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As you’re reading this, we are most likely flying over several US states and rapidly approaching home. Family vacations can sometimes yield stories that become eyebrow-raising legends passed from one generation to the next, but aside from a couple of mosquito bites, ours was entirely painless. Not boring or forgettable, no, but solidly good. You know that feeling of slipping into a comfortable bed with freshly laundered linens and settling down with an engrossing book? Our holiday in the Midwest felt like that. M’s family spoiled us rotten.


Towards the end of the week, we spent a couple of days at M’s family cabin in the southern part of Indiana, where we had no internet access. It was at once refreshing and unsettling because we’re such online junkies. They have a pretty lake on their expansive, woods-filled property and M and the kids had uproarious fun together in the water while my sister-in-law and I snapped photos (can you see M’s tiny head bobbing in the distance? Isn’t it oddly red?). We had a picnic by the lake; hot dogs were roasted, s’mores assembled.

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My father-in-law and I caught a blue gill fish using milk jugs instead of fishing poles, and the kids terrorized the frogs and crawdads (and making me squirm). My 11-year-old niece loved driving the all-terrain vehicle they’ve dubbed “The Gator”, and K pretended to drive it too.


As far as vacations go, it was pretty perfect.

Usually I would have a quote or conversational exchange to include here, but I barely saw K for the whole week, busy as she was playing with her cousins and getting attention from her grandparents.

Wherever you are, I hope you’re having a solidly good time too. I might be a big jet-lagged, but I’ll see you back here on Monday!

Back to Seattle
Vacations go fast
Now it’s Ba-chan time….

6 thoughts on “Happy Friday + Randomness

    1. Thank you, Maria! Yes, the cabin and surrounding area make for a relaxing getaway 🙂 M’s grandfather — who is from a farming family — spent many years developing the land and building the lake, and now his entire family gets to enjoy the fruits of his labor!

    1. It was a looooong way home (2 flights, 9 and a half hours total), but it was super smooth and easy so that was great 🙂 We love going to M’s family cabin and the kids have a blast!

  1. what a lovely, perfect week with M’s family! That’s the stuff that memories are made of, especially for K as she thinks back to her time with cousins. We just returned ourselves from a no-internet cottage and i found it to be a curious mixture of refreshing/frustrating. One thing I did find is that I had more time to be with the kids:)
    Have a fantastic time with your mom! And may her care of K allow you to get much book work done.

    1. Ba-chan is in the house, and it’s already buzzing with non-stop creative energy though I’m feeling a little befuddled from travels still. Yes, Indiana was absolutely lovely!

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