2014 Retrospective: K’s Outfits (Part 1)

Good morning! Before I get all misty-eyed about K’s outfits from this year, I wanted to let all the folks who entered the giveaway last week that rather than selecting just 10 winners, I’ve decided to paint a free custom illustration to everyone that answered the question. I started to do the random number generator thing and it just didn’t feel quite right for some reason. You should be receiving an email from me shortly if you haven’t already!

Okay, let’s move on to the smaller-sized sewing I did from January to June. I broke it up into two parts since it’s already too long, and what I noticed was that I’ve really cut down on sewing for K. As I’ve mentioned time and time again, she truly has too many outfits, and I’ve been trying to find a way to reconcile my need to practice sewing with the guilt I feel from the resulting glut of clothes — I’m not having a lot of success. I have some thinking to do for 2015 and I’ll do more of a recap with part 2, but for now, here are the projects I pumped out from the first six months of 2014:


Koi Top + Grey Stretch Pants
Origami-Inspired Dress
Imagine Gnats Meridian Cardi and Coat + French Sleeve Tunic


Fanfare Jammies
Bicycle Dress
Un-fur Trimmed Coat Dress
Pink Cityscape A-Line Tunic


Geometric Knit Cardi + Improved Khaki Pants
Bleu et Bleu
Oliver + S Hide-and-Seek Dress + underskirt
Oliver + S Garden Party Dress + slip
More undies


“Artist” Blouse + Cargo Half-Pants
Frozen Dress Take 1
Sew Chic Kids Pintuck Dress + Tunic


E & E Spring Showers Jacket
Rosy Knits
STYLO Mint Cadette Coat + Pintuck Dress
STYLO Metallic Perri Pullover
Vintage May Dress + Rompers
Robinhood Dress
Willow + Co Aster Cardigan


Frozen Dress Take 2
Refashioned Top + Shorts
Scraps Tank + Matcha Shorts


I’m not sure whether to count each pair of undies as a single garment, so leaving those out along with the super easy upcycling, I made 36 garments from scratch the first six months of 2014. That’s almost half compared to last year (71 garments) for the same duration. Wow. I didn’t realize I’d sewn so much less! Or maybe I was just out of control last year.

Now I’m curious to see how the second half of 2014 compares to last year…be back Wednesday!

24 thoughts on “2014 Retrospective: K’s Outfits (Part 1)

  1. They’re all so beautiful! Re: your thoughts on how to reconcile making more clothes (which helps us practice skills and exercise creativity) but her not needing them…you could always sell the extras on Etsy? You might not make a lot of money, but it would probably pay for supplies, and the clothes would go to use.

    1. Thank you, Nicole! I’ve given the idea of selling on Etsy a lot of thought, but when you take in consideration the shipping, etc., I’m not sure how worth it it would be given my limited time. I would much rather donate the clothes straight up than feeling sad about selling them for pennies….or at least that’s been my thought process. Maybe there are people willing to pay a decent price?

  2. Oh my! You are so generous with your drawings!
    K’s wardrobe is so fun and some of those pieces I’d want to steal if they were my size. It’s interesting to see how much less you’ve sewn. I’m excited to see what solutions you come up with.

    1. I was pretty surprised by how much less I’d sewn for her this year. And still, she has WAY too many clothes! I’m working my brain to its limit trying to figure out a happy medium between the production/consumption dilemma! 🙂

  3. I always love how you add your style to the patterns. It always seems inspired to me. Everyone is an original. That would be one of my goals for my sewing. Originality!

    1. Thanks so much, Greta! I tend to gravitate toward particular colors/patterns so the clothes all take on my aesthetic naturally, and I think that’s true for everyone…You ARE original, don’t you doubt it 🙂

  4. Everyone gets a drawing?! Now I really believe in Santa.
    If I were your boss, you would have definitely got that 14th check. Absolutely beautiful clothes Sanae.

    1. Ha, well, this Japanese-American Santa could use that 14th check (thanks for the explanation via email!). Thank you, Jing!

