Third Grade!


Today is the day. “I’m so nervous and excited, Mommy,” K has been telling me every few hours for the last week. Third grade! Somehow, this seems major in a way even kindergarten wasn’t. Time is stampeding away, and I am helpless and doddering in its wake. But the start of school brings with it the sensation of a fresh sojourn, renewed energy and extra time. I for one, could use all three.


I made a dress. And last night I furiously worked on a cardigan she requested, because the weather’s been capricious lately. She’s equipped with a backpack from the GAP, a bento-style lunch box, aqua sneakers. We have a tradition to measure her height on the first day of school, and I can’t wait to see how much she’s grown.

I get so emotional on the first day of school…maybe even more than K.

P.S. I’ll show you the dress next week! K picked out the fabric and everything.

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  1. Happy first day, K! I’m totally with you, Sanae. I get quite emotional for these first day milestones. It was especially hard this year as I fully relinquished my youngest to “the system”, never to have her home with me without her siblings again. Those stubborn kids just keep growing up!
    And that watercolor! I love it for so many reasons. Firstly, because it’s just so beautiful! The aqua and pinks together, contrasted by the black – so pretty! And also, what a great keepsake to remember her first day of third grade! Most of us just take the requisite picture, but you’ve gone one (or two . . . or three . . . ) better and made a gorgeous watercolor for the event! This needs to be framed:)

    1. Wow, what a momentous occasion for you, Lucinda! I agree, how dare they grow up?? 😉 I snapped a quick photo or two, but we were in such a rush, they didn’t come out all that great…oh well, the illustration will have to do. Thank you!

  2. Aw! Grade 3!

    We had our first day of school yesterday. So today is our second day! I too had a young third grade student, and a little junior kindergarten girl, only 3 and 8 months that one. I do feel that time is flying feeling.

    No new clothes or bag here so I am looking forward to seeing yours.

    1. Junior kindergarten! I love it. Hope school is going well for your little ones so far, Max – and that you have focused time for your own studies!

  3. love the watercolor – happy first day, K! what do you do with these once you’ve scanned them? the one you made me is up on the wall in my sewing room but you have so many!

    1. Happy first day for Em too, Kristin! I love the dress you made her! I love that you have my little drawing up on your wall – I do have a ton of scanned artwork, and they actually end up coming in handy since I often use them for backgrounds or collage together images for the blog :-). I file away the originals just in case I can use them for a card or something :-).

    1. Wow, I thought we started school pretty late, but I guess some schools start later. Are you in the US? Hope your little K has a fabulous first day!

      1. Im writing from the Basque Country, here school holidays start the third week of June and last up to the second week of September…Great for the kids!!! But quite a headache for working parents lol!

        1. That’s fantastic for the kiddos, and yes, I imagine that it’s tough for working parents. I love the Basque Country!

  4. Hi – I hope today went well. My eldest started school yesterday – it was certainly more stressful and emotional (for both of us) than expected!

    1. Emotions do run high on the first day of school, don’t they? A friend’s youngest just started kinder today, and she texted me “Freedom!” So there’s that too 🙂

  5. Oh Sanae, i love your illustrations.
    cant. wait. to. see. your. book.
    Sander (my son) has had his first days of second grade and was oh so excited to see his friends again, to learn new things, to evolve… it makes me melancholic but i have a feeling everything is brand new, and fresh and thrilling at the same time.
    I remember this sentence from “you’ve got mail”: ” “Autumn in New York is like a bunch of freshly sharpened pencils. It’s the same with school starting, don’t you think?

    Best wishes

    1. Love that, Marit! Yes, freshly sharpened pencils, slightly stiff new shoes, a tinge of crispness in the air. Fall is my favorite season!

  6. Hello! My comment is related to an older post – the one where you described a white swiss dot top and a pink skirt. The fabric for the skirt is beautiful – do you know where this or similar fabric can be purchased?
    Thank you very much.

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