Monday Outfit: E & E Ponderosa + (Slightly Modified) Hemlock


Good morning! Any time Heidi of Elegance & Elephants asks me if I’d like to try out her patterns, it’s an automatic yes. Her designs are comfortable and stylish and the kind of garments that K actually wants to wear.


“OH MY GOSH I LOVE IT,” is what K said when I presented her the Ponderosa dress. I’m a fan of the chartreuse double-knit combined with the muted bold stripes, and K is a fangirl too.


The only part I didn’t follow exactly was the neckband attachment. I used my regular method of folding the band in half initially and sewing to the neck opening, then simply overlocking the raw edges.


Do you like the pink shades? They are actually Nancy Drew stealth spyglasses — ordered via Scholastic Books — and it comes with an earpiece to enable eavesdropping. You have to stand right next to the people conversing to hear anything which renders the stealth part moot, but it’s been a major hit around here.


The pattern is fantastic. Super easy to construct and the size 8 is spot-on for K. As you can see, I played with the stripes a bit, and the skirt is cross-grain so it might stretch out. That’s okay though — too long is always better than too short. This one is going to get a lot of love.


Heidi generously provided me all three of her new patterns (Ponderosa Dress, Hemlock Top, Magnolia Skirt) and I had every intention to sew up all of them. Sadly, I could only manage the dress and top, but but two out of three ain’t bad.


Some of you may recognize the tee fabric from my Skippy Dress. I had just barely enough left for the Hemlock top, and K was over the moon since she’s been coveting my dress fabric for some time. “Why do you always use the prettiest fabric for your own clothes, Mommy?” is a common phrase around here.


I started sewing the top late at night, and I misread the instructions. This led to me basting the flutters with a zig zag stitch instead of a long basting stitch so I couldn’t gather the flutters. I abhor ripping out zig zag stitches from knits — thus, I decided to make them unfluttery flutters instead. A bit Star Trek, perhaps? The knits are all from here. Such a great little shop and the owner is so, so sweet.


To me, it actually looks very hipster and I’m loving it. No idea what she’s doing up there.


Again, K is smitten (for a while she refused to wear a lot of what I was making, so these recent approvals are heartwarming). Huzzah!

Good news: Heidi’s patterns are on sale ($1 off) with the coupon code TOUR until October 24th! Check out the shop here!

P.S. I’ll be posting on Thursday instead of Wednesday this week.

P.P.S. I finally took the plunge and gave K the book. Guess what she said? “I already know this, Mama.”  All that hemming and hawing for nuthin’…I guess she was just confused about the DNA part.

18 thoughts on “Monday Outfit: E & E Ponderosa + (Slightly Modified) Hemlock

  1. You got me on this one. Just bought the Hemlock. And BONUS “sale” since it’s priced in CAD vice USD. Happy little surprise 😉

  2. look at you – two pattern tours back to back! How do you do it all?! Love the new outfits – that knit sadly was not there when I went or I would have snapped some up as well. Such a comfy looking dress, which in most kids’ book means a sure win. Glad K is once again a fan of the clothing you make for her – a little validation is nice once in awhile:)
    And glad the book/discussion wasn’t as scary as anticipated:)

    1. Stuff goes fast at the shop — I’ve found that to be true at most independent fabric stores so if I see something I like, I try to snap it up. 🙂 and yes, totally anticlimactic on the birds and the bees front.

    1. Thanks Em! K really is a natural model and she definitely makes the clothes I sew look jillion times better! 🙂

  3. Once again I wish I was your daughter… Both of your creations are gorgeous! And I am jealous of your Skippy dress too, I can totally understand K! Please tell her how wonderful it is to get regular doses of K here. It is precious, who knows how much longer she will enjoy doing this for you. Her attitude and humor are so great. (And you were lucky you did not have to explain the book to her! )

  4. Oh, thanks so much Ute, I’ll tell K! It’s true…I really don’t know how much longer she’ll do this willingly, so I’m enjoying the record-keeping aspect of this pet project of mine for as long as possible!

    1. Truth, Shelley! At age 8, K has way more sass and know-how than I could ever hope to achieve — I think it’s what makes our interactions so hilarious. Blundering mom and savvy daughter 🙂

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