Monday Outfit: More Perri Pullovers


Good morning, friends! I should just call this the month of tees and be done with it. It’s all K seems to wear and they’re so easy to whip up that I default to sewing one form of knits-based top or another.


These two tops are sewn from the Cali Faye Perri Pullover pattern. I’ve used this once before in an impractical metallic faux leather combo, which of course has never been worn since last May. I actually made the burgundy one back in September of last year and completely forgot about it. I must have thought it was too plain jane and not blog-worthy at the time, but I’ve clearly gotten over that hang-up since all I seem to share with you are these types of garments now.


To give the all-white version some oomph, I tried to add piping. “Tried” being the operative word here since I’m incapable of proper piping insertion. Shallow depth of field photography is awesome because a lot of mistakes can be artfully blurred out. If you look very closely, you’ll see there’s some puckering at the neckline because my serger ate into the seam too far, and when I undid the offending stitches, it left indentations and a teeny tiny hole.


These minor blunders don’t bother me much, but what does bother me is how lazy I am when it comes to certain things. I haven’t added piping in a long time, and I couldn’t really remember how to deal with the two ends that meet. Did I look it up, which would have taken five minutes? No.


So the back is funky with the cord sort of showing, and the sleeve pipings don’t match up evenly. Oh well. Isn’t that a cool glittery lizard tattoo? We are going through a huge reptilian phase, if you haven’t noticed. I’m sort of on the fence about this white top. Does it say “mormon temple clothing” or “insane asylum patient” to you? Not that there’s anything wrong with either, but there’s a vaguely pious or medical feel to it, don’t you think? K is also uncertain about this one, made out of the same sweatshirt knit as the much beloved tennis dress.


On the other hand, the burgundy one in your standard knit jersey doesn’t evoke any unexpected associations. The color looks great on K, and it’s nice and casual with just enough interesting details like the asymmetrical hem and in-seam pockets.


I have to give special thanks to K for modeling because she’s been under the weather. A bit sniffly and sore-throat-y, she was in bed for most of Sunday morning, then cheerfully agreed to take photos in the Perri Pullovers in the afternoon – I think she was bored out of her mind just flopping around.

Before she consented to shimmying into the tops, I was just going to show this:


But then you would have missed out on this money shot:


I’m sure I’ll be paying for a lot of therapy in a few years for forced child labor.


Way off topic, but on Saturday, I stepped out of my comfort zone and went to a fascinating party filled with authors, filmmakers (plus an actor from the movie “Wild“, though I didn’t meet him), illustrators and all manners of making types over the weekend. I noted with interest that my impostor syndrome is alive and kicking, and very robust indeed. I enjoyed the eclectic group and met quite a few lovely folks – my favorite was a photographer whose father worked for the CIA so he grew up around the world. It was heartwarming to see such camaraderie and a spirit of helpfulness all around. I found that people were encouraging about my children’s book, but as soon as I mentioned that I like to sew, eyes started to glaze over….I might have been imagining it. Then again, when you’re sewing up t-shirt after t-shirt like I am, I suppose sewing doesn’t seem all that alluring.

Anyway. Perri Pullovers. It’s a good pattern, but I think I just haven’t nailed the right fabric for it. I could have gone with my first instincts and chosen a striped jersey, but sometimes I like to try something I’m not sure of just to see. Back to the drawing board!

15 thoughts on “Monday Outfit: More Perri Pullovers

  1. I think color is up to the person wearing the clothes–I pretty much wear black tee shirts with everything. Some people wear white. I hope that K is feeling better. I love seeing her modeling poses!

    1. Black t-shirts are a chic and wise choice, Greta! I kept K home yesterday and she’s doing a lot better today – thanks!

  2. I was thinking it looked more nautical than those other things you mentioned. The white one I mean. Sounds like a fun party. I know all about impostor syndrome. It is cripling. If eyes glaze over, that is ok. Maybe you were reading into it too much and these people were just concentrating so hard on what you were saying.

    1. I was hoping for nautical, but I dunno….I just kept getting a weird vibe from the white top. I’ve been reading a lot about impostor syndrome lately and it seems that it’s a condition that never goes away. Sigh. As for eyes glazing over, I’m pretty used to that whenever I talk, but I thought it was interesting that the specific topic of sewing seemed to induce that reaction in that very creative atmosphere. But you’re right, I was probably reading too much into it 🙂

  3. Both are very cute and look so cozy! I agree that the white one looks more nautical than anything. When i join piping, i plan for it to join in a somewhat non-conspicuous place (like the back), then i leave a bit of extra on each end and i bend each end down away from the seam allowance, overlapping slightly so it’s a bit of a \ / look, just overlapped when you sew so the raw edges are enclosed in the seam allowance and not showing when it’s done. does that make sense? then as you sew the piping, sew over the cord and trim away the ends.

    Sounds like a pretty amazing party but I totally know what you mean. I was in my former career for 10 years and still felt that way at networking events, even though I was more than capable. It’s an odd feeling.

    1. That totally makes sense, thanks Kristin! You are a fount of knowledge!

      It was a party where I didn’t really know anyone (it was hosted by a mother from K’s school and we’re friendly but not close friends, y’know?) — something I haven’t really done in a very long time. But I had a blast and it was so cool to meet all these local people making a living doing what they love! And it did have a bit of that networking feel, but not slimey, so that was good.

    1. Ha, so true Sarah – the white tennis dress is a map of K’s culinary mishaps and the top will end up the same, I’m sure 🙂 Good idea about the dyeing and fabric painting!

    1. K is a natural model and most of the time, I just let her rip without instructing her to do anything. Having tried to emulate her in front of the camera for my own stuff, I’ve learned how hard it is to look un-awkward in photos 🙂

      I’m off to check out that article – I love reading about impostor syndrome because I think it’s pervasive! Thank you!!

  4. Good ‘ole K – such a trouper with her modeling! I hope she knows how much your bloody friends appreciate her:) Glad to hear she’s feeling better.
    I’m partial to the burgundy pullover, which is unusual for me as I usually prefer the white/blues/ grays. You’re right – the color does look fantastic on her. Either way, with the comfort level of that pattern, you can’t go wrong! And the piping was a great addition even if if was joined incorrectly. At least you’re attempting it, which is more than I do! (for exactly the joining reason).
    Glad you enjoyed the out-of-character party this past weekend. I can tell you, no parties like that tend to happen in my general social circles:) I think I would have enjoyed talking with the child of the CIA operative!

    1. Piping really ups the style factor, but in this case, it was probably a lost cause ;-). The photographer was so fun to chat with! And I got lots of advice from author/illustrators (I had no idea you could hire event coordinators to help promote books) and that was fantastic!

      1. oh my goodness – I’m mortified to read in my first comment that the word “bloggy” turned into something completely different! Eek – so sorry for the unintended spell check correction!

  5. I’ve had such interesting responses when people ask me what I love to do, people who don’t know me well. If I say I’m a textile artist, which I am, this raises me in their estimation. People value artists around here. But if I say I sew a lot, meaning things for my home, myself, my people, I’m a contemporary version of a happy homemaker, and yes, no one has much to say about that. Both my hand work and my home sewing are terrifically important to me but it’s fun to notice this little difference and I now do it for fun, just to see what happens and who does what! I actually think the home sewing deserves a lot more interest because it directly affects the people who live with it and visit here. It’s about creating environment.
    Interesting post as always from you!

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