K is not in love with tennis camp. At least not in the way she was with skateboard camp. See that up there? That’s from this past weekend, and when she first started skateboarding about a couple of months ago, she could barely get a few inches up that ramp. Now she’ll glide all the way up and swivel turn down. She wants to go to the skate park whenever possible, and I might be biased, but I think she’s a natural. I wish I knew how to do stop motion with all my photos because she’s improved by leaps and bounds and can do tricks I couldn’t have even imagined.


We kitted her out with her very own board and accoutrements, and she’s looking legit. She even wants to cut her hair short so it’s easier to skate (she says her longer hair distracts her). As an overprotective mother, I wish she’d chosen something less heart-stopping to fall in love with. Things like this make me want to swaddle her in bubble wrap and to scatter foam blocks all over the place:


She tumbles over and over and over and over. Sometimes she’ll cry, but mostly she’ll sit it out for a while, contemplating how to do it better.


It’s called grit. And perseverance.


Falling is part of the game, and if you can get up and past it (safely, unbroken, please please please), you can reach higher and farther and better than you thought possible.


I learn so much from my little girl. I, for one, could use some grit.

P.S. She’s decided that the matcha shorts are cool, and now she has five handmade things she’s willing to wear. That green knit top is in serious heavy rotation.

12 thoughts on “Grit

  1. Whoa, K! What a cool kid you have there… she does look like a natural! Must be so fun as they get older to see what they’re drawn to. My oldest hasn’t seemed to chose a sport yet, but we did play on her cousins skateboard yesterday- and she was intrigued.

  2. That is amazing! I can definitely imagine it would be quite scary watching your little one out there – it is wonderful that she is bold and strong and keeps on going though. When I was a little girl I had a go at bmx riding, skateboarding, rollerblading, stilt walking (and lots of sports) and I definitely preferred biking over tennis. Even if something breaks, remember it heals up quick enough 🙂

  3. Great blog post. K is looking very cool on that skateboard. I know what you mean about the bubble wrap though – I see my kids doing wild stunts at the playground and sometimes I have to close my eyes and say a quick prayer!

  4. I can imagine how proud and scared you must feel at the same time. Love the third photo from the bottom. It captures well all that you are saying.

  5. That’s rad. My 4 year old is fascinated at skate parks, watching all the skaters with their amazing tricks. I am pretty sure I’d feel like you….scared but so proud. There’s something awesome about skating, I think, and girl skaters even more.

  6. That K is a rockstar. Both in attitude and talent. Love, love her persistence. And who are you kidding – you’ve got grit and amazing stamina. Look at all the balls you’re currently juggling! A lesser person would not do as well (understanding that there are moments of fatigue:).
    You should be very proud of that little girl of yours:)

  7. You have a tough girl! Even I feel proud as an outsider. Having said that, if my daughter was to engage any form of sports like that, I’d go have a heart attack first.

  8. I love reading about how K is really sticking out the skateboarding.

    I would think that it’s so comforting or reassuring to know that your kid has this grit and perseverance in at least one aspect of her life, though I understand the trepidation that comes with possible physical harm.

    So far, I’m waiting for my daughter to find that “thing” that really lights the fire of her determination and perseverance. And I know that I can’t be the one to dictate what that “thing” is. It’s so hard to be a parent 🙂

    What a great daughter you have!

  9. Thanks so much everyone for the awesome comments! I’m having internet issues (again! we have really subpar internet service) so I’m hoping this response won’t disappear like the others…

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