write about your gift for Jana, your gift from Mirta arrives?
    I love what you made for her and I hope she will wear it on her vacation! (And take a picture for us! You hear me, Jana? 😉 )
    Did I ever tell you how I “met” Jana? I had been following her on Pinterest (yes, all around taste-maker!) for quite a while and was familiar with her profile pic. And then one day she commented on one of my pics on IG and I immediately recognized her! I could not believe this wonderful “coincidence”!
    I am so happy you received your gift and hope the few others who are still waiting will be rewarded soon!

    1. Such a happy coincidence! And Mirta’s gift didn’t disappoint in the least! Jana did mention that it would work as a beach cover-up so I’m excited (I really really hope it fits — fingers crossed!). I’m convinced that the world is much smaller than we think. I’ve been experiencing similar coincidences lately!

    1. Thanks Monica! I really wanted to keep them for myself, but I hope they’ve found a happy home in Switzerland! 🙂

  4. Jana is one lucky girl indeed! So beautiful, Sanae – and that leather pocket on the bag is the perfect Sanae touch:) I’m sure she will be thrilled to receive it!

  5. Beautiful! So thoughtful all around. I agree that it is worth the wait, and fun to know a package is coming from “somewhere in the world.” Thank you for spreading so much goodness online and in real life!

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