    1. So funny, Sarah – I planned to make M a shirt for Christmas and it was as though he knew what I was up to and he went and bought himself a bunch of shirts. I think he’s still reeling from my first attempt at making him a shirt that was a disaster 🙂

  5. It’s such a wonderfull wardrobe!!! Awesome!! Every piece looks delicate but with such a perfect personality! Thank you for this wonderfull blog, reading your stories is like chatting with a good friend. Thanks for sharing those little pieces of life, this is definetly my favourite blog. (The decisión of drawing for each person who answered shows such a big big big heart! I can’t wait to see your book published!)

    1. Oh thank you, Idoia – so kind of you!! I still find it surreal that other people read my blabberings, but it’s all great fun (and sometimes embarrassing, but in a good way)!

  6. so much awesomeness to behold here:) I love your recaps, as I get to enjoy all over again the genius that is your sewing. I love the mustard top in April, but overall I’d have to say that May is my favorite month. That Stylo cover? Amazing! Eager to see the next 6 months and to read your thoughts on K’s wardrobe. I know I”ve said this before, but if you ever decide to do an on-line tag sale of her out-grown clothes, I’m your first customer!

    1. May was one of the more productive months for sure, Lucinda! I seem to get a lot more motivated when I’m part of blog tours it seems. So glad you’d buy K’s cast-offs, but sadly so many of the clothes are now in rough shape…it’s the tragedy of making clothes for kids. None of the garments escape the ketchup stain (K’s favorite food).

  7. oh man you’re so impressive, always. just watch out – i cut way back on sewing for E and then she grew and she’s got almost no dresses that fit!! haha.

    1. I can already tell that’s happening with K, Kristin! I realized that I haven’t made her any leggings in almost a year and they’re all practically shorts! Gotta figure out that sweet spot…

  8. So lovely this recap! I love the colour palette and how chic and stylish are the clothes you sew for K. Even the undies are amazing!. I see quality and love in every single piece. You should be so proud!. I wish I can be that productive. Need to make that my New year’s resolution. Looking forward to see the next 6 months of beauties. Happy New Year Sanae!

    1. Ha, the undies get a LOT of love, I must say. I did feel pretty productive but when I counted how many I’d made the year before, I was a little concerned for my sanity. How did I make so many clothes? And no wonder K is drowning in her wardrobe since she can still pretty much wear everything I’ve made from the last two years.

      Happy New Year to you, Maria!

  9. The really impressive bit is how it all looks so beautiful together. Maybe it’s the photography, but it appears to me that there’s nothing ill considered or unworthy of hanging amongst the other stuff.
    I see quite a few things in there that I have the pattern for, and others that I wish I did. So much inspiration on your blog Sanae.
    I’m very excited about my illustration. You really are too kind!
    Happy New Year

    1. Ah, so kind of you Shelley! And I’m happy to be able to offer up customized illustrations – I love your idea!

  10. The wardrobe is stunning! I think we’d all be happier and more grounded it we could wear the things we really connect with…clothes that spring from our imagination…K is blessed to have you as a mamma! I think of her as the 3rd generation of creative soul. Don’t you wonder of the things she will KNOW as possible, having experienced her grandmother and mother creating as a way of being?? It gives me shivers when I think of things like that!
    Happy New Year, and thank you for your generosity in offering an illustration just because I commented! I am going to pay it forward in handmade soap that I make! I will poll my friends and family for an idea for a batch. There are so many choices…using beer (did it for Christmas in a Winter Ale bar), wine (haven’t tried it but have a plan!) teas…there are so many possibilities!! I will make a special batch to pass out to everyone I know, thanks to you!
    Your blog is very inspirational, and I don’t know if you realize it has a ripple effect on your readers. You are a force for good. Cheers!

  11. thanks for all that inspiration, sanae. your blog is one of the reasons i finally tried to sew for my girls. and even better: got successful. only a couple of garments and not the advanced ones. but i got the japanese lesson book and have a favourite dress (some of your friends made it for K) i tried a couple of times as shirt and as dress. thank you and i really love to scroll to your blog! for german karneval season i m in the middle of preparing an elsa costume and got inspired -again- by yr sewing

    best, annett

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