Sewing Illo

I haven’t posted a recent illustration in a while…this here’s a wee work in progress. I scanned in a small chalkboard and painted sewing notions with gold watercolor to merge with the scanned image. I’m liking the painted texture against the chalkboard surface. I used Yasutomo Asian watercolors, which are amazing. The pigments are vibrant and a little goes a long way. I have the 6-piece set, but want all the colors!

With the magic of Photoshop and a flick of a button, presto! We have aqua.

I think this would be cute in a sewing studio — what do you think? The triangles are supposed to be tailor’s chalk and that thing on the left that looks like a baby nasal aspirator (I had to look that up; I was calling it the nose-goop-removal-thing) is technically an awl. Like I said, a work in progress…

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