I have an art show coming up in January, and I’m sketching out some ideas (the image above and the ones below are watercolor paintings from a previous art show). It’s funny – I don’t really consider myself an artist, though I’ve always loved to make things. I happen to come from a family full of artists and from an early age I was expected to be one. Maybe it’s because of that expectation that I kind of rebelled and went corporate for many, many years (ironic, no?). After so many years convincing myself that I’m not an artist, it feels a little strange to be doing what I’m doing. Though it also feels very right.

At any rate, I’m making art. For a little show. Which is happening so soon and I’ll post more details in a couple of weeks. If you’re in the Seattle area, I hope you’ll be able to stop by!

I’m partial to repeating shapes and want to incorporate them into my new work. I might do something with geometric shapes…

10 thoughts on “Artiste

  1. Uh oh, imposter syndrome! 😉 your art is beautiful! And your background is exactly the opposite of mine- i went science all the way, and only now feel more rebellious and am embracing my creative side. I look forward to seeing what you create, and hope to make it up north sometime during your show.

  2. It feels right for a reason – because you’re so talented! These are beautiful – love the ethereal quality of them. I love Seattle for many reasons (used to live in Vancouver and came down often to visit), but now another reason would be to visit your craft show! Best of luck with the show!

    1. Thank you, Lucinda! I went to Vancouver for the first time last year and loved it! I’m hoping to visit during K’s winter break – if you have any good suggestions for places to check out, would love to hear them!

      1. We loved visiting Granville Island – an “artist-y” type of place. Do you do much textile printing? There’s a great store called Maiwa ( that I always loved to visit. There’s also an indoor (important on the North West coast!) farmer’s market that’s fun to walk through. This was my favorite Vancouver getaway, but I’ll let you know if I think of some others!

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