Monday Outfit: Front Placket Dress Revisited


Good morning! I really must do something about my penchant for overestimating my productiveness. I was so excited to share a tutorial for this dress I made, and though I have all the photos snapped, alas, time got away from me so it will have to wait until Wednesday (I think I can get it done by then).


It’s the same dress I made last week, but this time the placket is more or less in the center. Very spring-like, no? Which is okay since it’s supposed to get up to sixty degrees in Seattle today (!!) – a balminess previously unimaginable in February. In fact, I suspect I might be feeling the onset of allergies…


Alright, I need to run for now, but will be back in a couple of days with a full tutorial!

12 thoughts on “Monday Outfit: Front Placket Dress Revisited

  1. Hi Sanae,
    grey, white and yellow, what a fresh and crisp combination. I love the dress and you were a trooper for choosing this difficult patterned fabric. And you did well, the dress looks stunning!

    Best wishes and springy greetings from also warm

  2. So cute. Beautiful work. How did you figure out how to get the placket in the center? We are expecting snow, here in North Carolina.

    1. Thanks so much, Greta! You know, I think I somehow reversed the right and left side when I sewed the other one, which made the placket extend further to the right. That’s my best guess at least 😉 Stay warm!

  3. quite spring-y indeed! Looks lovely on K, and great job on the “take two” placket – looks great! We must be channeling the same fabric vibe as I just finished a Japanese pattern dress (from your book!) for Lilah with the orange/grey color way of that same fabric line!
    More than a little jealous of your warmish weather… wishing it would make its way over here for awhile:)

  4. I love this look! It’s so light, fresh and springy but also very sophisticated!
    There are daffodils and cherry blossoms coming out up here in Vancouver as well – such a contrast with the rest of the continent!

    1. Thank you, Traveller! I love the freshness too, but K says it’s still too cold to wear – bummer. In a few months though I’m sure it’ll get more love 🙂

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