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Happy Friday! Sometimes don’t you wish you could pluck the moon and sun from the sky, put them into a container and take them out only when you need them? As I typed that it dawned on me that we use celestial movements as markers of the passage of time, but they aren’t time itself. I need a refresher course in the fourth dimension. The power to stop time…maybe in the future someone will figure out how to make it into an app.


K: Look Mama! The froggies are breeding — that means they’re making babies. Just like you and Daddy did!*

*We finally had a successful discussion about the birds and the bees. As predicted, I was at my awkwardest, and she was completely grossed out.


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Cute sock softies time

Have a wonderful weekend all!

8 thoughts on “Happy Friday + Randomness

  1. My oldest, Josh, got a nighttime telescope for his birthday. Last night I saw craters on the moon through it. It was so cool!

    1. Oh, K wants a telescope too – now I’m tempted to get her one so that I can see moon craters 🙂 Thank you, Kristi!

  2. and much to my dismay, that passage of time phenomena seems to go by faster and faster as the years pass by! So yes – would very much like to put them away for awhile to slow things down:)
    clever K – though your discussion may have been awkward, it clearly was informative:)

    1. Time is on hyperspeed mode!! The talk was very helpful, I think. 🙂 She hasn’t been asking quite as many questions, and the book has come in handy. In fact, a friend asked to borrow it for her own daughter!

    1. Such a coincidence – I was just talking about how quickly our girls seem to be growing up and developing with some friends. Thanks for the interview link and the book info, Alana – I want to delve in!!

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