Monday Outfit: Bow Dress


Good morning! I did something hitherto unheard of: I planned ahead. For almost all these Monday outfit posts, I usually start sewing on Saturday afternoon after thinking a few minutes about what wardrobe holes I can fill in K’s closet (this is becoming pretty challenging, as you can imagine). Although she’s growing like a rice plant amped up on Miracle-Gro, sewing for K takes a fraction of the time it takes to sew for myself, so I’m usually done by early evening. After breakfast on Sunday, we have a five-minute photo shoot and by now, these posts take me about an hour, if that, including photo editing time.


Anyway. Two weekends ago, I decided to spend a little extra time sewing up this bow dress in addition to the Giraffe print outfit, and I snapped photos and got most of the photo editing done last week. This made a huge difference! I felt so much more on top of things since I had all of Saturday and Sunday to check off items from my to-do list this past weekend  — not a feeling I’m familiar with, I’m afraid.


It was somewhat challenging to infuse enthusiasm in K for modeling this dress since she loved the giraffe print combo and wanted to start with that one instead (but I knew she’d refuse to try on the dress had I gone that route), and above she’s saying “Mamaaaaaaaa, are we done yet??”


Then she brought out the teddy bear I knitted for her about 7 years ago, and that soothed her. That bear was one of the few successful knitting projects I’ve managed in my un-illustrious knitting career.


So the dress: it’s from my current fave book, and I’m determined to sew every single thing from it. I think I only have about four or five things left that I haven’t yet tried! The fabric is from this sweet little shop and is a cotton shirting. It reads purple, but you can see that it’s actually red + white + navy, quite patriotic.


This is a deceptively simple dress to sew. I did have to fudge a little where the ties meet the neckline in a couple of spots, but otherwise, it was a snap to construct. The pleated detail at the back of the neck is a design-y touch, but I have to say, I think this dress would look a lot cuter if the bodice wasn’t just a simple A-line. If I were to make it again, I would trim the width, and make it a low-waist bodice with a gathered skirt. With a different fabric choice, it probably wouldn’t quite so matronly or flight-attendant-esque.


I like it, though. And K thought choking li’l bear with her ties was hilarious.

Sigh, I wish I had the foresight to sew this past weekend so that I could experience that remarkable sensation of being ahead of schedule, but you know how it goes. It was still a very productive weekend! I hope you had a lovely weekend, friends!


10 thoughts on “Monday Outfit: Bow Dress

  1. This dress is so pretty, especially with K modeling it! I don’t think you will ever need to use RTW id you don’t want to. I am glad that you checked on the owlets. Yes, they had bad weather this weekend. It is better today down in Savannah. Being an owl mom is really hard work.

    1. All mamas work hard, right? Thank you, Greta! Yes, RTW is a distant memory at this point…although I might need to get K some new socks. 😉

  2. it is great that you were ahead of schedule! Way to go! I kind of knew you made a new outfit a week for K., but I never really thought about what it meant. I mean, you make a new outfit every week!! On Saturday! That is some efficient set up you have there. I really like this new dress a lot too.

    1. The weekly sewing is very much an ingrained habit by this point, and it’s so weird because now I feel off-kilter if I don’t make something. I know I could spend the time making things for myself instead since I’ve cleared out so much of my clothes yet K still has so much, but like I said before, I just love making pint-sized clothes! Thank you, Max!

  3. Ha…I’m familiar with the ‘are we done yet’ expression! I love the fabric, and it’s amazing how much different the dress looks on a body rather than on the hanger! I really like it as-is, but would love to see it changed up how you described too!

    1. Right?? I was a little put-off when I finished sewing it, thinking “Hmmmm, this looks meh.” But I really liked it once K put it on! We shall see if I have the mojo to try the variation. 😉

    1. Thanks, Liza Jane! I thought the fabric was fun and made me think of some classic Japanese prints :-).

  4. I love it that you’re sewing your way through this book! I think the most patterns I’ve used from any one pattern book is four, maybe five. Yet another way you continue to inspire and amaze me:) I hope the dress shape grows on you before it becomes relinquished to the back of the closet. Of course, not much can compete with a giraffe print outfit:)

  5. LOVE this dress! Another one that I wouldn’t mind having for me in grown up size. Comfy and stylish. Yowza! It’s a gorgeous fabric choice, too.

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