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Happy Friday! It’s been a whirlwind of a week, and I have much to report, but I’m keeping it short and sweet today. This just in: for anyone still waiting for SVE gifts, it’s more than likely that your Secret Valentine shipped from a particular region where the postal system has been delayed several weeks. In fact, my very own Secret Valentine is in that region so I’m waiting for my gift with bated breath (I, of course, know who my partner is and know I’m going to receive something amazing). I’m going to wait to do the round-up until I have the present in my hot little hands, but in the meantime, if you participated and still haven’t received your gift, give me and Ute a shout out.


We have a guinea pig in the house. We’re pet-sitting for K’s friend, and I have to admit that Dorothy — as she’s called — is pretty darn cute with her sparkly eyes and pudgy bod. She’s very well trained and doesn’t like leaving her cage. My kind of pet. We’ll see how I feel after a week with good ole Dorothy.

K is smitten. I can already see the cogs in her mind turning to figure out how to talk me into getting one.


Have a wonderful weekend, friends! I’m off to go recharge…

Daylight savings time
Tends to throw my schedule off
But it’s worth the change*

*I’m looking forward to longer-lasting daylight!

4 thoughts on “Happy Friday + Randomness

  1. and looking forward to getting up to daylight and not feeling like the middle of the night anymore!

    Wondering if perhaps my SVE buddy is located in one of those postal-delayed areas as I have yet to receive anything. It’s been fun checking out the Flickr board though – so much creativity to enjoy!

    Have a wonderful weekend, Sanae. I hope for you it will be restful:)

    1. Your partner is located in one of the other far-flung places, and I know from experience that sometimes it takes extra long for things to arrive from there. Thank you SO much for your patience, Lucinda! Hope you had a fantastic weekend!

  2. There was a wild herd of guinea pigs in SF’s Dolores Park recently (yes, I know that’s not the right term for a group of cavies, but it sounds fun…especially if they stampede).

    Good luck holding up against K’s guinea pig arguments.

    1. Holy cow (or holy guinea pigs)! A stampede of them might have done me in. Wow…I want to know more! Thanks for that interesting tidbit, Alana!

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