2014 Fall Sewing Plans


It’s like clockwork. The frenetic start of the school year eases into a predictable routine, the air tingles with promises of cozy sweater weather, and then, M or K comes home with a cold and BAM, I’m laid flat on my back, sniffling and coughing up a lung. Due to my wimpy immune system, even the mildest cold tends to hit me hard.

I’m determined to not get sucked into the illness vortex this time (last year I was fighting one ailment after another from November to February), so I’ve been slowing things down dramatically. Yesterday, I did nothing. Okay, I dragged myself to Trader Joe’s and ran a couple of errands as I always do on Tuesdays, but otherwise, zilch. And yes, I drew that illustration, but that took less time than you would imagine. Alright, alright, I may have cut out a pattern that I thought I might be able to sew up for today, but I stopped myself from proceeding beyond tracing out the pieces when the world started spinning.

My mom told me during her last visit in August that when I was a baby, I would work so hard on everything that she used to worry that I had some kind of compulsive disorder. Take walking, for example. At 9 months, I was so intent on walking, I would go at it full force, fall flat on my face, turn a lurid and frightening shade of crimson, get up with renewed vigor and do it over. Sometimes I would fall backwards and hit my head and knock myself out. And yet, I would continue relentlessly and without breaks. It seems to explain a lot about my current spotty brain functionality. It also makes me wonder why my mom didn’t babyproof a little better if I was concussing myself on a regular basis.

You’d think that I would have mastered walking quicker than most due to my persistence, but my mom said she couldn’t believe how long it took me to get the hang of it (months). When my younger brother came along and casually sauntered a few days after his ninth month without much of a stumble, my fanatical determination seemed doubly worrisome to my mom. The funny thing is, my brother and I have approached everything in much the same way our whole lives — effortlessly for him, unglamorously full of prolonged effort for me.

I’m not sure what made me think of that; wandering thoughts may be a symptom of this head cold. Anyway, I did have enough energy to start planning my fall sewing in a more structured way. Unlike last year’s out-of-control plan that I didn’t even come close to executing, this year, I have only three sewing projects and one super easy knitting venture on the docket: A wool zip-up vest, a plaid shirt (a must for Fall, no?), a pair of skinny jeans and a (gasp) cashmere knitted scarf. I’m going for quality vs. quantity, folks. I know I poo-poo’d knitting before, but I think I can manage a big rectangle…at least I hope I can. I’ll be using this book for the vest, but I’m researching patterns for the others. I’ve gotten some good skinny jeans recs from the Monday post, and I’m digging deeper. I’ll update this post with pattern candidates later!

For now, I’m off to brew up some Indian spice herbal tea with a touch of manuka honey and almond milk and will call it a day.

14 thoughts on “2014 Fall Sewing Plans

  1. Oh boo! Hope you feel better soon! Good job on learning to take it a bit easier. I tried to scale back my fall sewing plans as well! Good luck on your list!

  2. Time like this keeps telling me that if you have no health, you have zero. Wish you a speedy recovery Sanae! By the way, if you consider your average 2-to-3-hour project time span any less effortless, I really don’t know how to comment on mine…

    1. Ain’t that the truth, Jing — health is everything! Thank you for your sweet words – the only reason I may seem speedy on some projects is because I’m really not much of a perfectionist when it comes to sewing…;-)

  3. Cheers to a reasonable fall and taking good care of yourself! Your story on walking made me laugh because it reminds me of every time I try to learn some new activity that requires coordination – I was good at the form and flexibility of ballet but it took me 3-4 times longer than other kids to learn routines. I’m experiencing the same thing in tennis now and it’s reassuring to know that I’ll get there – I just need to understand every new movement from the ground up, and I have my own slower pace.

    1. Oh, I was doubled over laughing my head off when my mom was telling me about my baby days. I could just see my baby self grunting and trying with all my might to walk with no luck! It sounds like you’re a very thorough learner, which is a good skill to have 🙂

  4. Hope you will feel better soon. For me it has been difficult to focus all my energy and efforts on something and try my best. I have been fighting with my inconstancy all my life, and then, a couple of years ago i discovered sewing….

    1. Thank you, Idoia! I’m so glad you found sewing! I think there’s something incredibly meditative and conducive to focus with sewing too.

  5. Your fall sewing plans sound very reasonable and still fun! I don’t think I am ready yet for plaid matching or a pair of jeans but I am sure you will master it! A cashmere scarf will be wonderful. I have found that knitting with good quality wool is so much better than synthetic, it makes such a difference. Your story about learning to walk is so interesting. It shows how much “personality” we already have when we are born and that some character traits just belong to us. Have a good rest and take care!

    1. Thanks, Ute! I’m already feeling a lot better, though my voice is still froggy. 🙂 I was thinking of knitting with wool, but I don’t like wool directly on my skin so I thought cashmere might be a good alternative. And yes, I’ve been persistent and stubborn since I was a babe!

  6. Oh, and for the jeans – Melly sews (and others) had a great sew along for making jeans, with pattern suggestions and lots of helpful tips. I think it was in May/June?

  7. Can I tell you how proud I am that you took yesterday “off” from life (and being Trader Joe-less in my neck of the woods, that sounds like a fun side trip to me:)? Knowing how amazingly productive you are on a daily basis, yesterday was good for you: good for your health, good for your soul.
    And man – what a test of character to have a prodigy for a brother! I”m at a stage recently with my son where I’m trying to teach him about character building and how perseverance through tough situations is building him into a person of substance. Sounds like you must have way more character than your brother:) But I”m sure you love him to death despite this!
    Your fall sewing list looks realistic and cozy. That cashmere scarf has me very intrigued . . .

    1. Well…I’m really not that productive, but I’m glad you think so, Lucinda 🙂 You’ll have to share with me some tips and tricks on character building. As an only child, I’m constantly terrified that we’re spoiling K and you know how I feel about entitlement! My brother, of course, has had some serious character building moments himself so he continues to outshine me on all counts 😉 I still have to get the (most likely) cashmere-blend yarn, but I’m thinking it’ll be more comfy against my skin than wool.

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