Happy Friday + Randomness


Happy Friday! This little illustration is totally random, but these little kimono girls make me happy. I hope you’ve had a wonderful week, and are gearing up for a fun weekend. I’m keeping it sweet and short today since a certain 8-year-old wants me to sew up a rather involved Halloween costume.


K on adolescence:

Mama, I hope I’m the kind of teenager that likes her parents…I hear teenagers are really mean.


Have a lovely time
and wherever you may be
I hope you stay dry*

*It’s raining non-stop in Seattle. Ah, autumn….it’s funny, the rain has grown on me over the years.



12 thoughts on “Happy Friday + Randomness

  1. Raining non stop in Ferndale too and I love it! Since I’ve lived here my whole life the rain is definitely part of who I am. 🙂
    the kimono girls are adorable!

  2. we’re enjoying a few days of the quintessential perfect Michigan weather – sunny with breathtaking color on the trees. Rain is in the forecast though, so I will try to have the positive attitude you do:) And I have a suspicion that K will be a lovely, dear teenager that continues to stay very close to her mama and papa.

    1. Oh, that sounds SO nice, Lucinda (the sunny Michigan weather, that is). Fingers crossed that K won’t utterly hate us in a few years ;|

  3. K’s comment is so sweet! I love it! It sounds like she has so much emotional intelligence.

    It’s great you love the rain. I used to, but I have gotten so used to the sunshine here, I’ve gotten weak. 🙂 Last winter was rainy and gray and my husband and I definitely missed the sunshine. We can’t hack the cold either. We keep our AC at 77/78 and if it ever drops below 75 in our house (like on a ‘cool’ day outside), everybody starts complaining about how cold they are! ha! See, weak, I tell you! I’m from Wisconsin. I should be ashamed. 🙂

    1. Ha! I’m from California so I felt it was my duty to gripe about the rain, but I tell you, after over 13 years of living here, it’s won me over slowly but steadily. All that Texan sunniness sounds pretty sweet too, though! 😉

  4. The kimono girls are lovely.

    It’s totally up to K what kind of teenager she turns out to be. She can choose whether or not to be mean!
    It is so encouraging to hear that she’s thinking about what she wants to become!

    1. Thanks Em! I hope chooses well…I hear adolescence is like becoming emotionally hijacked and that these days adolescence is lasting until 25 years of age!! Ack.

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